For the last several days we’ve been hearing about students at Missouri and Yale about how oppressed they are.  These are people getting a high level education at great between 10-40K a year a lot of it paid for by loans & grants or if they are at all athletic scholarships. and many of these schools will even have jobs available on campus to supplement their income or college costs.

Yet we’ve reached a point where they are actually face such a small  physical or personal risk that their biggest worries are insensitive Halloween Costumes:

Erika Christakis reflected on the frustrations of the students, drew on her scholarship and career experience, and composed an email inviting the community to think about the controversy through an intellectual lens that few if any had considered. Her message was a model of relevant, thoughtful, civil engagement.

For her trouble, a faction of students are now trying to get the couple removed from their residential positions, which is to say, censured and ousted from their home on campus. Hundreds of Yale students are attacking them, some with hateful insults, shouted epithets, and a campaign of public shaming. In doing so, they have shown an illiberal streak that flows from flaws in their well-intentioned ideology.

in Missouri their campus police are asking people to report Hurtful language

The Missouri University Police Department (MUPD) sent an email to students Tuesday morning urging them to call them and report any hurtful speech they encounter on the campus

I want to contrast these people to my father.

By the time he was of college age, he was in the Navy, serving in the pacific on an ammo ship in the largest war in history only a single kamikaze hit away from never coming home.  Before that he had been working for 10 years in paper mills and as a carpenter during the depression never even getting to high school let alone college.

When he got out of the navy he worked hard all his life until he physically wasn’t able to anymore, and even at that point he was taking care of his ill mother in law & fixing anything in sight.  He didn’t live long enough to see me married but he did live to see me engaged.

In all the time I knew him I never ONCE heard him complain about life, about what people said about him or about being oppressed, he talked about being grateful for and to his wife , grateful for his family , grateful for his country & grateful for his Catholic faith and to God for all his blessings.

That’s all the “White privilege” he ever had coming from an immigrant family with nothing, as opposed to a family worth $20 million like the Mizzou hunger striker

I submit and suggest that most of the student’s screaming about safe spaces and trigger warnings would not have been able to cope being on a ship where there was no safe space and a trigger warning meant Japanese planes were attacking and I further submit that thanks to the anti-christian, secular progressive culture that they have sprung from they would not be able to cope with his life after the war let alone during it.


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Watching as I do Latin American news every day, one becomes aware of how the message is filtered.

Take, for instance, global warming. Here in the U.S. we’ve been subjected for decades to endless stories of drowning polar bears, hockey sticks, and flooded metropolises, all blamed on the evil carbon emissions that fuel progress. Were we to buy carbon credits, install solar panels, walk to the local farm and give up air-conditioning, all nations would share equally a garden of earthly delights, or something.

Down in Bolivia, they’re a tad more direct:

According to the Bolivian government, which takes its orders from extreme-left President Evo Morales, “the failed capitalist system, (which) promotes consumerism, warmongering and commercialism, causing the destruction of Mother Earth and humanity, (has) triggered the climate crisis.”

Good to know that. As for the solutions, they include “adoption of a new model of civilization in the world without consumerism, warmongering and mercantilism.” Bolivia also wants “a world without capitalism.”

The former president of the coca growers’ union, who now aims to be president-for-life of his benighted country, demands

“protection of the Rights of Mother Earth” and the elimination of patents on technology.

Furthermore, Bolivia wishes to “allocate the resources of the military machinery of the imperial powers and the warmongers to finance the activities of the peoples against climate change.”

Which should keep him from having to tie his own shoelaces  for a while.

I was reading Baldilock’s article on destruction, where she said,

Destruction, however, is not only opposite in purpose; it is so in methodology. (We’re talking malicious destruction here.) Using the building analogy again, think of what happens when someone blows up a building—or flies an aircraft into it. Are any orders or rules to be followed for the goal to be achieved? No. In fact, the more chaos perpetrated by malicious destruction, the faster a building disintegrates. The same is true for a nation.

In addition to chaos, there is also another approach to destruction: a long time frame, methodical, multi-faceted, as deadly, the way expert detonators implode buildings – by removing the support structure.

That’s the other element of a century of Gramscian infiltration. The two approaches are not mutually exclusive.

As Carmela Soprano’s shrink put it, “One thing you can never say: That you haven’t been told.”

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog

(Our story begins at The home of Bob & Brenda Bystander near the University of Missouri they hear a loud noise and see the glow of a light outside their door)

Bob Bystander:   What was that?  It sounds like it came from Fred’s house.

Brenda Bystander:  (Runs to a Door and Opens it)  Oh my God!

Bob Bystander:   (runs to the Door sees a group of people in white hoods on horseback lighting a cross with the torches they’re carrying burning a Cross with a rope around their neighbor Fred waist.)  Oh My God!  It’s the Klu Klux Klan!  And their burning a Cross in our neighborhood!

Hooded figure one: [Overhearing Bob , Points at Him]  Trigger warning Trigger warning! (The group of riders turn at look at Bob and Brenda)  That man violated my safe space!

Hooded Leader:  [Rides over between Bob and the first hooded figure who is now in tears]  Now now, what happened?

HF1: [Sobbing]  That man there, he said [sob] we were the Klu Klux Klan!  He triggered me!

Hooded Leader: Calm Down , deep breaths, go into your safe space

Hf1:  [Hyperventilating into his hood]:  My safe space…Bully proof windows , ‘

Hooded figure two:  That was a terrible thing to do

Hooded figure Three:  Yeah, don’t you care about his self esteem?

Bob Bystander:   [Utterly confused]  I’m Sorry What?

HL:  How could you ever say such a thing about an open minded gender studies major?

Bob Bystander:   You mean you aren’t guys aren’t the KKK?

Hooded Leader:  Of course not, We’re the Campus Cares Crew, the CCC.

HF1:  Did he say “Guys?”

HF2:  Don’t you be imposing heteronormative constructs on us!

HF3:  what a sexist

Brenda Bystander:    The Campus Cares Crew?

Hooded Leader:  That right.  [Turning to Bob]  Why one earth would you think we’re the Klu Klux Klan?

Bob Bystander:   Well,  those look like Klan Robes and Hoods.

HL:  Ridiculous

HF1:  [still breathing into a bag] We ARE not

HF2:  Nothing of the sort

HF3:  What an idiot

Hooded Leader [self righteously]:  What we’re wearing are cloaks of equalization.  So many people in society use white privilege in order to oppress people of different colors and gender, we of the CCC wear these robes to symbolize equality, so that everyone no matter what race, sex or gender preference can not be oppressed by anyone using white privilege.

Bob Bystander:   But your cloaks, they  have a cross on them like the KKK

HFO:  That is definitely NOT a cross.

HF1:  Of course not

HF2:  Christofacist

HF3:  He’s violating MY safe space now!

Hooded Leader [even more self righteously]:  We would never use a symbol so intolerant of other faiths and creeds not to mention one so unfriendly to our gay, lesbian, transgender and gender neutral members.  That is a letter “T” for “tolerance”.

Bob Bystander:   It looks like a cross

HL :  Well it’s not!  It’s a lower case “t” symbolizing tolerance.

HF1:  Of course it’s obvious

HF2:  Yeah stop trying to impose your Eurocentric, Christocentric views.

HF3:  Fascist

Bob Bystander:   But why is it on his lawn… and burning?

HL:  Well he left a terrible comment on our blog concerning our manifesto.

HF1:  He contaminated our safe space.

HF2:  I still feel violated!

HF3:  It’s important that people understand that you can’t go around saying things that make people uncomfortable

Bob Bystander:   So you’re burning a  Cross, sorry a lower case “t” on his lawn, because he let a comment on your blog?

Brenda Bystander:     What did he say?

HL:  He said that the entire campus should be a free speech zone!  No matter who it triggers or offends!

HF1:  Can you believe it?

HF2:  You can’t just say intolerant things like that!

HF3:  I’m still triggered by it!

Bob Bystander:   But, burning a (catches himself) lower case “t”?

HL:  Yes it’s coated in vegetable oils

HF1:  Very green friendly, good for the earth, that’s why we have the horses too.

HF2:  Yes by riding horses we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint and avoid fossil fuels.

HF3:  We’re saving the planet one step at a time.

Brenda Bystander:  What about the rope?

HL:  Well of course there’s a rope around him we’re taking him to face the campus counsel

HF1:  He has to answer for what he’s done to all the people he’s been intolerant to

HF2:  And we made the rope ourselves!  It’s our own campus renewable hemp farm

HF3:  That’s where the horse manure goes

Bob Bystander:   But do you have to take him away.

HL:  We can’t take any chances, we have to make sure he understand the true message of tolerance.

HF1:  After all what’s point of having a safe space on campus if people can violate it from the internet?  Or in letters to the editor

HF2:  We need to spread the flame of Tolerance, not just on our campus but on campuses around the nation

Hf3:  It just takes a  little muscle.

Brenda Bystander:  Well, that’s a load off of my mind. We’re sorry to have seemed so judgemental.

Bob Bystander:  I’m so glad to know Fred isn’t being taken away by hooded members of the KKK burning a cross in front of his yard because he’s black and they want to silence him.  He’s being taken away and silenced by unprivileged members of the CCC putting a symbol of tolerance in his yard to protect the student body from harmful biases and teach him tolerance for other people’s views

Fred Freedom:  Well that makes all the difference doesn’t it


The only pay I get for this work comes from you. My goal for 2015 is $22,000 and to date we’re only at $4400

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