The Establishment GOP or Cancelling Elections for Fun and Profit

Before we begin with my objections to yesterday’s proceedings let me tell you a few things I DON’T object to.

I DON’T object: To the current speaker pushing his deputy for the job. As a member of the house in good standing he has every right to support his favorite candidate as any other member.

I DON’T object: To the establishment GOP doing their best to line up votes for said candidate in the house. This is an election and they are trying to win it, that’s how elections work.

I DON’T object: To the establishment using the media to their advantage, this is s political fight and in such a fight you use the assets you have.

I DON’T object: To these guys arguing against a tea party candidate. They believe it is in their best interest to defeat us, so naturally they are going to make the case against, that’s how politics works.

Stipulating all those things and giving our friends in the establishment GOP all of those caveats let me say this.

I object in the strongest possible terms for the GOP to cancel the leadership elections after their candidate drops out.

We keep complaining that the Democrats in the Senate block votes and don’t allow the representatives of the people to make a decision but now just as the caucus is preparing to vote, with three declared candidates ready to make their case, one of them drops off and suddenly the election is off?

This is the type of BS that conspiracy theorists talk bout.

If Steve McCarthy decides to drop out of the race because he put is foot in his mouth, or because he doesn’t have the support or if he’s afraid of scandal that’s on him, but there were two other members in good standing of the House of Representatives GOP caucus ready for the vote who weren’t running away from the decision of the caucus. It was incumbent on the officials there to make a decision rather than string along the nation.

That’s just cowardly BS, our fix isn’t in so we’re not going to vote anymore, what a bunch of losers.

If the members of the GOP aren’t capable voting for a declared candidate for speaker how are they going to be able to make decisions that actually matter?

I’d remind each one of those members that they begged the people at home for the chance to do that job and there are literally dozens in not hundreds of people in each of their districts who would love to have that position if they don’t want it anymore.