last Tuesday I got into a minor tete a tete with a Hillary Clinton supporter who answered a general tweet I had put out.  She didn’t care for my pointing out Clinton’s use of her sexually predatory husband as a spokesman while hitting Bernie Sanders as a sexist, it was the first post in my “are you kidding me?” series but I digress…

However I bring up the story not because of our exchange but because it was of interest to someone else.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Mr. Woosta


Judging from his self description you will note that we are both from central Massachusetts. As I used to broadcast out of worcester I presume he first found me via my radio show and for a while and for all I know he could be someone I actually know personally, but there is one thing that is rather unique about MrWosta that is different from most other people who I have twitter exchanges with.

He’s been blocked by me.

Anyone who knows me understand this is very atypical behavior for me. Unless a person is a phony account, or a person trolling the #catholic hashtag selling nazi stuff or tweeting nudity or profanity into my timeline I don’t block you, in fact I’m known for purposely not blocking people so that folks can see our full exchanges and judge who is right and who is not based on the facts.

For quite a while Mrwosta and I had regular exchanges, sometimes friendly, sometimes testy but generally respectable although he delighted in trolling my timeline if I said something he disagreed with which I confess I found occasionally annoying.

But if you want to really understand why I blocked him the answer is after the jump but if you look carefully at the post above you might already know why, since apparently he is upset enough to literally be searching my timeline to find exchanges like the one above.

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Most ball games are lost, not won

Casey Stengel

The running Royals of Kansas City won the world series on November 1st in extra innings taking out the NY Mets in five games including three games when they came back late to tie the game and win it.

It’s was a short but exciting series but in the final game played the Mets gave me a flashback to 2003 or as we in Boston call it, the last year of the curse.

Pedro Martinez was on the mound in a game seven of the ACLS against the hated Yankees. The Red Sox were in the lead in the bottom of the 8th in NY but he looked winded. Little had a bullpen ready and when to the mound. Pedro Martinez being the bull that he was did what a pro player does, argued to keep the ball.

Little allowed himself to be persuaded, let Pedro stay, the Yankees tied the game and the Yankees would win the game with an Aaron Boone extra innings homer. It would be the last time the Curse would hang over the Red Sox before it was wiped out in blood.


Last night I saw it again.

Matt Harvey pitched a great 8 innings in a win or be eliminated game.  He was three outs away from sending the Mets back to Kansas City for game six.  Terry Collins had already decided to pull him, but Harvey went to Collins and pleaded his case to stay.  The fans in the stands chanted or him to stay, and on the TV broadcast the only words we were hearing was Jack Morris and game seven.

News flash:  Matt Harvey isn’t Jack Morris 

Unless his name is Lou Boudreau a manager can’t hit, field or run for his team.  What a baseball manager is paid to do is put the right players on the field at the right time to give the his team their best chance to win and that involves being willing to take the ball, the bat or the glove out of his hands when he doesn’t want to give them up.

Yesterday Collins didn’t do that, and to his credit he owned up to it:

“When you looked in this kid’s eyes, when he came off that inning, and I mean, he has been through a tough summer. He has been beaten down, and I just trusted him. I said, ‘You got it. You’ve earned this.’

“So it’s my fault. It’s not his. That’s who he is. I know better than that. I know that he wants the ball. He never wants to come out and he was pitching great. This was my fault.”

It was once said about Casey Stengel, the very first manager of the Mets ,that nobody was better at taking the ball out of a pitcher’s hands.   Alas when he was the man in charge he didn’t have a lot of hands worth putting a ball in.

Terry Collins has a good team, maybe even a great team being wise enough to take this lesson to heart will be the difference between being Stengel vs being Little.


By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Nothing is sillier than the political season in the South; well, the political season ventures into the absurd almost anywhere, but in the South, it seems, it gets particularly ridiculous.

In the local round of elections on October 24, we had several spots in contention on the BESE Board (the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education) which functions along with local school boards and the state to make those all-important decisions with regard to curriculum, testing, etc. Frankly, with Common Core and the feds now running education, it all seems redundant, but that’s another story.

Making the local rounds this week is this video about billionaires “buying” the BESE elections:

The 2011 elections for the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education saw a massive influx of contributions from people who had not shown any prior interest in Louisiana nor our public education system. The impetus for the outside interest was to secure the pro-Common Core, pro-charter school, pro-high stakes testing regime that secured its foothold after the flooding of New Orleans in 2005. This the story about how elites are working to undo democratic institutions and local communities in order to enable them to monetize public education. This 28 minute and 30 second video, which will air on Louisiana commercial broadcast stations during the month of October (2015) lays out the shock tactics that were used in 2011 to seize control of Louisiana public education policy, the links between the BESE election and the 2012 Jindal ‘reforms’, and the role that John White has played in this process.

It’s worth a watch even if you aren’t from Louisiana because this is quite likely happening in some form all over the country as the Bill Gates/Common Core/PARCC advocates work to take over education systems in every state.

Our State Superintendent of Education is John White, a Teach for America protégé from Washington DC.  He was named by Gov. Bobby Jindal and approved by the BESE board.  At issue in this video is how the BESE election of 2011 was stacked with billionaire out-of-state dollars in favor of Jindal-approved “reform” candidates.  The end result was a BESE board Jindal favored and one that approved John White, and one that approved Common Core.

The video then goes on to explain how Supt. White is lowering the bar with test scores in order to make it appear as if Louisiana has made great gains.

Again, it’s worth a watch and is quite informative for anyone who still thinks Bobby Jindal walks on water.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

I can’t spare this man, he fights

Abraham Lincoln on US Grant

Yesterday at Instapundit Ed Driscoll is noting the hopeful nature of the GOP pushback against the CNBC moderators.  This post like everything Ed writes is worth your time but I have to take issue with one fact presented in this paragraph and the hopeful conclusion that followed:

While Mollie Hemingway was spot-on predicting Harwood’s bias and sneering condescension, the near-universal* backlash against the NBC network is only happening because the candidates punched back on stage. Maybe — just maybe — Stupid Party insiders have finally learned something about the MSM.

I’m a big fan of optimism, (after all Christ healed those who had faith in him )but I regret to tell Ed the Stupid Party insiders have not “finally learned something about the MSM” and the evidence for this is here: (emphasis mine)

Sen Ted Cruz: The questions that have been asked so far in this debate, illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match. And if you look at the questions, Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain? Ben Carson, can you do the math? John Kasich, can you insult two people over here? Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign? Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen? How about talking about the substantive issues —

When Cruz gave his speech he listed specific examples of previous questions to five different rivals, none of who pushed back at the attempts of the CNBC questioners to spin them at the time it was done.  

It wasn’t until Cruz fought back and got a round of applause that the others in the field either found the courage to stand up and fight or sensing the mood of the crowd joined in.

It wasn’t until Cruz fought back that the GOP saw the backlash brewing & acted

It wasn’t until Cruz fought back that the candidates decided to meet to make sure this didn’t happen again.

And remember given the hatred of Cruz that the GOP Establishment and the Democrat media share; there was every chance they would have united to spin Senator Cruz’s move as picking a fight he can’t win for show.

The GOP didn’t “Punch Back” at the bullies beating them up,  Not at all. This was  Ted Cruz seeing bullies beating the GOP up, grabbing the closest one and decking him. That inspired the rest of them to have the courage to stand up and fight for themselves.

Senator Ted Cruz stood up and did what he always does, he fought back. I’m sure he’s happy to have allies but he’d fight even if he has to do it alone.  That’s just who he is.


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