What is the meaning of the word “CONSERVATIVE?

What do we mean when we say that a person or an entity claims to adhere to Conservative principles?

Is there a uniform definition that most people could embrace?

There is a quote that was attributed to the great British philosopher utilitarian Jeremy Bentham: “Error is never so difficult to be destroyed as when it has its roots in language.”

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines the word Conservative as an adjective with the following definitions –

*Believing in the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society: relating to or supporting political conservatism

*Conservative: of or relating to the conservative party in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada

*Not liking or accepting changes or new ideas

Conservatism as a political philosophy took root in Europe and in America with the publication of Edmund Burke’s classic book entitled “Reflections on the Revolution in France (Oxford University Press, Oxford, England, 1790).

Mr. Burke was a Statesman and political actor in Great Britain in the middle to the late 1700s.   Edmund Burke was an early British supporter of the Revolutionary War in the American colonies (1776-1783).

Burke saw that the American colonists were not attempting to form a new government as much as they were revolting against what they saw as a radical change in the existing order that had governed them from the early colonial founding – 1607 to 1650.

The American statesmen were used to a tremendous degree of economic and cultural independence; as a matter of fact, it was quite possible for thousands of colonists to live their whole lives without ever seeing a British (Red Coat) soldier!

When the British Government under the leadership of King George III found itself in an economic quandary after the French and Indian War (1756-1763), they looked to the colonists as a means of raising revenue to cover their war debts.

The colonists did not object to paying higher taxes:  they objected to the heavy handedness in which His Majesty’s government carried out the economic edicts.

The colonists wished to “conserve” their long-standing relationship with the British Crown by appealing to British government’s sense of prudence, reason, goodwill, and noblesse-oblige (nobility obligates).

Today those of us who adhere to a “conservative philosophy” – that is the belief or worldview which enunciates that the chief role of society (please note that I did not say a “national government” – Smile!) is to *preserve the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society…” must ask ourselves what is the best way to go about accomplishing this goal?

Do we seek to use the levers of government at the local, state, and federal levels to push a conservative agenda (this has been going on since the late William F. Buckley, Jr. founded his magazine “National Review” 60 years ago in 1955)?

Do we take a time-out and attempt to influence the areas of the Arts and Entertainment; the Media; Educational institutions and Non-Profit organizations?

Do we go back to our places of Worship and attempt to affect primary change in the lives of the faithful?

Or will it take a collaborative endeavor in all of the aforementioned areas?

Please consider these questions with all earnestness.

This is not an Academic Exercise!!!

The very life, nature and health of our “republican form of government” – or if you prefer our “indirect democracy” is at stake.

Next week I would like to begin by looking at Conservatism as a philosophy and how we would use this philosophy as a mean to evaluate the candidates of both political parties.

GOD Bless You!!!  

I saw this tweet from RS McCain today:

In fact what the young lady had to say was so obvious that one wonders why it would need to be said aloud.

If we don’t give colleges the power to put the accused on trial and convict criminals for murder, why do we give them the power to do so for cases of sexual assault? It makes absolutely no sense at all, and violates the very constitutional rights that our nation was built on.

Given the amount of time he has taken studying the insanity that is gender studies and feminist tumbler that paragraph must have been a pleasure

I refuse to call myself a feminist who needs to accuse men of rape whenever I wake up next to a stranger and realize I got too drunk and made a poor decision out of MY OWN POOR JUDGMENT to quell my regret and self-confidence issues. Instead, I identify as an independent woman who empowers herself by taking responsibility for my own actions, whether good or bad, and doesn’t need a bogus social movement like modern feminism to feel like I am worthy of being equal to men.

All of this is good news but this part is better news:

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this assignment came after the student turned it in. Instead of admonishing the student, the graduate student instructor was appreciative of her counter viewpoint. The instructor commended the student for not believing everything she hears and for providing a different take.

That’s a good sign, of course it would be a better sign if she didn’t have to be anonymous.

Closing thought Mark Steyn reports that this problem isn’t just an american problem:

Food has been in the headlines this week, involving both Republicans,

Carson’s theory: Egypt’s pyramids stored grain,

Rubio and Big Sugar. The Florida Senator defends what may be the worst farm subsidy and Marco Rubio and the Virtues of Government Cheese,

Rand Paul awkwardly eats soul food with Larry Wilmore, finally jabs at Donald Trump,

and Democrats,

Pro-Hillary group smacks Republican candidate who asked female supporter: ‘Have you ever been on a diet?’ to make a point about the budget,

Michelle Obama School Lunch Program Gets Boot From High School After Making Cafeteria Look Like It Was In The Middle Of Perpetual Fire Drill.

But the one that really caught my eye was this one: French police in meltdown after four-tonne cheese heist.

That’s 8,818.49 pounds of cheesy goodness, and I mean it (emphasis added)

Police were called to a break-in on Monday in which the owner of the Napier dairy in the town of Goux-les-Usiers discovered some crooks had stolen roughly 100 wheels of comté, a luxury cheese which can only be made in the Franche-Comté region using unpasteurised [sic] cow’s milk.
. . .
It is though that the stolen cheese could be worth more than €40,000 (£28,000).

At current exchange rates, it’s worth almost US$43,000.

I love cheese, especially cheese made from unpasteurized milk, particularly from goat’s milk, but comté is also wonderful. Some may find it an acquired taste, or as Wallace said,

Hmmm, I don’t know, lad. It’s like no cheese I ever tasted.”

Back when I lived in Princeton I knew someone who made fabulous cheese from unpasteurized goat’s milk. As Ace puts it,

Unpasteurized — that’s the good shit. That’s what hooks you, that’s what makes you a junkie. Once you’re hooked on cheese made of unpasteurized milk, you’ll spend the rest of your life “Chasing the Cow,” walking down lonely streets and breaking into seedy fromageries looking to score your next “wheel.”

Ace knows.

Ace also points out,

Meanwhile, tens of thousands dollars worth of Welsh biscuits were stolen last week in a crime police are terming “a robbery.”

Crime does not pay, but it sure eats well.

Speaking of eating well, and on time for the weekend, here are recipes for croque-monsieur and Welsh rarebit. You don’t need to spend the rest of your life “Chasing the Cow” for their ingredients.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog. She’s enjoying a fine New York cheddar while writing this post.

George Washington McLintock: Now Katherine, are you going to believe what you see, or what I tell you?

McLintock! 1963

Given all the tension in the Palestinian areas after rumors that Israel was violating agreements concerning the Temple mount spread among Palestinians the Jordanians advanced a plan to stop the trouble, cameras!:

The proposal for the surveillance cameras was initiated by Jordan’s King Abdullah. Although his father, the late King Hussein, had waived Jordan’s claim on the West Bank in favor of Palestinian sovereignty in the area, Jordan retained custodianship over the Temple Mount, third holiest site in Islam. As such, it has a direct interest in the current flare-up.

Secretary of State John Kerry loved the idea and ran with it

Secretary of State John Kerry applauded Abdullah’s proposal as “an excellent suggestion” and brokered an agreement between the king and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Such surveillance, said Kerry, “could really be a game-changer in discouraging anybody from disturbing the sanctity” of the Mount.

And despite the Obama administration’s reputation vis-a-vis Israel Netanyahu sold the idea to his cabinet

Netanyahu told his Cabinet Sunday that Israel had an interest in the installation of video cameras on the Temple Mount to demonstrate that Israel was not deviating from the status quo that permitted non-Muslims, including Israeli Jews, to visit the holy site at pre-determined hours but not to pray there.

Sounds like a great idea, if you have cameras install then if Israel is doing anything wrong it will be seen.  It’s like a body cam on a policeman, if Israel was doing what the Palestinians say, they’d be caught in the act!

There’s just one problem. While Israel has no problem with the world seeing first hand what they’re actually doing the Palestinians aren’t so keen on the idea:

Hamas and other radical Palestinian groups rejected the agreement, which calls for installing 24-hour surveillance cameras at the Temple Mount, holy to Muslims as the site of al-Aksa Mosque and the golden Dome of the Rock.

In statements issued from the Gaza Strip, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups called for escalating attacks on Israel, alleging that Kerry’s efforts were designed to “thwart the Intifada.”

They have a point there, after all if the video shows that Israel isn’t doing what the palestinians claim, entering the Mosque, preventing muslims from praying etc they are the it’s going to be hard to persuade people to go around stabbing jews in retaliation isn’t it? But it seems our Palestinian friends hesitation over cameras isn’t just about what we won’t see:

In an attempt to prevent Jews from entering the approximately 37-acre (150,000 m2) site, the Palestinian Authority and the Islamic Movement in Israel hired scores of Muslim men and women to harass the Jewish visitors and the police officers escorting them. The men are referred to as Murabitoun, while the women are called Murabitat (defenders or guardians of the faith).

What you haven’t heard of this? Perhaps because the west hasn’t bothered to cover it?

The installation of surveillance cameras at the site will expose the aggressive behavior of the Murabitoun and Murabitat, and show the world who is really “desecrating” the Islamic holy sites and turning them into a base for assaulting and abusing Jewish visitors and policemen.

Hmmm so if there were cameras at the temple mount there might be newsworthy video available to the press of arabs harassing jews and that’s not all they might find newsworthy either:

Another reason the Palestinians are opposed to King Abdullah’s idea is their fear that the cameras would expose that Palestinians have been smuggling stones, firebombs and pipe bombs into Al-Aqsa Mosque for the past two years. These are scenes at the PA, Hamas and the Islamic Movement do not want the world to see: they show who is really “contaminating” the Haram al-Sharif. Needless to say, no Jewish visitors have thus far been caught trying to smuggle such weapons into the holy site.

Yeah the whole idea of “Jews desecrating a holy site” argument might be tough for the BDS movement if there are real time images of muslims brings bombs into the Mosque.

Jordan as you might guess isn’t thrilled with the PA over this:

The Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad quoted Jordanian politicians as denouncing Malki’s remarks as “inappropriate and unfair.” They said that the PA leadership should have relayed its position on the cameras directly to the Jordanian government instead of making such “inflammatory” public remarks.

Adnan Abu Odeh, a veteran Jordanian politician and former advisor to both King Abdullah and King Hussein, said he did not believe that the cameras would serve Israel’s interests, as the PA claims. “The cameras will document everything, including those who want to assault Palestinians or Israelis,” he said. “The cameras will document anyone who caries out an assault or Jews who want to pray there.”

Abu Odeh dismissed Malki’s remarks as “provocative, tasteless and inappropriate.” He said that it was in the interest of the Palestinians to have cameras at the Temple Mount.

But the Palestinians are having none of it

Many Palestinians, however, were not enthusiastic about the security camera idea, a move that Israeli police have sought for years. “It is an additional trap to arrest Palestinians on charges of incitement,” Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad Malki said.

I don’t see how it can be a trap. After all the Palestinians have insisted that they haven’t been inciting anybody or smuggling weapons or doing anything nasty, if they’re telling the truth how could film backing them up be a trap? That would be like a police office arguing that dash cameras and body cams were all about framing him for something he hasn’t done.

You’d think they were trying to hide what’s actually going on or something?   Or as Bibi put it:

it would show where the provocations are really coming from.

Closing thought expressed via twitter:

I suspect there is plenty of BDS & Black Lives Matter crossover, would you buy that line from a cop?


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