by baldilocks

Well, it’s one of those times again: I don’t know what to write about. This time, I did what I normally do—I opened up a blank Microsoft Word document and started typing.

There are so many ideas flitting about in my mind all the time. Events, news, the upcoming election (yawn), the encroachment of Islam in the world, my lack of certain material things, my gratitude for the things I do have, my faith, my second novel, the gifts that God allowed me to be born with, my family members who live in another state, other family members  who live on another continent…any of these things would be worth talking about.

But there are some days in which I feel very cynical, that nothing any of us do or say can make a difference in the scheme of things, and I want to just lay around and enjoy the simple things in life: food, drink, escapist movies, and the like.

This is where a lot of people are, philosophically, on an ongoing basis. They don’t pay attention to what’s going on in Europe or in Africa, or even across town, not unless it’s some drastic like San Bernardino.

Fortunately–or unfortunately, depending on one’s point of view—I can’t remain apathetic forever. My brain demands activity and not simply the intake of facts, but cracking them open to see what’s inside of them, and, especially, lifting them up to see what’s underneath them and/or to see what’s holding them up. Moreover, my conscience will no let me ignore things.

But, today, my brain needs a rest and I’m going to drink some coffee, watch some sci-fi and tomorrow, I’ll resume thinking about what to do about the world.

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This morning I mentioned a spate of anti-semitic incidents in the US that were not considered newsworthy.

But apparently you don’t have to be a jew to have attacks against you ignored:

Palestinian security forces say they arrested two suspected Islamic radicals in the burning of a Christmas tree in the northern West Bank.

A Palestinian security officer said Friday the suspects set fire Wednesday to the tree inZababdeh, a Christian majority village near Jenin. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity because he isn’t authorized to speak to reporters.

Now you might be saying, but DaTechGuy there is an AP story right there, but there is a lot more than meets the eye

It didn’t mention that Christians in the West Bank are being persecuted and forced out by Muslims, and that this attack was meant to continue that practice. That is essential context that AP decided not to mention because it violates the media meme of “Christians fleeing because of Israeli actions” that pop up every year.

But the problem is bigger than that.

If this story hadn’t been leaked, it would never have been reported

And why:

In other words, outside of a single Palestinian security official who wanted the world to hear this story, there is a conspiracy of silence among Palestinians to keep this story of attacks on a Christian symbol by the Muslim majority hidden. Christians don’t talk about it because of fear; Muslims don’t talk about it because they want the world to believe that their only problem is Israel’s existence.

In September, a church in Bethlehem was burned by Muslims, according to locals. The PA claimed it was an electrical fire even though local Christians had been threatened by Muslims.  Again, there was a conspiracy of silence – a tacit agreement between Palestinian Christians and Muslims to not publicize these incidents.

You see attacks against Palestinians can safely be ignored, as long as they are done by other Palestinians.


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Did you know in the 43 days from November 13 to December 24th there were 42 Anti Semitic attacks in the US? I sure didn’t as the elder notes:

No one supports anti-Muslim hate crimes. But what was a spectacularly bad month for American Muslims, with 38 attacks since Paris, is lower that an average month for American Jews.

Now if these things had happened to Muslims it would be front page news, stories would be on CNN and people would be talking about the unfair backlash over the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.

I’m just wondering what attacks the targeting of Jews is over?

Oh one other thing…

There is a more subtle kind of bigotry at work, too. Most of the people who were attacked for being Jewish wore identifiable Jewish clothing, meaning that they are religious. But while the media is going out of its way to mention how terrible it is when identifiable Muslims are being attacked, there seems to be an idea that religious Jews are not “normal” Jews and the normal ones who are not easily distinguished from any other American are in no danger, only the fanatics who insist on wearing kippot or black hats or visible tzitzit or payos.

A Muslim woman who wants to wear a hijab must be protected but a Jewish man who wants to wear a long black coat is not someone the media wants its readers to identify with. If he gets punched, it’s sort of natural.

Personally I think the reluctance to talk about it also comes down to who is doing the attacking although it might be Islamophobia phobia.

On the bright side we’re doing better than England:

There has been a 61 percent increase in anti-Semitic crime in Britain in the last year, according to the statistics released by the Met Police on Thursday and published by the Jewish News Online website.

A total of 483 anti-Semitic crimes were committed up until November 2015, increasing from 299 crimes from November 2014.

If you are surprised that this carries no weight with the liberal media, then you haven’t been paying attention to liberals over the last 10 years.