It’s such a nice change to have someone sane in the corner office for a change in a State like Massachusetts (emphasis mine)

As of Monday afternoon, the following states were opposed to taking refugees — most have Republican governors, although New Hampshire has a Democratic governor:

New Hampshire
North Carolina

Here is the map

Yes Massachusetts it DOES make a difference to have Charlie Baker in charge.

Expect UMass Amherst student demanding his resignation in 3….2……

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Bobby Jindal, but like it or not, he’s still the current governor of Louisiana and he has a job to do.  Some would say that he hasn’t been doing it very well, that he’s spent the last several years campaigning out of state, but that’s another story.

Jindal is drawing some fire on social media in the wake of his letter to Obama regarding Syrian refugees in Louisiana.

The letter can be found here, but the gist of it is this:

Last week, the city of New Orleans began receiving its first wave of Syrian refugees. As with former immigration crises and federal relocation policy, Louisiana has been kept in the dark about those seeking refuge in the state. It is irresponsible and severely disconcerting to place individuals, who may have ties to ISIS, in a state without the state’s knowledge or involvement.

As Governor of Louisiana, I demand information about the Syrian refugees being placed in Louisiana in hopes that the night of horror in Paris is not duplicated here.

The latest figures indicate that as of last month two families have settled in New Orleans.  Updated numbers could not be provided by the government or by Catholic Charities who is assisting the refugees.

Why not?

And this is just the beginning: two families is two families but over the next twelve months, Barack Obama plans to bring in 10,000 refugees into 180 cities.  That number jumps to 100,000 next year.

Governor Jindal is correct to express concern at the vetting process.

However, some on social media don’t see it that way.  On the NOLA Facebook post to their article, the comments were astounding to me.  A sample:

“While hundreds of thousands flee from the area this jack @ is worried about 2 coming into our state.  Can you say pandering…”

“Bobby Jindal should be considered a refugee from Iowa if he ever returns to Louisiana…”

“Funny how no one considers the fact that the people committing these violent acts are the people these refugees are fleeing from.”

“Only in America can you be the child of immigrants and wanna stop other immigrants from coming into the country.”

It goes on and on.

What happened in Paris Friday is devastating and you can be certain it is coming here.  These liberal, bleeding hearts can stick their heads in the sand all they want to but that cannot change the fact that this administration has fundamentally transformed our country in the most dangerous, negative way one possibly could through its very programs, policies, and rhetoric.

Governor Jindal may have his faults, but he is correct in demanding accountability on this program and in attempting to provide cover for his state.

We are at a very, very dangerous point in our country and at least Jindal recognizes that.  Credit where credit is due.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Via Elder of Ziyon let me tell you about a company called Asal technologies

“We have a window of opportunity to demonstrate our skills,” said Murad Tahboub, CEO of Asal Technologies, a Palestinian outsourcing company that works with Comply and a handful of other Israeli-based companies. “The more people know about us … the more comfortable they will be in doing business with us.” This is easier said than done. Comply’s office in Hod Hasharon is only about 20 miles (30 kilometers) from Asal Technologies in the West Bank city of Ramallah – but they are worlds apart.

and when it comes down to outsourcing code for Israeli companies there is a real advantage to going local it when not surrounded


In the past three years, however, some have turned to Palestinian engineers and programmers. They are cheaper, ambitious, work in the same time zone, and – surprisingly to many Israelis – are similar to them.

“The cultural gap is much smaller than we would think,” said Gai Anbar, chief executive of Comply, an Israeli start-up in this central Israeli town that develops software for global pharmaceutical companies like Merck and Teva.


Well of course it is, you live in the same area, generally speak the same language and have many of the same concerns. If you check out their web site and twitter feed it looks like any other tech company, but the most important page is the careers page:

Client project:A large international software company is building new products and technologies and is seeking senior and junior software engineers to join an outsourcing project at ASAL Technologies.

The details:

B.Sc. in computer science, software/computer engineering, or related disciplines.
Strong knowledge in core computer science areas.
Solid object-oriented programming skills and OO design patterns.
Strong theory/algorithms and very good understanding on how to apply advanced knowledge to solve real problems.
Hands-on experience in agile software development, mobile applications, and multiple release cycles.
Strong analytical and organizational skills.
Methodical approaches to solving technical challenges with high attention to detail and data accuracy.
Highly motivated and self-reliant individual with true willingness to learn and work as part of a team.
Strong communication skills (oral and written) with the ability to act proactively.
Extra credit: Experience with mobile application development, cloud services, web scripting languages, Android, and Microsoft platforms/technologies.
Experience with mobile personal assistants is a plus.

The kicker, these jobs are located in Ramallah/Rawabi and the West Bank

Of all the stories of the middle east I suspect this is the one which is of the greatest threat to Hamas & the PA, first of all it destroys the false narrative out there:

Do you have internet?
Yes. We do have internet and electricity. Over the past 60 years, the West Bank had not sustained any outages due to political reasons. Currently ASAL Technologies has two fiber optic cables from two different ISPs to ensure 24/7 internet connectivity. And short term plans are to move the headquarters of ASAL Technologies to Rawabi -the first Palestinian smart city- where the infrastructure of the whole city has been optimized to meet international standards.

It’s an odd question to ask a software company, if they didn’t have internet they couldn’t operate now could they?

But how can you do business amid the violence and oppression?

Does the political situation affect your work?
No. Though it is hard to visualize if one hasn’t visited Palestine, the reality is that the political situation does not affect our ability to conduct business as usual with all of our clients. And to ensure that our employees can always access their workplace, we opened up a new branch in north of Palestine, and future plans are to open up yet another branch in the south.

You mean to say the evil jooes aren’t stopping you from making your business successful? Well put me in the laundry and pre-soak me 15 minutes!

All of these shatters the careful helpless meme built up concerning Israel. That’s bad for the PA, but the real threat to them is this:

If you have a class of Palestinians unshackled from the “death to Jews” mentality and furthermore not dependent on either terror dollars from Iran or handouts from the west for a living the entire dynamic changes.

I’ve said before that there is no limits to what the Arabs can achieve if they abandon their “death to the Jews” mantra and concentrate on making a better life where they are, these guys have the  potential to prove it.

I suspect ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad et/al  doesn’t approve they’d rather teach kids to stab jews. and as for the BDS movement it will have them going Kryten


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Reality: I am going to tear down your safe space! Brick by brick, I shall smash it with glee!
Cartman: What? Who is that?
Reality: You cannot stop me from getting inside! I am cold and I am hard, and my name… is Reality.

South Park Safe space 2015

five minutes’ genuine toothache would reveal the romantic sorrows for the nonsense they were

C. S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters XIII

One of the great strengths and successes of the Democrat party has been the ability to peddle situations where the costs of their actions and inactions are not apparent.

From Ted Kennedy’s immigration bill in 1965, to the pull out from Iraq, to the scoring of Obamacare, to Global warming,  to the current college protests the democrats have thrived on selling either faux crisis or ignoring the long-term consequences of their policies for short-term political gain.

In a country as rich as the United States were actual danger is rare, at least if you don’t live in a democrat inner city like Baltimore, it’s not as hard as it sound and has been highly effective for the party,  but every now and then cold hard reality intrudes and throw a big wrench into this business.

Paris is such an event.

The Paris attack is everything the Democrat party hates, a deadly reality, taking place in front of the entire world that directly contradicts several of their most cherished memes:

Islam is not a threat
Pulling Troops out of Iraq ended a war
We don’t need troops to stop ISIS
Open borders are not a problem
Students attending expensive universities are oppressed
Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity

It’s even more deadly when your party base increasingly believes that there is nothing after this life.   The idea that fanatics can permanently end your existence at a metal concert or a sporting event or a restaurant has to be doubly frightening for the unbeliever.

Now under normal circumstances given a few days the Democrats and their media allies would have had time to come up with a coordinated message to answer this threat (not the Islamists themselves but the reality breaking through their defenses) but alas the attack took place the day before the 2nd Democrat debate, a debate that had been specifically designed to keep people from viewing it.

And in that debate the Democrats found themselves confounded by the great contradiction. Even with the blood still on the streets do they appeal to their base or to the reality of the threat? What would Hillary Clinton do? Let’s go to the transcript:

DICKERSON: Secretary Clinton, you mentioned radical jihadists. Marco Rubio, also running for president, said that this attack showed and the attack in Paris showed that we are at war with radical Islam. Do you agree with that characterization, radical Islam?

CLINTON: I don’t think we’re at war with Islam. I don’t think we’re at war with all Muslims. I think we’re at war with jihadists who have —

DICKERSON: Just to interrupt. He didn’t say all Muslims. He just said radical Islam. Is that a phrase you don’t…

CLINTON: I think THAT you can talk about Islamists who clearly are also jihadists, but I think it’s not particularly helpful to make the case that Senator Sanders was just making that I agree with, that we’ve got to reach out to Muslim countries.

And the same problem came up for Sanders

DICKERSON: Just quickly, do either of you, radical Islam, do either of you use that phrase?

SANDERS: I don’t think the term is what’s important. What is important to understand is we have organizations, whether it is ISIS or Al Qaida, who do believe we should go back several thousand years. We should make women third-class citizens, that we should allow children to be sexually assaulted, that they are a danger to modern society.

And that this world, with American leadership, can and must come together to destroy them. We can do that. And it requires an entire world to come together, including in a very active way, the Muslim nations.

And O’Malley

DICKERSON: Governor O’ Malley, you have been making the case when you talk about lack of forward vision, you’re essentially saying that Secretary Clinton lacks that vision and this critique matches up with this discussion of language. The critique is that the softness of language betrays a softness of approach. So if this language — if you don’t call it by what it is, how can your approach be effective to the cause? that’s the critique.

O’ MALLEY: I believe calling it what it is, is to say radical jihadis. That’s calling it what it is. But John, let’s not fall into the trap of thinking that all of our Muslim American neighbors in this country are somehow our enemies here. They are our first line of defense.

This unwillingness to say: “Radical Islam” was a topic of dry comment:

The three candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination had different ideas at Saturday night’s Iowa debate about what to call terrorists — but they wanted to leave “Islamist” out of any descriptor.

Political leads:

Hillary Clinton may have talked tough Saturday night about defeating terrorists, but her desire to avoid uttering one word immediately led Republicans to declare her weak.
That word? Islam.

Democrat worry

“I say this as a liberal, I would be concerned as a Democrat about the entire terrorism part of this debate,” Beinart said.

and GOP snark:

Homosexuality used to be known as the love that dare not speak its name. When it comes to Islamic terrorism, Islam is the religion that dare not speak its name. On this the candidates were all agreed.

This reality is a toxic thing to the left and as long as it is front and center it will mean that there is a chance to actually address this problem and in the long run save lives.

But we on the right need to face reality as well.  The Paris attack will only be toxic for a short time to the left’s worldview.  Like any infection this dose of reality will eventually be beaten back by the antibodies of self indulgence, self delusion and self righteousness of people who presume that as frightening as the attacks in Paris are, it’s not a physical threat to them.

We don’t have long to use this moment, we need to do so now while our friends on the left are still willing to allow us to help save their lives and our own.


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