One of the things biggest difference between an MSM reporter and a blogger is editorial discretion.

Individual bloggers are their own editors. On an individual blog with nobody looking over your shoulder you are more likely to get not only the occasional spelling and grammar error but, depending on the blogger, to get occasional f-bomb, vulgarity and outrageous opinions that would never make a newspaper.

In contrast when I do an occasional piece for I have an editor who occasionally send pieces back for rewrites or rejection if it doesn’t meet their needs or standards. When my Weinergate blogpost was rewritten as an opinion piece in the  NY Post (leading to my appearance on Fox Boston) the Post was very careful with it taking several drafts & making sure nothing I made no unsubstantiated claims.

It is this fact that makes the placement of Linda Stasi’s piece in the New York Daily News worse than the content.

To be sure the content itself is reprehensible

They were two hate-filled, bigoted municipal employees interacting in one department. Now 13 innocent people are dead in unspeakable carnage.

One man spent his free time writing frightening, NRA-loving, hate-filled screeds on Facebook about the other’s religion.

The other man quietly stewed and brewed his bigotry, collecting the kind of arsenal that the Facebook poster would have envied.

and has drawn rebuke from folks from Erick Erickson:

The left keeps reaching new lows. This really is amazing. The New York Daily News’ Linda Stasi has penned a piece attacking one of the victims killed by the terrorists in California.

Turns out he is an evangelical, born-again Messianic Jew and NRA member. Therefore, he can be attacked and defamed after being killed by terrorists

To Rod Dreher

It is vile, utterly vile, that Linda Stasi and the Daily News would speak of a murdered man that way. So, what, does the Daily News now reserve the right to look into the opinions of all murder victims, and if they don’t like what they see, publish columns saying that they are no better than the man who slaughtered them?

Stasi here reminds me of the old black-humor joke: “Sure, Hitler hated the Jews. But to be fair, the Jews also hated Hitler.”

And if this was Linda Stasi writing on her blog for all the well deserved critique it might draw it would be of no more consequence than the ravings of the assorted twentysomething feminists that Stacy McCain mocks. It would be a blogger ranting and the onus would rightly be exclusively on her.

But that’s not what happened.

This piece didn’t run on a person blog, it ran in the New York Daily News (Alexa Rank 783) a major American Newspaper in the Largest City in the United States and decided to put it under the masthead.

Think about that.

Not only did the layers of editor and fact checkers at the New York Daily News decide that Ms. Stasi’s piece was worthy of publication in their paper, but they upon consideration concluded that it belonged under the masthead for every reader to see.

To put this in proper perspective imagine if the New York Daily News running such a piece attacking a 9/11 victim on September 14th 2001.  Or maybe on the next anniversary of 9/11 picture the city removing the names of any victims who were members of the NRA.

To be sure Linda Stasi has a first amendment right to say, think and write what she wants. She has a right to try and distribute those opinions to as wide an audience as she can muster by whatever platforms are willing to give her space to do so.

She however doesn’t have a first amendment right to the Masthead of the New York Daily News, that had to be given to her by the paper’s affirmative consent and the New York Daily News and it’s editorial board should be judged accordingly.


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Arab American National Museum
Arab American National Museum, Dearborn

By John Ruberry

When Muslims say they condemn the radicals within their faith, a common retort is, “If that is so, then why don’t you hold anti-terrorism marches?”

Well, one was held yesterday in Dearborn, Michigan, the city with the largest Arab-American population in the Untied States. The peace rally was organized by Imam Husham Al-Husainy of the Karbalaa Islamic Center, the cultural hub of the Detroit suburb’s Muslim community. Al-Husainy was an early supporter of Operation Iraqi Freedom, although he later turned against the war. The cleric gave an invocation at a Democratic National Committee event in 2006. Al-Husainy was was the featured cleric on The Learning Channel’s reality show All American Muslim. If you are seeking a mainstream Muslim leader, Al-Husainy may be your guy. Or he may not be. More on him in a little bit.

Watch the march video here. You’ll see that many of the parade’s participants were dressed all in black, which happens to be the get-up that members Islamic State wear. Oops. There was singing–or was it chanting?–in Arabic, not English. Many of the marchers held banners and flags in Arabic–and I counted just one lonely American flag. Of course there weren’t any Israeli flags.

In a statement prior to the march, Al-Husainy declared, “We are for peace, coexistence, respecting all religions, protecting human life and believing in God.” But does that include Jews? The Dearborn cleric is a signatory of the anti-Israeli Jerusalem Document that Christian convert Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, calls “the ‘Mein Kampf’ of Document of Jerusalem.”

Muslims–in Dearborn and beyond–also need to forcefully speak out against the slaughter by ISIS of Christians and Yazidis. That message was also absent in the Dearborn rally.

Al-Husainy’s peace march was at best only a good first step for American Muslims to counter radical Islamic terrorism. And maybe not even that.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit. He visited Dearborn in July.

Constable Nicholas Angel: Sir, this doesn’t make any sense.
Inspector Frank Butterman: The adjudicators arrive tomorrow. We had to get everything ready.
Constable Nicholas Angel: Are you saying this is all about winning the Best Village Award?
Inspector Frank Butterman: This is the best village, Nicholas. You’ve seen the people.- They’re happy, contented.
Constable Nicholas Angel: They’re living in a dream world.

Hot Fuzz 2007

This morning I posted about the left’s quest to make sure nobody implicates Islam in terror as a function of keeping things nice and quiet, well we now have a report out of England that gives us the end result of such things:

Rotherham has become infamous for the city’s covering up of the child sex slavery rings because they were committed by those of [REDACTED] ethnicity and [REDACTED] religion.  Turns out that an even bigger city has been quashing the truth in order to protect child sex slavers for decades

The story is in the Birmingham Mail and it’s devastating:

Birmingham City Council ‘buried’ a report linking Asian private hire drivers to child sexual exploitation victims 23 YEARS ago, the Mail can reveal.
Researcher Dr Jill Jesson was asked by the authority to look at the issue of child prostitution involving girls in care back in 1990.

The following year, after six months research, she produced a critical two-part report which showed child protection failings by social workers and other agencies.

The idea of social services failing those they are meant to serve is not a huge shock and might have resulted in action but there was something else to consider

Her report also highlighted claims that some Asian private hire drivers were linked to the sexual exploitation of young white girls in care, including some who had been cautioned for prostitution offences.

It should be pointed out that in England “Asian” is routinely used to describe Pakistani immigrants which as Pakistan is in asia is not inaccurate.

So how did the city react to this report?

 when Dr Jesson presented her draft findings to a steering group, she was ordered to remove all reference linking ethnicity and the private hire trade.

Incredibly, her full amended final report was never published. A meeting planned to discuss it was cancelled – and all copies were to be destroyed.

Now mind you this is only coming out 2 1/2 DECADES later and a year after the abuses of Rotherham were all over the British press

“The sad part of this story is not the suppression of evidence but that the relevant organisations have failed to address this problem.’’

that’s because of two things, 1.  The problem didn’t affect their kids & families so it was not a priority.  2.  To confront this problem meant opposing Islam and not a one of these people wished to risk doing so remember what I said this morning:

It’s one thing to critique the NRA, the Catholic Church pro-lifers, the tea party and the GOP because for all the left’s protestation to the contrary, they know that none of these groups can affect their comfortable lives, let alone harm them.

Islam is the great barrier breaker, if a person has decided to kill you and more important doesn’t care if they live through the attempt then all bets are off.

And even if there was not physical danger at the time there was political danger.  The political left in Britain had already made a policy of mass immigration to change the country’s demographics (and voting patterns)

Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”.

As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants.

Critics said the revelations showed a “conspiracy” within Government to impose mass immigration for “cynical” political reasons.

Are you going to risk calls for your removal, to be deemed a racist and to bear the answer of the political left just to protect a bunch of lower class white girls that you never come in contact with anyway? Well if you’re city of Birmingham England apparently you’re not!

And don’t think that Birmingham was alone in their fear of electoral consequences:

West Midlands Police withheld a report warning that more than 100 predominantly white children – some only 13 years old – were at serious risk of child exploitation for fear it could inflame racial tension ahead of a General Election. It was finally revealed today, under the Freedom of Information Act, that Britain’s second largest police force withheld the March 2010 document – ‘Problem Profile, Operation Protection’ – which set out how grooming gangs of 75 mainly Muslim men from Birmingham targeted schools and children’s homes across the West Midlands.

Alas for these girls and all those who followed them, if it was ONLY a catholic priest or members of the UKIP or supporters of Israel that were grooming them for sex slavery, then perhaps something could have been done.

These girls simply needed more political correct oppressors.

Via RS McCain

Update: A thought, you might ask if this well eventually happen here, I think the answer is a function of how successful the left is in disarming the fathers of those potential victims.

Update 2: Funny the silence of the feminists on this issue isn’t it?

The only pay I get for this work comes from you. My goal for 2015 is $22,000 and to date we’re only at $5200

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