Bobby Jindal has pulled out of the Presidential Race

“I’ve come to real­ize this is not my time,” Jin­dal said.

The Louisi­ana gov­ernor struggled to gain trac­tion dur­ing his cam­paign, sput­ter­ing in the polls and fail­ing to make the main de­bate stage in any of the four Re­pub­lic­an de­bates.

Jin­dal said a “crazy” elec­tion sea­son had made it im­possible for his can­did­acy to break through to voters — one he said didn’t fo­cus on his many of the de­tailed policy po­s­i­tions that he out­lined.

In terms of the national race that 1% he was drawing isn’t going to make much of a difference but in Iowa where he was doing OK that support is likely going to migrate

Two questions now. One: What happens to the undercard debate? Are we really going to have to watch a 90-minute conversation between Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum at the next event? C’mon. Either cancel the undercard or repopulate it by raising the polling threshold to qualify for the main debate. Two: Who will Jindal endorse? Almost by process of elimination, you’ve got to think it’ll be Cruz, right? Carson’s not going to win the nomination so it’s pointless to waste an endorsement on him. Rubio’s got a real chance and could use the backing of a solid conservative like Jindal to bolster his own conservative cred, especially in Iowa, but it’s an open question whether Jindal’s voters would follow his lead. The last time PPP polled Iowa, they found the second choice among Jindal’s supporters (via a teeny tiny sample) to be Carson with 37 percent, Cruz with 22 percent, and Rubio with 12 percent.

There is always a chance that Santorum might pick up some of that Iowa support but the clock is winding down for a move to be made.

Jindal departure moves Ben Carson into my top three being Ted Cruz who I’ve endorsed, Rick Santorum as second and Ben Carson 3rd with the remaining 11 candidates hoping to medal.

The question is who will be out next?  That Jim Gilmore and George Pataki are still officially in the race is still a bit beyond me.

by baldilocks

Colorado also says no. Credit:
Colorado also says no. Credit:

At least half of the governors in the United States have refused to take the Syrian refugees and “refugees” or called for a halt to the resettlement which the federal government, meaning President Obama, is intent upon seeding in cities all around the nation. But, it appears that these governors have no legal leg on which to stand, since it is the US Congress that establishes “an uniform Rule of Naturalization” and, back in 1980, the Democratic Party-majority 96th Congress passed the Refugee Act, which, of course, was signed by Democrat President James E. Carter. (I would say something cutting about Democrats here, but I’m sure that the Act seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it is important to know which party did what.)

And of course, President Obama knew this going in, or at least his advisers did. So, in spite of state executive orders, like the one accomplished yesterday by Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), the die is likely cast.

So what can we expect?

My friend, Everett Powell, says this:

The one thing the Feds can’t do is force the states to provide services and support for Obama’s refugee program – which by all accounts makes it EXTREMELY difficult for them to continue the resettlement.

I suspect what you will see done is vast numbers of people just being dumped at bus stops and train stations in the States resisting for the sake of creating images for a media campaign of people suffering sleeping in the streets. We are entering winter and there will be such a caterwauling out of the White House about cruel uncharitable Christians and GOP barbarians as the world has never seen.

That is certain, but there is something else to expect. If the mean, horrible Red and Reddish states (like Michigan) will not provide services for these people, they will migrate to those which will, like California and other states which are already overloaded with people on various forms of welfare. This will speed up the financial reckoning for these states–and for the country–something which is already in view.baldilocks

And even if there is not one terrorist among the new arrivals, this will bring chaos.

As was planned; as in Europe.

(Thanks to Jeff Bishop)

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Mayor Mario Lugatto: Look at my really Shockeda Facea

McHale’s Navy 1966

In our current culture a lot of people have plenty of contempt for the rules of Christianity concerning sex, that is no sex outside of marriage, no sleeping around inside of marriage, no same sex relationships etc…

Now a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular would argue that since the goal is eternal life, avoiding these mortal sin, despite the pleasures they might offer in this world is a small price to pay to avoid eternal damnation and manage eternal life, but that argument isn’t going to fly with a non believer. So lets just put it this way. Avoiding sleeping around with every sentient being in sight avoids situations like this:

In a bombshell world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER can reveal that the bad boy actor has been hiding an explosive secret from the world: He is HIV positive.

In our next issue — to hit newsstands nationwide on November 18 — The ENQUIRER blows wide open the scandal we first revealed last month.

Of course the shock isn’t that Charlie Sheen has contracted HIV, the shock is given his lifestyle it took so long.

In fact if Two and a half men was anything like reality this would have been the logical ending for Charlie as opposed to the piano on the head.

Two other things worth mentioning:

1. Right now there is a panic among the large collection of men/women and others who choose to share a bed with Mr. Sheen. Given Charlie Sheen’s reputation and the knowledge that nothing with a heartbeat was off the table for him the choice to share his bed ranks up there with playing in traffic.

2. The worst part about all of this is that for a long time Mr. Sheen’s lifestyle was celebrated and lionized by the media and the culture as an ideal or a goal. Sheen is a really rich guy and can afford high priced specialists, the most expensive of treatments and the best care that money can buy. That isn’t true of the people who were sold this stuff for a generation who will have to live with the consequences of bad choices that were sold to them without the benefit of wealth. Those people have a lot to answer for.

Closing thought:  One of the smartest things I ever heard in a sermon was God gave us these rules because they were good for us, not because they were good for him. It’s not a surprise, that’s what a good parent does.

Update:  A good point from Stacy McCain