The Clock’s Ticking on Moderate Muslims and on US

During Day 8 of the blog back in the days after Barack Obama was elected but while George Bush still held the White House I wrote this 

In the end it comes to this, Militant Islam is going to have to be either stopped, submitted to or changed from within.

The current president and our military have made a good effort at the first particularly going on offense, but it will take time, effort and treasure.

As far as submitting goes laws in the west have already headed in that direction even to the point where Sharia law is gaining in England and Canada. I hate to say it but frankly I suspect that those who cry loudest at the “Oppression” of the current administration would find a reason and excuse to submit if Sharia comes to call.

As far as change goes it can either be from within or imposed. There are men and woman with a whole hell of a lot more courage than me such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Nonie Darwish and Walid Shoebat trying to make the case at the risk of their lives but unless the avg Muslim supports them they can’t do it alone. It still remains to be seen if they are the William Lloyd Garrisons of their times.

If they don’t its up to us

This was written December 6th 2008 and it’s become very apparent that the “change from within” option is disappearing quickly.  Muslims in America and the west are either too afraid of the Islamists, too addicted to the power of fear over westerners , or really indifferent to the fate of non muslims.  That leave the imposed change option.

However our president is apparently more interested in attacking republicans, our media is more interested in trying to play gotcha with Donald Trump and while 70 years ago our military age youth of the country was fighting the threat of Hitler today they are interested in fighting Woodrow Wilson whose only similarities to Hitler is a dislike for blacks and having died  both died in the last century.

Of course it’s a lot easier to face down a dead president than live islamists but the clock is continuing to tick and the body count continues to pile up and it’s not just from the big attacks in places like Mali:

Two Israelis and a Palestinian man were killed late Thursday afternoon when a two Palestinian terrorists shot at cars stuck in a traffic jam near the Guish Etzion junction in the West Bank.

Initial reports suggest that the terrorist fired at the cars and then sped in the direction of the Alon Shvut settlement and slammed into a car. The terrorists exited their vehicle and attempted to fire off further shots. Security forces shot at them and then arrested them.

This stuff is happening in Israel on a regular basis and if it wasn’t for the presence of an American student among the dead nobody in the west would have noticed.

But I shouldn’t expect better from the west, after all in Israel where this stuff is going in front of their faces the left is in denial even when the palestinians admit in public their intentions.

Against the bloody background of stabbings and other deadly violence in Israel and the West Bank, Daniel Polisar’s thorough analysis of Palestinian polling data, “What Do Palestinians Want?,” makes essential reading for anyone interested in more than just the grim daily headlines. His central point—that the majority of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have long supported “armed struggle” against Israelis—is not only accurate but a fact regularly distorted by media focus on the seemingly “individual” nature of today’s terrorist incidents.

It is human nature to put off unpleasant things until there is no other choice, it takes a leader to move things early.

Let’s hope we pick one who can. You all know my choice.


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