Jedediah Tucker Ward: It’s not hypothetical to Dr. Pavel, he wrote it

Michael Grazier: So he says.

Jedediah Tucker Ward:
So he says under oath

Class Action 1991

…otherwise it would be more of a story:

A witness in the ongoing Rotherham sex-grooming trial told a jury yesterday that she decided to reveal her childhood abuse at the hands of Muslim men so that authorities could no longer sweep such crimes “under the carpet”.

The woman said she agreed to an interview with a journalist last year because she knew Shaun Wright — the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner at the time, who had previous served as head of children’s services on Rotherham Council — “was lying” when he said he “knew nothing about” the sex-abuse scandal.

This would be the Rotherham sex abuse scandal when years of grooming of young children by Muslim men was ignored by local authorities in political correctness gone wild.

It should be stressed that these statements were made under oath as opposed to say Susan Rice saying videos provoked Benghazi.

Oh and this isn’t newsworthy either:

“They took young girls, seven, nine and 10 years old,” explained Aveen, 23, to NBC News in early December. ISIS held her for almost a year before she escaped.

The guards held the women and children at a school, separate from the men. At night, those same guards raped the women.

“Some [females] are sold for weapons, or for just $10, or 10 cigarettes,” said activist Khider Domle, who interviewed numerous Yazidis.

In October, a young Yazidi woman, known only as Noor, told CNN that the militants justified raping her because the action would make her Muslim.

That’s the ISIS dungeons for sex slaves that for some reason I never see college feminists protest against.

But Pam Geller does:

You’ll note that Obama never speaks of these victims of unspeakable crimes. He never speaks of the Quranic texts and teachings that grants sex slavery  under Islamic law (sharia). 

cites Chapter and verse:

the Quran stipulates that a man may take four wives as well as hold slave girls as sex slaves. These women are captured in wartime and are considered the spoils of war. Islam avoids the appearance of impropriety, declaring that the taking of these sex slaves does not constitute adultery if the women are already married, for their marriages are ended at the moment of their capture. A manual of Islamic law directs: “When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman”s previous marriage is immediately annulled” (Reliance of the Traveller, o9.13).

and asks the question:

How many millions of girls have to be gang-raped, trafficked and enslaved before the elites stop clubbing those of us who oppose this savagery?

Alas  here in America this is something to be ignored.


Maybe Chris “Not all Jihadists are Muslim” Cuomo can explain it to me.


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Pres. Obama announced on December 17, 2014 an easing of U.S. relations with Cuba.

We should not allow U.S. sanctions to add to the burden of Cuban citizens we seek to help.

How are the Cuban citizens doing a year later?

The Communist Party’s monopoly on power remains unchanged. No chance of free elections. No freedom of the press, assembly, or expression – instead, record-high oppression. Marc Masferrer reports,

Let’s look at the numbers, as reported this week by the unofficial Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation:

— In November, there were at least 1,447 politically-motivated arrests across the island. It was the second consecutive month the tally had broken 1,000, and it was the highest count since at least January 2010.

— That brought the count for the year to at least 7,686, making it a real possibility that by the end of 2015 the Castro secret police may break a record — 8,889 — it set just last year.

As far as the Cuban economy goes, the oppressive Communist regime gets a pass:

Last week, we posted how the Paris Club of creditor nations was close to finalizing a deal restructuring Castro’s $11.1 billion debt with the group.

The deal has now been finalized.

Here are the terms:

First, the Paris Club will forgive $8.5 billion of the debt.

As for the remaining $2.6 billion — repayment is structured over 18 years and annual payments gradually increase from 1.6% of the $2.6 billion ($40 million) in 2016 to 8.9% in 2033.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, Castro will be spared any burden for his financial irresponsibility for the rest of his life.

It will be the Cuban people — in 2033 — when Raul Castro turns 102 years-old, or is dead, who will pay the heaviest burden of this debt.

Castro will now also get a new credit card from the Paris Club.

As one foreign banker stated, “this is an astoundingly generous deal, a fabulous agreement for Cuba.”

Cuba’s dictatorship, that is.

Elliott Abrams:

The president explained his thinking, or part of it, to Yahoo:

“Our original theory on this was not that we were going to see immediate changes or loosening of the control of the Castro regime, but rather that over time you’d lay the predicates for substantial transformation,” he said.

“The more that they see the benefits of U.S. investment, the more that U.S. tourist dollars become woven into their economy, the more that telecommunications is opened up so that Cubans are getting information, unfettered by censorship, the more you’re laying the foundation for the bigger changes that are going to be coming over time,” he added.

This theory is utterly without bases in theory or fact. First, he assumes his deal with Castro is actually going to bring all those reforms, especially an end to censorship. So far the regime has actually cracked down, not opened up.

Moreover, the president’s theory that more tourism will bring political reform is bizarre. Has it done so in China? In fact, Cuba has long traded freely with every single country in the world except the US, and has had tens of thousands of tourists from Europe and Canada. Is there something magical about American tourists that will force Fidel and Raul to give up communism?

But the president appears to believe Raul may not really be a communist anyway. “I do see in him a big streak of pragmatism. In that sense, I don’t think he is an ideologue,” Obama told Yahoo.

Cubans living in the island-prison are aware that there’s no relief in sight, in spite of Obama’s pretty words. Things are bad enough that

Cuban immigration to the United States grew by almost 80 percent in 2015 out of fear that the thaw in relations between Washington and Havana might at any time put an end to the advantages Cubans currently enjoy the minute they set foot on U.S. territory.

The Dec. 17, 2014 White House website statement was titled A Failed Approach.


Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news and culture at Fausta’s Blog.


I’m a big fan of baseball simulation games, I got my first one when I was five years old, where you rolled a pair of dice to get a result on the back of real players cards (I still have a bunch of them) my 2nd was Gil Hodges Pennant fever which was one of the most underrated games in history. During the decades when I played in a league I played dynasty baseball which Is a spectacular game that I’d recommend to anyone.

In the PC era my favorite was the old Dos Tony LaRussa baseball II which I still play using DOSBOX as my old 3.5″ disks aren’t all that useful these day.

In the LaRussa game you can play a simulated season with the all time players of each team, when I draft in such a league my picks are consistent 1. Honus Wagner SS , 2. Yogi Berra C , 3. Brooks Robinson 3B 4. Pete Rose.

SS is the most important position, and Wagner has defense, speed and slugging percentage, Berra brings clutch hitting, a great arm and game calling skills. Robinson teamed with Wagner means that even with a mediocre pitching staff not much is getting by into left field.

And then there is Pete Rose.

Rose would seem an odd early pick, at every position he played there are people better than him who played it to choose from, he doesn’t have power and little speed.

But Pete Rose plays EVERY position except SS & C, he’s a hit machine and an on base machine.  If you need a hit he is the man you want up.  Take a look at the this stat from the Baseball reference page:

Times On Base s c a p y

1965 NL 286 (1st)
1966 NL 243 (6th)
1967 NL 235 (9th)
1968 NL 270 (1st)
1969 NL 311 (1st)
1970 NL 280 (2nd)
1971 NL 263 (4th)
1972 NL 278 (2nd)
1973 NL 301 (1st)
1974 NL 296 (1st)
1975 NL 310 (1st)
1976 NL 307 (1st)
1977 NL 275 (2nd)
1978 NL 263 (2nd)
1979 NL 305 (1st)
1980 NL 257 (2nd)
1981 NL 189 (1st)
1982 NL 245 (9th)
Career 5,929 (1st)

Pete Rose was in the top 10 in the league reaching base EVERY SINGLE YEAR HE PLAYED TILL AGE 41.

That’s incredible.

Rose was a winner.  In the 62 years before he came to Cincinnati the reds won 4 Pennants & 2 world series (including the thrown 1919 series).  In his first 16 years with the Reds 1963-1978  Cincinnati won 5 division titles 4 pennants and 2 world series.  In 1979 he joined the Philadelphia Phillies and played for them from 1979 to 1983.  In the 78 years before Rose came to the Phillies won 3 division titles  2 Pennants and no world series.

In his five years on the team they won 2 pennants and their first World Series EVAH!

Pete Rose played baseball the way it should be played, he made every team he every played on better, he was a tireless worker and no manager in his right mind would pass on the chance of having him on their team before age 40.  He is one of the greatest players of all time and you could make the case that he’s the best non power hitter of all time.

These are simple facts and can not be disputed rationally.

However none of those facts change the reality that Pete Rose bet on baseball, lied about betting on baseball and did this despite going to work every day passing a sign saying:  If you bet on baseball you will be banned.

These are also simple facts that can not be disputed rationally.

I completely understand how people are conflicted.  Rose was an incredible player.  No fan who ever bought a ticket to see him play left the park without getting his money’s worth, as I’ve already said any all time team without Pete Rose is a joke.

But if we were talking Mike Greenwell, Oil Can Boyd or even Jim Lomborg we wouldn’t even be discussing this.  We would be simply stating the rule as written and that would be it.  In fact I’d submit and suggest that as the all time hits leader and the player that he was it is even more vital to enforce the rules, even if it keeps him out of the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose got the punishment he deserved, if he’s kept out of the Hall of Fame so be it and anyways being in or out of the Hall of Fame doesn’t make Rose any less the great player he was, doesn’t take away any of his batting titles, World series rings or a single hit from his totals.

Now if Baseball decides to eventually give him a pardon, say as an 80th or 75th birthday present I won’t get my knickers in an uproar but Pete Rose got the punishment he deserved and that’s that.


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