Live fully while you may and reckon not the cost

Omar Khayyam

Major Hogan:  What do you do when you’re short of cash Sharpe.

Lt. Sharpe:  Do without sir.

Sharpe’s rifles 1993

There are a lot of signs of sweeping cultural change in the United States that I’ve seen in my lifetime, brought on by the me generation of the 60’s,   many that their parents and grandparents would have disapproved of but one of the things that if you told me would be the case twenty years ago I’d have called you mad but the change that has struck me the most has been the rise of the reverse mortgage.

For generations the American Dream was home ownership.  People worked their entire life for that goal and once the home was paid off it represented a solid piece of wealth that nobody could take away from them.  Once you owned a clear home the possibilities were grand.  You could sell it and move to a bigger or better home largely paid for by the sale and by working hard own it clear in a much shorter time, You could leverage it for a business that would, again with hard work, not only pay for a home but mean not only your home but your livelihood was not dependant on others.  It could be passed on to one of your children or even a grandchild with the understanding that they would handle things you couldn’t while you were alive, or if all of your children had their own homes upon your death it could be sold  and the profits split among them.

Of course this meant sacrifice. Maybe you didn’t get that big TV that you wanted, or that deluxe grille. Maybe you went to a local pond or beach on a family trip instead of an expensive vacation. Your kids didn’t have the latest game system but they had money in a savings account that you could give them when they were older. You didn’t have to have everything now, you got ahead and enjoyed what you had.

It was the judeo christian ethic at its finest celebrating work and temperance and the well-being of others.

In other words you worked hard not only to have that real property not just for a place to live but for the future of your family. You did without extra comforts for your family.  It wasn’t all about you, it’s about them.

Consider instead the reverse mortgage:

A reverse mortgage operates on the exact opposite principle. Rather than building up equity that can be passed onto a future generation you are using your home to build up debt to provide either additional comfort or to get out of a current situation. Rather than something to pass on to your family your house passed to a creditor unless of course your heirs are willing to inherit your debt.

It comes from the idea that you wanted that big screen and the package with 1000 channels. You’re going to get that ultimate smart phone. You’re going on that expensive trip and eating out every chance you can get. Why setting for coffee when you have that triple mocha cappuccino. Who cares if there is anything for the children or grandchildren what did they do for you? Charge it now and worry later and if you can’t pay it off or I still want it when I don’t have the case anymore, the reverse mortgage can do the trick

It’s the exact opposite of the judeo christian ethic and the ultimate expression of the “Me” generation.

You worry about your present. You DESERVE those extra comforts now and you certainly don’t need a place to live once you’re dead. And why is it up to you to worry about those children or grandchildren anyways, presuming you if you have any, can’t they take care of themselves like you did? It isn’t about them, it’s about you. Future generations aren’t my problem it’s all about ME.

This might seem like a small thing but it’s what secular progressive culture is about, it’s about me, it’s about now and when it’s all about you, nothing else matters. It produces a group of people happy to mortgage future generations for their own immediate gratification.

This is the fruit of the secular progressivism of the Me generation. An army of Veruca salts.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – How effective is negative campaigning?  We may soon find out.

The Louisiana gubernatorial election runoff is now in early voting and the November 21 election is fast approaching.  Democrat John Bel Edwards is bringing out the big guns with what some are calling the most negative campaign ad in the history of campaigning, and in Louisiana that is a pretty high bar to reach.

The ad references Vitter’s well-known transgression with a D.C. Madam in 2007.  Vitter stood before the cameras, his wife Wendy beside him, and asked for forgiveness.  It would seem that nothing else Senator Vitter has done or accomplished before or since matters.  Around the state the feeling seems to be that we will just hold our noses and vote for him because who in the world would vote for the Democrat, especially one that is such a liberal Democrat and has such a poor rating with The Louisiana Family Forum?

Many voters who consider themselves very conservative are voting for Edwards simply because they can’t forgive Vitter.

This ad might change their minds:

Part of the ad questions David Vitter’s integrity saying, “John Bel Edwards, who answered our country’s call and served as a ranger in the 82nd Airborne division, or David Vitter, who answered a prostitute’s call minutes after he skipped a vote honoring 28 soldiers who gave their lives in defense of our freedom.” The ad goes on to say, “David Vitter chose prostitutes over patriots.”

The ad has enraged many voters and at least one veteran is angry that Edwards is “using veteran’s grave stones in a gutter political attack ad.”  It remains to be seen whether the anger at the Edwards camp over the ugly ad will translate into votes.

During his victory speech the night he secured his spot in the run-off election, Edwards vowed that it would be an ugly election but that it would not be of his doing.  He has apparently changed his mind.

Now, it’s Vitter’s move.  Will he keep it clean or will he crawl into the gutter with Edwards?

You can watch the ad here.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Ask yourself this question, if you were a hiring manager would you even consider this person?

Of course they might figure these cowardly losers managed to find a job:

So it’s no longer good enough to admonish the actual practitioners of controversial speech (assuming there’s anything controversial actually taking place.) Now the faculty needs to go on the chopping block if they don’t proactively go out and squelch any offensive thoughts. This is the price we’re paying for generations of liberal thinkers encouraging the coddling of students and stamping out any competing ideas. One of the students who was screaming vulgarities at Christakis and asking “who the **** hired you” informed him that Yale was not a place to create an intellectual space. It’s supposed to be a home.

Under the following conditions of course:

administrators now must vet their faculty, to make sure they never hire anyone who could harbor opinions that any student might find offensive, and sternly instruct professors to be sure that they do not tolerate any potentially offending expressions. This is the “better university” that President Salovey promised Yale’s students, and all because of Halloween costumes.

When Buckley didn’t like what he saw as a student, he didn’t whine, he wrote a book

As Glenn Reynolds put it:

if you want to undercut the value of a Yale degree, just keep this crap up. Nobody respects you.

I can picture the hiring managers looking at the resumes now.

It’s a good thing that a lot of people who go to Yale have money and won’t be dependent on such work, Cue Southpark:

People wonder why Putin & ISIS aren’t afraid of us, I don’t.


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