A few days ago we noted that CNN tried to shut down old friend Kurt Schlichter when he brought up Bill Clinton’s sexual history. This has backfired specatcularly not only in terms of Kurt:

It was more than just a hilarious meltdown by a stalwart defender of all things liberal – and the inspiration for multiple media appearances and hordes of new Twitter followers for me. It was a warning that the Democrat-defending, palace guard mainstream media is going to fight to place many of the most devastating criticisms of Hillary out-of-bounds, and the incident offered a demonstration of how it will try to do so.

But while this is bad for the Hillary camp the worse result for them has been this tweet from Donald Trump:

The MSM has responded to the Trump tweet noting Clinton’s popularity when he left office and insisting that it will not hurt Hillary clinton. This is to be expected because the media class long ago reconciled to themselves the contradiction of Bill Clinton’s treatment toward women that would disqualify him from any job in the corporate world and their support of him and any member of said media or liberal group who failed to do so was exiled (remember Tammy Bruce).

Alas for the MSM the culture has moved from that point, and right now there is a whole generation of young people, particularly young women under the age of 30 who are the natural allies of Hillary Clinton who have never heard of Bill Clinton’s serial misogyny. The rules of “engagement” between men and woman have changed dramatically for these ladies, (if you don’t believe me read Robert Stacy McCain’s site under the Sex Trouble Tag )

In an era of “affirmative consent”, a time when college age women are being taught that their college is a place where women have to dodge rape every single day defending “you had better put some ice on that” just plain isn’t going to fly.

Already the pieces are going up as the Clinton women talk to the new media:

“I think she has always known everything about him. I think they have this evil compact between the two of them that they each know what the other does and overlook it. And go right on. And cover one for the other,” she said.

Broaddrick said she “almost died” three months ago when she first heard about Clinton’s campaign ad on supporting female victims of sexual assault.

Broaddrick responded: “Aaron, the only thing that I would like to say is I hope that someday these two people, these people that I feel like are so evil, will be brought to justice. … You know, if I can help in that, I will. But these are not good people for America,” she said of Bill and Hillary.

If Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers or Juanita Broaddrick end up on a stage with Trump that will be a disaster for Hillary because the MSM will have to cover them, but even if it doesn’t happen if young women begin googling any of these name the Hillary Campaign will be in very deep trouble.

You should have gone with Biden when you had the chance MSM.

By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – It has been a crazy week of weather all across the country; here in Louisiana we’re going from 80 degrees on Christmas day to 24 degrees this weekend.  Our neighbor, Texas, suffered numerous tornados a couple of night ago with eleven fatalities and numerous injuries.  The communities of Rowlett, Sunnyvale, and Garland were hit extremely hard with some neighborhoods completely leveled.

As the year draws to a close, I am reflecting on the year in all its extremes beyond just weather.  Sometimes it seems as if the world is upside-down and very little makes sense anymore.  Who really ever thought that Donald Trump would be a leading presidential candidate at this point?  Or that Bruce Jenner would be a woman?  That the Confederate flag would be banned and that in New Orleans the City Council would decide to remove Confederate monuments that have stood for decades? Or that law enforcement officers would be perceived as the enemy suffering multiple attacks through the year?

Sometimes things are not what they appear. As it turns out, Bruce Jenner is really still a man (well, technically, he is…) and it is actually a select group of puppet-masters behind the NOLA monument controversy rather than the city population as a whole.  And law enforcement officers aren’t all bad guys.

Photo courtesy of Lost & Found Pets From North Texas Tornadoes

As we close out this wild and crazy year, let’s focus on a good news story: after the tornadoes hit Texas the other night and rescue efforts began, a photograph of a German Shepard pinned by a fallen tree went viral on Facebook.  The dog was half in, half out of a swimming pool, was wet, stuck, and terrified.  Many that saw that photo have inquired about the dog – and criticized how could someone take a photo and leave the dog that way?  The officer that responded wrote today to clear the record:

Temperatures were dropping, the water was cold and the dog was scared and exhausted. I was called to assist. Every time we approached the dog, he growled and snapped. A call to the command post found that Animal Control was unavailable and no ETA was available as to when help would arrive.

So, 3 police officers, 1 citizen and a trapped, scared and hurting dog, half of his body submerged in cold water, are around a pool, surrounded by debris, in complete darkness. The dog didn’t want to be touched and if able, would have attacked out of self defense. We were assigned to protect human life and property.

A decision was made. This German Shepherd with a collar on was a family member. Someone loved this dog. This dog was part of a family. This dog was living and breathing and wouldn’t be much longer if left alone. So, we decided to help. Close to 30 minutes of calming the dog, pulling the tree off while the dog growled and snapped, cleaning debris from the pool and deck area resulted in this family member being freed and out of the pool.

The dog was eventually reunited with his family.

It’s a happy ending and a simple reminder that things are not always as we perceive them.  Most people are, as Anne Frank said, basically good; sometimes we have to look past the surface to see that.

I think that may be something important to remember as we move into a New Year.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Mike Huckabee is trying to make hay of Ted Cruz’s statement that Gay Marriage is not a top three issue for him.  He’s pretending that Cruz doesn’t think the issue is important even though Ted Cruz was the only other GOP candidate who was there for the Rally for Kim Davis and it was only a body or two strategically placed by team Huck that kept him off the main stage.

What Cruz has said is that Gay Marriage is not a top three issue for him, but you might be surprised considering all I’ve written on the topic  & the culture wars is that it’s not a top 3 issue for me either.

Now I can’t speak for Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee but here is my top 3 list.

Right now for me Issue #1 is the war on terror specifically the threat of ISIS.

You can’t fight a culture war if you’re dead and ISIS threatens not only the US but all of western civilization and in fact the world.

Then comes issue #2 for me, The Border and Illegal Immigration.

You can’t fight a culture war in your country unless you have a country and you don’t have a country if you don’t have borders.

and that’s not even talking about how important the border is to the war on ISIS or the threat from the various drug cartels that are walking across it.

Does Mike Huckabee think that the border is not a top three issue?

Now there are plenty of issues that are worthy of #3.  There is the black lives matter, race relations and the war on cops, there is Gay Marriage and the broader religious freedom issue, there is Russia and NATO, China in the pacific and of course the Economy, but for me there is only one Issue that can go to #3


Abortion trumps all of those remaining issues including the cultural ones because once a country is safe (issue #1) and it’s borders secure (#2) you need to have a country that supports and values life.

Without valuing life, black lives can’t matter (only Abortion is more dangerous to black Americans than the gangs that are slaughtering them in the cities), without the lives thrown away in abortion you don’t have the manpower to for a military to confront Russia or China and unless you respect the lives of your own people you won’t find value in the lives of those oppressed by such totalitarians.  Without the respect for life you throw away the people who drive the economy and you don’t respect the people who work within it and while Gay Marriage is a foolish narcissistic choice it can’t trump the right for a person to be born and make that foolish choice.

And anyways if it turn out that the current liberal meme concerning being “born gay” is right, the right and value of every unborn child becomes more critical because the moment homosexuality can be determined in vitro you will see a gay genocide.  Every human life has value.  Some people object to the murder of Gay people by ISIS, I object to their murder in the womb as well.

Now again I don’t know what is the priority for Mike Huckabee but if he is hitting Ted Cruz for not having Gay Marriage as a top 3 issue but for it to crack top 3 then one of the ones on my list can’t be on his list.

So tell me Governor, which issue ISIS, Immigration or abortion is not important enough to make the Huckabee top 3?

Inquiring minds want to know.