by baldilocks

The Paris Terror Attacks—perpetrated by Muslims—seem to be short-sighted, from a strategic point of view—but Baldilocks minithey are not. Yes, I suppose it’s silly to talk about cogent strategy from persons subscribing to an ideology which has as one of its penultimate goals to die for its deity while taking non-believers along and who seem to be incapable of using any other “strategy,” but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the EU and people like German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Several of the European heads of government, the EU, and whoever else runs things on that continent seem intent on flooding every part of it with “refugees” from Islamic countries. Millions of them. And the normal, everyday citizens of these countries do not like it one bit–especially, citizens of this town. But what can keep those citizens from doing something like, say, overthrowing their governments or rounding up Muslims at the muzzle of a whole lot of guns? Being afraid of their new neighbors.

Can you sense where I’m going? I’ll get you to the destination quickly: the EU wants the immigrants to perform acts of terror and will continue to let them happen, the French president’s bravado notwithstanding. They know what these people—these Muslims–believe, know what some of them have been doing and know what they are thirsty to do again. And again. Why else would they allow hundreds of thousands of single young men from countries who view infidels as marks and women as booty (meant in both senses) to flood into the continent? And as we saw yesterday and long before, it doesn’t take a million; it only takes a few.

The European elites want the citizens cowed; in fear of being raped, shot, and/or blown up. Cowed citizens will do anything to keep the peace and are more compliant. So what, I hear you ask, do the elites want of the European citizen? To submit to protection; the protection of a One-World government…and One-World religion. And the only way that there will be peace under those circumstances is if that One-World religion is Islam.

Sounds crazy, does it not? Evil often looks like insanity.

Oh, and, speaking of “crazy,” don’t forget that President Obama wants up to 100,000 Syrian refugees per year to come to our shores.

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For some reason whenever I look at the #Mizzou #Millionstudentmarch & #amherstuprising hastags this exchange from the Doctor Who Episode: The Invasion of Time (1978) pops into my mind

Nesbin: Well, out here it’s different. You have to fend for yourself.
Rodan: Fend?
Nesbin: That’s right. What are you going to eat, for instance?
Rodan: I have some supplies. [takes out tablets] Look.

Nesbin: They won’t last long. When they’ve gone, what will you do?
Rodan: I, I don’t know.
Nesbin: I thought not. You wouldn’t even know what you could eat, would you? Have you ever eaten flesh or fruit?
Rodan: No.
Nesbin: And shelter. Do you understand the need for shelter? No, of course you don’t. You wouldn’t last three days out here.
Rodan: I didn’t realise. I’m so tired and cold.
Nesbin: Better get her inside.
Presta: Are we going to let them stay, then?
Nesbin: We’ll decide about that when we’ve heard their story. This one’ll need rest and shelter before she can tell us anything.

I can’t for the life of me imagine why

Last night I had a post up with predictions concerning the Paris attacks. In less that 24 hours several of them have come true:

No networks having Pam Geller or Robert Spencer CHECK

Hungary border fence copied, CHECK

Pushing the Muslim’s as terrified of retaliation CHECK

Mizzou & #millionstudentmarch etc/all making fools of themselves BIG CHECK

Obviously the names of the victims have yet to be released and the democrat debate isn’t till tonight and European elections have not yet taken place so we will have to wait on those predictions but lets add one more

I predicted that given the choice of fighting back or letting them be, I predicted they would let them be however the French President is saying this:

“We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless,” he said at the Bataclan, the site of one of the attacks, according to the Guardian.

“Because when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities, they must be certain that they are facing a determined France, a united France, a France that is together and does not let itself be moved, even if today we express infinite sorrow,” Hollande added.

I’ll like Mark Steyn believe it when I see it but if the French actually go to war, I have one huge prediction.

It will take less that one week for the left in both Europe and America to turn on them as aggressors.


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