In the United States, our established practices of life and living – customs if you will – began during the early “Colonial Period” of our nation’s history.  This would be the first 50 to 100 years of the great migration of English men and women during the early part of the 17th century (1607 to 1661).

Our English forebears came to this country in search of two things:  “religious freedom” and a better “material way of life.

When one surveys the early literature of the American colonies, one can only be struck with a sense of awe on how the early colonists felt that they were led by “The Hand of Divine Providence” to emigrate to America.

I have been recently surveying some of the early writings by two of the American Colonies earliest luminaries:  William Bradford (1500-1657) and John Winthrop (1588-1649).  Both of these men were two of the early Governors of what was known as the “Plymouth Bay Colony” (eventually renamed the Massachusetts Bay Colony).

Both Governors Bradford and Winthrop wrote two wonderful key manuscripts that were in essence their personal journals that have survived over the last several centuries.  Mr. Bradford wrote “From Of Plymouth Plantation” and Mr. Winthrop wrote “A Model of Christian Charity.

When you read these books you are immediately struck with the fact that “The Holy Bible” (most likely the Protestant Geneva Bible) was continually cited and referenced to throughout their writings.

What many Americans today fail to remember is that the early colonists were direct descendants of an earthshaking revolution known as “The Protestant Reformation.

A slight digression is in order here:  This writer would highly commend to your reading one of the historian Jacques Barzun’s magisterial works entitled, “From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present- 500 Years of Western Cultural Life” (HarperCollins Publishers, New York, New York, 828 pages, 2000).

According to Barzun, there are two key components to every revolution and they are the transfer of both (1.) Power and (2.) Property within a nation or society.

Mr. Barzun states that over the last 500 years (1500 to 2000) that the Protestant Reformation was the equivalent of a “seismic earthquake” that tore Europe asunder and laid the groundwork / framework of the modern world.

The Protestant Reformation was really a series of schisms & transformations within Christendom that upended and destroyed the dominant Religious Hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church (up until Luther nailed his 95 theses on the Church at Wittenberg in 1517, Western Europe was thoroughly Roman Catholic).

The Protestant Reformation produced a Roman Catholic Counter-Revolution known as “The Council of Trent” (the theological writings of this council produced the Roman Catholic Tridentine Church 1546 to 1965).

Martin Luther followed on the tails of the great Roman Catholic Man of Letters, Theologian, and “Humanist” Thomas Erasmus.

Erasmus and Luther were two clerics who upended Europe of the early 1500s by their writings and incessant questioning of what was the proper role of The Church with regards to mediating Christ’s Saving Work to Christian believers.

The early “pilgrims” and “emigrates” to the American Colonists were men and women whose lives had been radically transformed by the ongoing metamorphous being produced by the aftershocks of the ministries of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Saint Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Society of Jesus or “The Jesuits”); Henry VIII (The founder of The Anglican Communion or The Church of England); the Anabaptists (re-baptizers); and the emigration of the Puritans (or Separatists, men and women who wished to reform The Church of England) to America.

Bradford and Winthrop would be considered to be Pilgrims or Separatists

Today, modern “Conservatism” is thought of being (1.) Judeo-Christian; (2.) Free Market liberalism (Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations 1776); (3.) Constitutional Governance (The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1776); and (4.) Strong Military Defense (America’s Global role since the end of World War II).

It is important to ask a person who claims that they are a “Conservative” to explain which of the four brands of Conservative thought that they embrace.

  • Are they Social (Judeo-Christian) conservatives?
  • Are they Free Market (Laissez-Faire) conservatives?
  • Or, are they a Limited Government (Libertarian?) conservatives who believe that “the Government that Governs least governs best?
  • Strong Military (Robust Defense) conservative?

William F. “Bill” Buckley, Jr. was known as the foremost exponent of modern day “Conservative Thought” in America in the Post World War II (1951 to 2008) era.

Mr. Buckley is best known as the founder of National Review (1955) and as the creator of the popular T.V. News Magazine known as Firing Line (1966 to 1999).

Bill Buckley embraced a view of Conservatism that he called “Fusionism.”

Buckley attempted to join or “fuse” Social (Judeo-Christian); Free Market (Economic Libertarian); and Strong Defense (Robust military preparedness) conservatism into one unified movement.

As I continue this survey on Conservative thought over the next few weeks and how it applies to our current political landscape, I would like to make a final digression to offer a prayer of “Thanksgiving” to The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who has given us our precious liberties:

Dear LORD and Precious Heavenly Father, On this Thanksgiving Day Holiday week, it is essential that we take time to say “Thank Your O LORD” for the brilliant men and women who preceded us who have bequeathed unto to us a beautiful legacy of Faith, Freedom, Stability, and Wonderful God-given opportunities.

LORD Adonai, We Thank You for watching over us and for also allowing men and women of color who were not part of America’s original vision and promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to join their brothers and sisters in creating a wonderful nation that is still growing in reconciliation and harmony and beauty.

Heavenly Father, we Ask You to forgive us for not being as thankful as we should for the magnificent blessings that you continually bestow upon our nation and upon our children.

LORD, we ask You for Your Guidance and Help as we seek to navigate an uncertain path in the midst of turbulent times and a tumultuous future.

Finally, LORD, Your Holy Word promises us that if we will “humble ourselves and pray; and seek your face and turn from our wicked ways (Pride and Hubris) that You will Hear from Heaven and Forgive us of our sins and Heal our Land” (2 Chronicles 7.14).

We ask that You Remember Your Promise to us as expressed in 2 Chronicles 7.14.

LORD, we Praise and we Worship You!

It is in JESUS Name that we pray…  AMEN!


Want to understand the Totalitarian left? via RS McCain Don Surber managed to explain them in three tweets:

Tweet #1 Bernie draws an analogy.

Tweet #2 Don Surber notes the ironic nature of said analogy.

I can see the protests now. No lettuce is illegal! Free People Free tomatoes.

So Sanders makes a tweet, Veteran Journalist Don Surber makes a response. Happens all the time on twitter.

Two minutes later:

Think about that for a second.

Bernie Sanders wants to be president of the United States and when challenged with a valid point by a journalist blocks him.

Of course Surber is lucky, if this was the country that Sanders Honeymooned in more than his tweets would have disappeared.

I stopped watching network TV years ago from total lack of interest, and the little things that bothered me. By little things, I mean the consistent portrayals of men, especially the dads, as totally ineffective dufuses (dufi?), inevitably wise “courageous” moms, and smart-aleck kids.

That, and that the kids are always shorter than the parents. In my family, with the notable exception of my maternal grandfather, the younger generation has always been taller. Right now the guys are at least 6’3″ tall, but I digress.

Cable grown-up soap operas are different. Mad Men was very popular among my son’s high-school friends, to the point where they had season-finale parties where the boys wore suits, neckties and fedoras, and the girls dresses and gloves. This was enough to pique my interest, so I started watching. Likewise, my son highly recommended Breaking Bad, and after I started watching, it led to discussions on Walter White’s all-corrupting quest for power.

The men in these shows are strong, highly-defined characters; many are downright evil (Breaking Bad‘s Walter White), some are very flawed (for a while there, Mad Men‘s Don Draper turned into just another really good-looking drunk), and some grow to be heroes (Breaking Bad‘s Walter Jr, played by RJ Mitte).

Recently I’ve been watching Fargo, a modern Western set against a desolate winter backdrop. The guys (good and bad) in Fargo are sumthin‘. The first season showed a young female police officer against the evil guys (notably Billy Bob Thorton), with the support of her very sharp dad, and a fellow cop as a romantic interest. This year an evil mom is going head-to-head against the cops and the mob.

Premium cable channels have two other soaps worth considering: Ray Donovan on Showtime, and The Knick on Cinemax. Liev Schriber plays Ray, Clive Owen plays  The Knick’s head surgeon Dr. John Thackery.

I must warn you that, in addition to plenty of sex, drug use and violence in both, the dialogue in Ray Donovan is very heavily peppered with the f-word, and The Knick’s surgery scenes are big on gore, brains and guts.

I can’t leave out Amazon’s Bosch. Titus Welliver plays the LA detective named after Medieval artist Hieronymous Bosch. You may call him Harry, but make sure to ask him first.

While all the above feature very manly guys, the women are not little girls looking for safe spaces; they are also up to the challenge. That’s what keeps you watching.

All these series stand out by featuring stories about manly men played by manly guys, and nowadays, where pajama boys drinking hot chocolate are telling us what to talk about at Christmas (not that pj boys would dare utter the word “Christmas”), that’s worth looking into.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.



During the last election cycle the GOP won historic victories not only taking the US senate but winning the Governor’s seats in states as Blue as Maryland and Massachusetts.

However in 2014 the big exception to that rule was in New Hampshire where the national GOP imported Scott Brown to run much to the delight of the GOP leadership and the disgust of the base as Granite Grok put it at the time:

Those are two important planks in the NH GOP Platform.  Another is that of “limited government” – and he voted for Dodd-Frank, the biggest intrusion of Government into business and our private lives evah (‘cepting Obamacare, natch) and we will blog about this in the future.  And if they don’t show up to vote for Brown, they also aren’t showing up to vote for the other Republicans down ticket.  But given the absolute “hugathon” for Brown that the Establishment Republicans have been drooling about for months now, I do wonder if it matters much to them about the folks just off stage instead of the one standing in the national Klieg lights.  How many time have I written concerning Republicans with the insinuations that we ought to just leave and run on our own:

We may not win, but you will surely lose

Especially here in NH where win margins in a lot of districts can be very thin indeed, the NH GOP has to struggle get to 50%+1; all I’d have to do is persuade 1.5 to 2 points to not vote.  And there are a lot of people out there that are no longer willing to vote for the lesser of two evils anymore.

Pro-Choice, Pro Gun Control, voted for Dodd-Frank: what’s the MAIN difference between Scott Brown and Jeanne Shaheen, NH GOP chair Jennifer Horn? 

I advised against this move calling the Scott Brown run:  “The Biggest Mistake the NH GOP can make

He lost by 3

Meanwhile in the Governor’s race the Establishment GOP in the state picked Walt Havenstein a candidate who actively insulted Tea Party members and refused to apologize.

He lost by five, and I suspect the reason why both Brown & Havenstein lost is best summed up by what grokster Rick Olsen wrote five months before the election:

I predict…If Havenstein is the nominee, he will not win against Hassan and the Democratic machine. …We’ve seen this trend in so-called Republican landslide years. But either way, I am voting for neither of these “kinged” choices. And I can say with certainty that I am not alone in that sentiment.

So given that sterling record you would think the NH GOP establishment party chair Jennifer Horn would have learned her lesson and stayed out of the GOP Presidential primary.

You’d think wrong:

New Hampshire GOP chairwoman Jennifer Horn seemed to have abandoned efforts to remain neutral in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries on Wednesday, taking the extraordinary step of attacking not just any GOP presidential candidate but the 2016 frontrunner for her own party’s nomination.

Because in a year when your GOP senator is running for re-election in what will be a tough race the last thing you need to do is demonize the current front runner for the party nomination.

Well at least she not attacking Trump voters, since she’ll need them for Kelly Ayotte’s Senate race.

Horn further attacked the voters who attend Trump’s rallies.

Hey it could be worse, they could be doing stupid things like trying to get Trump kicked of the ballot:

Now, along comes ol’ Fungus, so determined to damage the GOP that you’d think he was a Democrat plant, filing a complaint attempting to remove Trump from the NH ballot, due to expressed views inconsistent with the NHGOP platform. Shirley, he must be joking! Inconsistent? Like himself supporting the most liberal faux-Republicans? Like Morse and Bradley expanding Medicaid? Like Steve Duprey supporting Planned Parenthood? Like Juliana Bergeron supporting Gay Marriage? Like Shawn Jasper owned and operated by the Democrats?

I’m shocked that Scott brown & Walt Havenstein weren’t mentioned in that bit.

Meanwhile the Trump campaign shot back

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, in a statement to the Union Leader, suggested that Cullen works for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican rival far behind Trump in the polls.

“Number one, Mr. Trump’s views do comport with the Republican Party and number two, from a constitutional stand point, there is such a thing as freedom of speech,” Lewandowski said. “To file such a document against the person who is not only the frontrunner, but leading by tremendous margins is outrageous. If anything like this would ever happen Mr. Trump’s supporters would probably riot in the streets of New Hampshire. This is yet another attempt by the failed GOP establishment to keep Mr. Trump off the ballot because they know he is the only one who can Make America Great Again.”

In response to Lewandowski’s claim, Cullen said he is not working for Kasich, and that he so far remains uncommitted. He and his wife Jenny held a house party for Kasich last weekend. He has also held events for Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.

Mike Rogers nails it:

Methinks it is Trump who should be demanding a pledge of loyalty from the GOP! If this idiocy goes further up the food chain than Cullen, Trump will be liberated to run 3rd party, and will CRUSH the GOP’s chances – might even win without them. Sure, go ahead chumps, make his day!

I’m a Ted Cruz man I encourage all my NH friends to vote for him but I’ll tell you this, I’d enjoy watching the NH GOP Establishment collapse like the old man of the Mountain after A Trump win.