By A.P. Dillon

Recently Billionaire Bill Gates made some comments on Climate change and ‘saving the planet’.  The comments were, shall we say, the kind of dumb we’ve come to expect from someone who thinks that because they are rich and famous, that their mess doesn’t stink.

We see this type of ‘my mess doesn’t stink’ syndrome play out quite often with the rich and powerful. No where does the syndrome present itself on a constant and nauseating basis like it does in Hollywood.

That syndrome is thinking that by virtue of having a lot of money, every thing they do, think and say is golden. With panderers, agents and fans around them, the Hollywood star types think they must be a higher power. Their opinion is the opinion.

Inevitably, when one reaches a point where their money and power are so overwhelming, that person begins to believe everything they do, say and think is absolute, irrefutable truth. They know all. They see all. Their thoughts and beliefs are law.

Bill Gates is in that place and has been for quite some time now.  Having said that,  it would be naive to think that the people who whisper in Gates’ ear and plant ideas that he adopts as his own are not just as dangerous as he is.

Getting back to The Atlantic comments,  clearly, Mr. Gates was not employing the  ‘critical thinking’ he promotes so ardently in the experimental Common Core Standards.  To be specific, Mr. Gates told The Atlantic that representative democracy is standing in the way.

“When I sat down to hear his case a few weeks ago, he didn’t evince much patience for the argument that American politicians couldn’t agree even on whether climate change is real, much less on how to combat it. “If you’re not bringing math skills to the problem,” he said with a sort of amused asperity, “then representative democracy is a problem.”

What Mr. Gates arguably goes on to lay out  is a case that socialism will save us from climate change.

This from the man whose education reforms over the years have largely failed; the most recent example being Common Core known for it’s ridiculously convoluted math strategies.

Gates went on to complain about government and at the same time seemed to be stamping his foot that they weren’t doing it fast enough and doing it his way.

Gates has built a massive empire – he is a very successful capitalist. I am not saying the man is dumb, far from it.  But I am saying something similar to what Hot Air has concluded about Gates’ climate change remarks. Hot Air has two key lines that really rebut Gates’ flawed logic:

“Gates in a smart guy, however he’s horribly wrong and misguided on this.”

The government is the one setting up the regulatory framework, not the free market.”

I don’t think the question should be, ‘will Bill Gates save the world or not?‘.

I think the question is, who is going to save the world from Bill Gates?

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Pseudolus: [to Hysterium] Calm yourself down! I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic!
Miles Gloriosus: I smell mischief here!
Pseudolus:  It’s time.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum 1966


Given how far off the polls were in Kentucky it might seem odd to talk about the importance of  poll, particularly this far out from election day but as I looked at the internals of the Quinnipiac poll which tells us that Cruz, Christie Carson and Rubio all beat Hillary head to head from anywhere from 3-10 pts and found there were  numbers that you need to know when it comes to this poll.


That is the ratio of Democrats to republicans in this poll.  That’s a two point advantage for democrats.  That matters because according to gallop the spread is actually a 4 point democrat advantage.  This could mean one of two things:

 Republicans were over sampled which means the polls are slightly closer that they appear

The Gap between republicans and democrats is closing.

If it’s the first then it means that other than Ben Carson Hillary is actually within the margin or error on Rubio, Cruz and Christie which is still not a good thing but it doesn’t mean that it’s time for Democrats to panic.

If it’s the 2nd, then it’s time for the Democrats to panic

While that set of numbers might be a source of general panic for democrats there is a 2nd specific set up numbers  concerning a specific candidate that should bother them very much.


That is the split of the Black Vote if the candidates for President are Hillary Clinton for the Democrats (73) and Ben Carson for republicans (19)

Now by any normal measure winning a group by a 54% margin would make you feel pretty good, but for Democrats this is a disaster.

The days when a Democrat can win the presidency with only 73% of the black vote is long gone and as for a republican winning 19% of the black vote, you have to go back to Nixon in 1960 (32%) to see any number near that 19% and that year Nixon only won 49 of the White vote.

Now I’m a Ted Cruz guy but I’m telling you right now Democrats are terrified of Ben Carson and will do all they can to destroy him because if he is the nominee or even on the ticket you can’t guarantee the numbers in the black community that the left needs to win.

If I was the Democrats, I’d be scared, very scared.

Exit question, picture a Carson/Cruz or a Cruz/Carson ticket.  If you are a local Democrat machine, do you risk providing transportation to black and hispanic voters who might inside the booth decide to vote their race rather than their party?


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