The #Unexpectedly Chronicles Democrats Declare War on Prayer after San Bernardino Attack

As of this writing ( 9 PM EST before I head to work) the FBI is starting lean toward terror as the source of the attack in San Bernardino & ISIS is certainly pushing the meme on social media

But the New York Daily news has found the real culpret, God

All over twitter our friends on the left have been attacking those who would pray for the victims in San bernardino, at least one Democrat Senator is attacking it as is the Huffington Post.

This reaction against prayer should not be a surprise. I would remind you that the reason why I left the party myself was their hostility to religion and the largest single group in the democrat party based on religion is “no religious affiliation

The Left has become increasingly secular and given the choice between fighting a war on terror against islamic foes or a war on prayer against republicans they’ll choose the later every time.



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