The Prophet Thomas

by baldilocks

Thomas Sowell, the informal patron saint of conservative thinking, is 85 years old and I think we all are hoping that he stays with us a little while longer. His work has been instrumental in clearing up thinking processes for very many of us.

I read A Conflict of Visions over ten years ago, a gift from blog fan. Talk about the light bulb coming on! Before that, I could not understand the actions of Leftists, especially those who seemed intelligent as long as the topic of politics was excluded.

Many other conservatives cite his The Vision of the Anointed as the producer of the Light Bulb moment. But, being a baldilocksperson who likes to see what the foundations are for an ideological structure, I found Conflict more useful; one can say that Conflict described the seed and Anointed described the tree.

There are many essays out there which define the constrained and unconstrained visions as ideological bases,but to give short definitions of the competing views for the sake of this post…

Those who hold the constrained vision of humanity believe that human nature is fixed and flawed.

Those who hold the unconstrained vision of humanity believe that human nature is perfectible and that human beings themselves can do the perfecting.

Ever since these descriptions entered my consciousness, it has been incredibly easy to apply them to the actions of individuals, politicians, organizations, and governments with respect to how any of these entities view human nature. Side note: many who hold the unconstrained vision of humanity don’t even know it.

So what does this have to do with anything? Simply this: every policy/action which the Organized Left has ever advocated and which is patently destructive to the Founder-envisioned USA (BIRM) has Sowell’s Unconstrained Vision as its foundational ideology.

I intend to give examples in Saturday’s post.

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