Some Say the term “Some Say” is Bullshit

I’m really getting sick of the words: “Some say

On Friday’s CNN Newsroom, Carol Costello badgered Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader over his vote in favor of additional scrutiny for Syrian refugees applying to enter the U.S. Costello spotlighted how “some on Twitter have not been kind —calling you a traitor to Oregon and…xenophobic,” and how “some say the intent of this bill is to really create so many checks that it will be impossible for any Syrian refugee to come into this country any time soon.” She later touted how “some say that’s just one part of what some call what’s becoming a disturbing climate in America.

Well some say that use of “some say” is all about reporters giving their personal opinion without admitting it for fear of being suspended or something. Some say it’s just a cowardly way to push a meme. And some say that when asked a question that begins with “some say” the person asked should answer: “When you can give me a name instead of ‘some say’ then I’ll take your question seriously.”.

And in the spirit of this post let me say, The some who says these things is me.


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