One of my relatives works at a company in south Florida which hired a large number of foreign workers.

This relative majored in math, one of the much-touted STEM disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – to which the Obama administration credits itself for commitments adding to over $1 billion in financial and in-kind support. My relative has stayed in the technology field for an entire career, most of which in this company.

Here’s the thing: This relative is one of the remaining few people who have been there for more than five years, after whole departments’ worth of personnel were laid off. The people laid off were instructed, as part of their severance “deal”, to train their replacements. Unlike Disney, however, the company has not instructed any local contractors or businesses to not hire the workers that had been laid off for one year.

The local economy, however, is  not expanding fast enough to provide jobs for the people who were displaced. Nationally, the real unemployment rate, the U-6, which counts the unemployed, the underemployed and the discouraged, hovers around 10%, above pre-recession levels.

All the imported staff came in as H-1B visa workers. Now we see this,

Over at The Politico we’re told former Fed Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is pushing for more H-1B visa workers.  The H-1Bs are the high skilled or special skilled foreign workers. He told a group at a foreign relations event that it would grow the economy.  These are high paying jobs and Greenspan is adamant the country needs more of these workers.  But flip over to The Hill  and we find a massive funding bill is before Congress and a part of it  could more than triple the number of H-2B visas .  H-2Bs are for the “foreign workers seeking jobs at hotels, theme parks, ski resorts, golf courses, landscaping businesses, restaurants and bars”.  These jobs are on the lower pay end. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) 80% (R-AL) says the number of H-2Bs could grow to 250,000. C’mon, our high end jobs AND our lower skilled jobs!?  What are these people saying? America needs foreign workers to do everything?

Importing lower-paid labor inherently depresses wages, which, in theory (to use Ace’s term)

makes our corporations More Globally Competitive (TM).

The cost is not measured only in wages: Ace goes on,

Now, the various American workers displaced by the foreign ones will go, of course, on welfare (after their unemployment insurance runs out, of course). Those costs will be borne by you, the American taxpayer.

Not only will those costs be borne by you, but so will all the knock-on costs. People stripped of their work are also stripped of their dignity. Work is a tangible connection, reinforced every hour of every day of every week, between present labor and good habits and future gain.

When you take away a man’s job, you also take away his daily reminder that good habits, industriousness, virtue, self-restraint, etc. in the current moment will make him wealthier in future moments.

When you take away a man’s job, then, you turn him on a path of social pathology. No longer does he have tangible unmissable daily lesson in the direct connection between actions taken in the moment and results which are born in the future. Now he lives his life day by day, welfare check to welfare check, morally adrift, the vital connective tissue of today to tomorrow severed and cauterized.

Thus, taking a man or woman who is gainfully employed and putting him or her on welfare not only imposes direct costs on society — we now all have to pay to put bread in this person’s mouth, when, previously, this person was putting the bread in his or her own mouth — but we now see that person descend into a spiral of anti-social and criminal tendencies.

Drug use, unprotected sex resulting in either little-cared-for children or abortions, petty crime, major crime.

We pay, as a society, for all those fresh costs too.

Read the whole thing.

So I ask again, Just how many more foreign workers?

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

One of the things you might have noticed if you’ve watched any GOP candidate, not just for president but for any office is they always seem to campaign as the cowboy or the sheriff, standing strong and tall willing to protect the people from the bad guys and thieves. Reagan was often depicted as a “cowboy” thanks to his movie roles and the left often uses this as a derisive image to throw against them.

However looking at Paul Ryan’s budget deal I’ve come to the conclusion that while the GOP members of congress bring to mind westerns, they are not the characters they pretend to be at campaign time.

They’re not the Sheriff, protecting us from the bad guys, they’re not the deputies, either loyal or bumbling, they’re not the silent stranger coming to help out, they’re not even the reformed bad guy or the shamed citizen finally standing up.

No they remind me of the horses.

And not even the hero’s helpful horses like Silver for the Lone Ranger, Trigger for Roy Rogers or Cochise for John Wayne or Tornado for Zorro. No the GOP reminds me of a bunch of horses tied to a simple wooden hitching post in front of the saloon or in the livery stable.

The big donors, lobbyists, the media and to some degree the left are the owners of the stable. The GOP members of congress are watered and fed by them and occasionally rewarded. They are led to where said donors or leaders want them to go. They are tempted by the occasional carrot and threatened by the occasional stick if they dare defy either the leadership or the media, but most important of all the lobbyist who want to take the country somewhere in particular.

Now if you think of a Horse as a wild and free animal this might seem odd, but Washington is the place where horses are broken and once they are they stand at the hitching post and are generally fed and comfortable so they obey.

The only time they this changes is if there is a large enough fire, and that fire comes from the GOP voters and the occasional member like the Jeff Sessions, A Michelle Bachmann or a Ted Cruz or an outcry from the public.

You see the dirty little secret that the Horse breakers in Washington don’t want the horses to know is they are much stronger than the thin wooden hitching post they are tied to or even the stable stall they are locked in. Anyone who knows anything about horses knows this fact. A horse could break out of these constraints with little effort.

But like the smart horse trainers they are, the Washington Establishment teaches them submission. They come to believe they can’t knock down the stall or pull that simple hitching post right off the nails that hold them.

It isn’t until a fire that a horse is scared enough to break its bonds (sometimes not even then) as use the strength it has to escape and it’s the same result here. The consultants who are making their living off the candidates and the interests who pay them don’t want that kind of freedom for the horse, after all, how can you make it go where you want if it’s not broken.

That’s why the chamber of commerce lobbyists try to crush Tea Party Candidates, that’s why the media will demonize them beyond Islamic terrorists and that’s why the party leadership does what it does, after all what good is a horse to them that won’t go where it wants them to?

As far as I’m concerned this election is it. Either we are going to be broken by Washington or not. The Ryan budget demonstrates that the GOP will be a broken horse. There are only two ways this can be changed, either by leaving the Washington Stable (3rd party) or to get a GOP president willing to let the horses ride free (A Ted Cruz for example).

I’m sick of supporting a bunch of dumb animals, the question remains are the voters angry enough to agree?


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