By Definition I of course want all of the posts at DaTechGuy Blog to be read and noticed but looking at my 2015 stats I want to point to five posts that deserve a lot more attention then they got:

January 17 2015

The I93 gift to the GOP if they’re only smart enough to use it

By now you’ve heard about the I93 debacle in Boston, how a group of “activists” held up traffic for hours, disrupted the lives of thousands of folks, cost millions of dollars in lost wages and wasted time and even messed up ambulance service in the area.

The anger against these fools is almost universal and all kinds of creative names are being used to describe them, but there is one description that should be the first one out of the lips of everyone but for some reason is not.


These people ARE the Democrat base, you will not find a single Romney or even a Charlie Baker voter among them, These are the folks who have been crying “War on Women”, Heteronormative Patriarchy and all that good stuff, and right now they have managed to anger almost the entire voting population of one of the most liberal states in the Union.

Yet where is the Mass GOP pressing State Democrats on these protesters? Where are the conservative talk show hosts, bloggers et/all calling every single state Democrat senator and rep to comment?

It’s a story of how the GOP never seems to learn and a great contrast to Trump fighting back against Hillary Clinton.

Feb 11th 2015

Pope Provides very Public Context for: “Who am I to Judge” Media Yawns

Pope Francis offered his support this week to pro-family Slovaks who have championed a referendum this Saturday to outlaw “gay marriage” and adoption of children by same-sex partners.
In his weekly general audience on Wednesday, during the section where the pope normally greets different nationalities, Francis said, “I greet the pilgrims from Slovakia and, through them, I wish to express my appreciation to the entire Slovak church, encouraging everyone to continue their efforts in defense of the family, the vital cell of society.”

That referendum won with 90% support but the Pope’s support was apparently not newsworthy

Odd in the midst of all the Alabama gay marriage news I didn’t see the US media go long on the Pope’s support of the winning side here only a post at the Huffington post gay voices section.

Why is this not news? Because no matter how much the left spins the popularity of Gay Marriage it can’t be spun to be more popular than the Pope who opposes it openly and the left is still openly fearful of attacking the first Latin American Pope who is extremely popular with almost every native Spanish Speaker in the western hemisphere.

There are times when I can’t figure out who wants to spin the Pope more, liberals or conservatives.

April 19th 2015 Ted Cruz John Kasich Carly Fiorina or Why I don’t travel with the Media Swarm

Now at first glance that might seem like a bad idea, after all smaller bloggers have fought very hard for the right to be considered equals with the MSM and if one is credentialed one should take advantage of it. But there are two factors that made the decision easy. The first is at a GOP event being part of the press scrum is like wearing a big sign in front of a candidate saying “I’m here to destroy you if I can” but the second is the same factor just mentioned above.

Location Location Location

While the Press Entrance was next to the door connecting to the green room & private area most people not named Trump don’t want to be instantly swarmed by press. The Salon spot not only gave good plug access it allowed me a view of the main entrance and the experience next to the bar restaurant meaning when someone like Say Carly Fiorina is coming in.

A lot of my live coverage of events got very little attention, that was kind of discouraging.

April 22nd 2015

Women ARE having Children, just not the Right ones

It’s no coincidence that each year the pro-life marches contain more and more young people, particularly woman and their children brought up in religious homes, many educated in religious schools while not immune to the influences of the MSM culture are much more likely to hold the values that their parents hold dear.

They will be bouncing children and grandchildren on their knees while the women in Stacy McCain’s sex trouble series prepare their cat lady starter kits

If you want to know why Democrats are so pro-illegal immigration & pro islam, this is why.

May 9th 2015

Tina Fey, Slutwalks & Knowing Your Worth

The reality is that if these women were marching fully clothed nobody would notice them therefore they deliberately march in a state of undress, ie parade himself as sex object in order to get people to pay attention to them while at the same time scolding said observers for viewing them as sex objects, although as Stacy McCain pointed out for some of said attendees it’s an iffy proposition for them to be noticed even in said state of undress.

What does that have to do with Tina Fey? Well like the women of slutwalk she was making a statement but that statement had nothing to do with feminism and not being viewed as a sex object and everything to do with being recognized as a sex object. Consider the image from the video at Chicks on the Right choose. It’s Ms. Fey bending over in a pose that frankly screams, pardon my vulgarity, “mount me”

It’s because of a rather nasty reality

 So where does that leave Tina Fey until the SNL 50th anniversary reunion?

It leaves her as an attractive woman who will be turning 45 on my birthday in an industry unkind to women as they age or put on weight who needs to be noticed.

As as Tami Erin once of Pippi Longstocking fame but now of Hustler Magazine fame discovered, a very easy way for an attractive woman to get noticed is to put herself out there in an advanced state of undress on Camera.  As Miley Cyrus will tell you doing so in front of a large television audience is even better.

That’s what the Letterman gambit was all about. It wasn’t about comedy, it was about her being noticed at a time when nobody was the least bit interested.

Tina’s stuff never got ratings, NEVER.

September 13th 2015

Kim Davis MLK and Civil Disobedience vs George Wallace The Democrat Party & Political Opportunism

Wallace didn’t go to jail or risk penalties for his beliefs because he didn’t have any other than “George Wallace deserves to be elected” , when segregation was popular he trumped segregation, when it became unpopular suddenly decided he spoke against it. In fact it seems to me that when it came to pols following in Wallace’s footstep the people are not Democrats like Kim Davis but Democrats like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who, as you might have forgotten, abruptly changed their position when it appeared large gay donors were closing their purses.

And once they did by an astounding coincidence the entire democrat party from Bill Clinton who signed the Defence of Marriage act to every single Democrat pol who said things like this:

That’s a direct contrast to Kim Davis

Contrast all of this with Kim Davis. Davis didn’t seek publicity, those who choose to force her hand did, as marriage licences were available just a few miles away. Even as the country’s media and elites demonized her and pundit after pundit attacked her she went to court to defend her position citing her religious beliefs seeking a compromise that would allow her to function without her name being one marriage certificates.

When ordered to jail, she didn’t put on a show, she went to jail and when released during the middle of a rally in her support (a rally used by at least one presidential candidate to showboat a bit) rather than talking politics or anything of that nature she praised God while her lawyers, speaking to media stated that she would not be doing anything different to violate her conscience:

Doesn’t sound very Wallace. In fact, instead of political opportunism that’s a classic example of civil disobedience. Violate law, take penalty. That’s how it works.

I would have pushed the Doctor Who posts, but that’s a niche Market and this isn’t England.

Happy New Year all

It’s very rare that I base a post on a comment by a reader but this one I think was worth promoting and answering:


I *was* a Cruz guy, but am now in Trump’s camp. I tend to agree with Trevor Loudon’s advice he gave while touring the USA (in effect, a pro-Cruz tour): the Right needs to coalesce around one candidate by the end of 2015 (i.e. before the Primaries begin), in order to defeat the GOP Establishment’s candidate (then Bush, now likely Rubio) when the Primaries begin.

And, I’d *hate* to see the Right “split” the vote, only to let a RINO win (though there’s always the possibility of a brokered convention…can’t do too much about that).

Set aside for the moment my distaste for Cruz’s support/vote for the Trans Pacific Trade Deal, including the ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL Amendment
requiring 2/3 to reject – instead of pass – the deal.

I JUST HAVEN’T SEEN ANY *FIGHT* in Cruz since the campaigning began…and THAT worries me almost as much as the aforementioned.

Is DONALD TRUMP a gamble of sorts? Sure.

But SO IS Cruz (beholden to Goldman Sachs…or whomever got him to vote that way on the Trade stuff?).

SO, the questions:
1) what still makes you lean towards Cruz than Trump?
2) any thoughts on my reservations above?
3) would you reconsider and support Trump if he’s clearly leading by the time your State’s Primary comes around? And, how about in the general election in November?

Well in the spirit of this tweet of mine

Here are my answers

1. Why do I support Ted Cruz, well my endorsement is here

Senator Cruz has been fighting the good fight from the very day that he got into the senate. He has held up a light to an institution that thrives on show votes and phony considerations. He has done all he can Even as the He has, in my opinion made the right strategic decisions doing his best either win key battles or force democrats to go on the record to support theirs. He has completely justified the initial endorsement years ago from Sarah Palin that put him on the map and enabled his victory over the establishment GOP choice in Texas.

, but if you really want to understand why I like Ted Cruz so much I think this series of posts from October 2013  John , Winston, James and Ted, why the GOP should thank Ted Cruz.

Basically Cruz has fought the fights I want fought.

2.  I agree in fact the 603 alliance felt the same way and had its caucus which Ted Cruz won. (my coverage here and here).  I think it’s significant even though the only restriction to voting in the caucus was being a registered NH voter (they checked the rolls as you came in) Mr. Trump didn’t draw the 15 votes needed to get past the 1st round even though he drew 4000 the day before.  (He still came in 4th btw).

If you feel that Trump is the guy to get behind under that principle that’s fine but I’d submit and suggest  two things.

Cruz HAS fought but has done so strategically, not playing the MSM game and foiling them at every turn (even when dealing with Trump) I talked about this with him at an event in Hollis:

I think Cruz is less a gamble thank Trump, they have both handed the media well it’s the difference between a Cutlass (Trump) and a Rapier (Cruz) which is a reflection of style. But in the end while I can hope that Donald Trump will support Conservative causes and fight for them if elected Ted Cruz has shown me he will do so and pay the political price

3. The only way I would not vote for Ted Cruz in the primary is if he pulls out before then, at that point my vote would go to my 2nd choice (Rick Santorum). As for Trump, the more I’ve seen of him the more I like him, particularly because he fights and as I’ve said he’s treated me well on the campaign trail.

I suspect he will be a lot more pragmatic if elected (I suspect Cruz might be as well) but the question for me is what deals will he make to get things done and what will he sacrifice to make those deals. I think Trump is more likely to sacrifice social issues that I care about than Cruz.

That being said If Trump is the nominee I will support him & I would urge other conservatives to do so under the principle that even if under the worst case scenario that those who distrusts believes and he is only with us say 25% of the time, that’s likely 24% more than Hillary Clinton.

I suspect Trump will be much better than that and will pleasantly surprise us if elected both in terms of competency (lots) and in terms of execution of policy, but either way voting Trump over Hillary is a no brainer and letting her win over Trump is as stupid as letting Obama win over not liking Mitt Romney.

Hope that answers your questions.


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