By Steve Eggleston

First things first, congrats to Peter and the rest of the Magnificent Seven for winning one of the Best Grassroots Blogs awards from Doug Ross. It’s been a honor to write here, even as infrequently as I have been.

2015 has been one crazy year, especially on the political front. Going into the year, the conventional wisdom was that the Republican Party had a very deep bench, especially from the ranks of governors, from which to draw a Presidential nominee. That hasn’t exactly happened, as the first three to drop out of the race were accomplished governors who, arguably, would have been able to keep the grand center-right coalition together, with the remaining candidates representing, or at least claiming to represent, mere chunks of said coalition.

So, what happened? One could say Donald Trump happened, but that is only a partial answer. The long-rumored split between the GOP and its base seems inevitable now, and it’s been engineered by both the party bosses and the leading candidate. In fact, it reminds me of an old staple from Mad Magazine called “Spy vs. Spy”, or more properly, “Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy”.

In the 2-person version, the white spy and black spy plot against each other, Sometimes, the plot works; other times, it blows up in the plotter’s face. Things are a bit different when the grey spy shows up – she always wins.

Over the past year, the DC establishment redoubled their efforts to abandon their (former) base of conservatives, and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The latest example – for the small price of finally getting the ban on oil exports removed, they gave the Democrats and their K Street masters everything else they wanted, from fully funding ObamaCare, executive amnesty for illegals and Planned Parenthood to resurrecting the Export-Import Bank and picking the first set of winners in the tax-break rewrite game.

Meanwhile, Trump, who entered the race only after consulting the husband of the Democrat front-runner, has been using that abandonment, his gift for the bombastic, and the willingness of those who claim to be tired of being told one thing and getting something else to ignore his pre-2015 positions on various issues to drive out the aforementioned governors and drive himself to the top of the national polls.

I wish my prediction for 2016 were different, or at least as wrong as my predictions for 2015 turned out to be, but the way things are going, the grey spy is going to be standing over the smoking corpses of the white and black spies flashing the double-victory symbol.

by baldilocks

Certainly, we all know that this blog was picked as one of the 2015 Fabulous 50 Blogs in the category of Best Grass Roots Blogs by a voting panel assembled by Doug Ross. And I think that I can speak for those of us who are of the Magnificent Seven when I say that it is a privilege to be a part of Peter’s brainchild; it is its own award and reward.

One of the things I like about these end-of-the-year lists and contests is the discovery of new-to-me voices that are out there. Most of the other 50 blogs/news sites/news aggregators/columnists are familiar to me, but several are not, and one—The Z Man—I’ve had to tear myself away from in order to get any work done…like write this post.

Here is an excerpt from post called the End of Things:

From the Civil War forward, politics in America was largely a domestic dispute between the factions within the victorious coalition. You see this in the choice of presidents. The First “southerner” to win on his own after the Civil War was Wilson in 1912 and he remains the greatest of outliers in American politics. Both Johnson and Truman got there by virtue of death. The next true southerner to win was Carter and again we see very strange conditions.

You can probably argue that the post-Civil War arrangements would have collapsed in the 20th century except for the great wars of Europe and then the Cold War. The crisis in global capitalism leading up to The Great War and then the war itself, placed enormous power in the hands of the federal government. The rise of America as global hegemon after the Second War made Washington DC the capital of the world throughout the Cold War.

Then something happened, something no one seems to discuss much these days. That is, the collapse of the Soviet Union and along with it the end of ideological socialism. Up until the 1990, the world was defined as capitalism on one side and Marxism on the other. Suddenly, one end of the scale collapsed, at least in terms of economics and morality. In the blink of an eye, being a Marxist went from avant-garde to ridiculous.

Or so it seemed back then. Of course, he goes on.

This gentleman does something here which I love doing—laying out events, detecting and pointing to the pattern(s), in order to make reasonable predictions about the future. For me, however, it’s hard going.So I like it when someone with more knowledge and greater ability shows how it’s done. Wordsmiths make me happy!

Go read.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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It can be argued that the National Football League or NFL for short has replaced Major League Baseball (MLB) as our country’s national pastime.

As a sports enthusiast, I win either way as I am a huge Boston Red Sox fan (Yastrzemski, Rice, Boggs, Clemens, Schilling, Ortiz, etc) and I love watching the NFL each week with my family.

Nevertheless, I digress.

There is an unofficial axiom in the NFL known as the “Rookie Rule.”

In essence, the NFL rookie rule states that for every freshman player that you place in the starting lineup, you will invariable lose one or more games due to their lack of seasoning and professional play experience.

This is one of the reasons that most teams do not start many rookies at the Quarterback position.  The late great coach of the San Francisco 49ers Mr. Bill Walsh stated that it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years before a solid college Quarterback prospect is ready for serious NFL play.

Some of the things that Mr. Walsh stated are that everything from the speed of the game, to the snap count, and to the Quarterback’s footwork has to be relearned.  The level of adaptation on the NFL level is staggering.

Most NFL Quarterbacks prospects will sit out most of their first year or at the very least they do not begin to start until late in their rookie season.

New England Patriots fans will remember that Tom Brady did not begin his rise to NFL stardom until Drew Bledsoe got injured and until he had been in the league for about 2 years.

The NFL rookie rule could be applied to other areas of life.

A Question to ponder  Do we really want a “Rookie” to receive the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the midst of all of the national crises that we are experiencing as a nation?

Is this the time to vote for a “political novice” to lead our nation on the world scene?

Please listen before you tune me out.

In the past, America has voted for unorthodox men for the Presidency of the United States.  Most of the time, these men had been military generals who displayed tremendous acts of leadership, courage, and valor under enormous pressure.  Here are a few examples:

  • General George Washington (1732-99)…

All throughout his adult life from the French & Indian War (1756-63) to the onset of the American Revolution, Mr. Washington displayed unparalleled excellence and team rallying brilliance.

The American colonists were not gambling by unanimously selecting George Washington as our nation’s first President

  • General Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)…

He was known as “Old Hickory.”  Out of all of the three freshman rookies running for President, Mr. Trump reminds this writer the most of “Old Hickory.”  Both men are and were known for their volatile tempers.  Both men pursued “scorched earth” policies with regarding how they dispatch of their enemies.  And neither “Old Hickory” nor The Donald ever backed down from a fight.

The major difference between the two men is that General Andrew Jackson showed tremendous military genius and leadership during the War of 1812 against Great Britain and during our nation’s early skirmishes with Spain in what is now known as modern-day Florida.

Question #2 – Does making a lot of money mean that you would be a great President?  The jury is still out on this assessment.

  • Abraham Lincoln (1809-65)…

Our nation went outside of the box when Mr. Lincoln was elected as the 16th President and as the first Republican President of the United States in 1860.

In many ways, Mr. Lincoln was a political novice of sorts.

He served one (perhaps two terms) term in the Illinois legislature; he served one term in the United States Congress (he subsequently loss his bid for reelection to Congress); and he lost at least one bid for the United States Senate against the great orator Stephen A. Douglas (this was the Illinois US Senate election of 1858).

However, in retrospect, our nation received a blessing in disguise with Lincoln’s election to the Presidency in 1860.

The unbelievable levels of hardship that Lincoln experienced in his lifetime are legendary…

  • Lincoln had a somewhat schizophrenic wife
  • 3 of his four children died before they reached the age of 18
  • Old “Abe” experienced bankruptcy more than once… and he lost more than one election.

These numerous setbacks and vicissitudes of life were the necessary trials and tribulations that prepared him for the succession of the Southern pro-Slavery States (beginning with South Carolina) along with the heavy carnage that ensued as a by-product of the “Civil War” – or if you will the “War Between The States” (1860-65).   This 4 year period nearly destroyed The United States of America.

Question # 3 – Does the fact that one is a brilliant “Neurosurgeon” automatically qualify one to be President of The United States?

Final Question – Can a person move from being a successful CEO of a major technological corporation (for the purpose of full disclosure I worked for Hewlett-Packard from 2001 to 2004 before my department was downsized – Smile!) and into “The White House?”

In the NFL, rookie mistakes will cost you a few games, but eventually your team can recover in the years to come.

However, major “Rookie” mistakes from the Executive Branch could lead our nation into (a.) an “Economic Dunkirk” or (b.) a tumultuous series of wars or a “World War III” scenario in which there may not be an immediate or viable recovery.

May GOD Bless You!

Pastor Kelly

John Dickerson:Mr Jefferson are you seriously suggesting we publish a paper declaring to all the world that an illegal rebellion is in reality a legal one?

Ben Franklin:Mr. Dickerson I’m surprised at you. You should know rebellion is always legal in the first person such as: “Our rebellion” It’s only in the 3rd person: “Their rebellion” that it becomes illegal

1776 (1972)

Part of my daily prayer life is scripture, a chapter each from the old testament, psalms, the new testament & the gospels.  Thus the first bit of scripture I encountered in the new year was this:

In estrangement one seeks pretexts: with all persistence he picks a quarrel.

Proverbs 18:1

According to scripture proverbs was written by Solomon who was granted great wisdom by God at his request and this single verse is a great example on eternal truth and plays off something I’ve said for many years, the most dangerous thing in the world is an excuse.

Given the right excuse people will believe or disbelieve anything, it’s very much like what Kevin Kukla says here in defending Catholic doctrine:

In my experience I do not find the defiance against the Church to be on an intellectual level as much as it is a matter of the heart.

Far more people reject Catholic moral teachings because they simply do not want them to be true than because they think the teachings are untrue.

Not wanting something to be true is a powerful incentive in life, if you can deny that something is true, like the existence of Israel is legitimate it allows you to do things like this:

Two people were killed and two others seriously wounded in a shooting attack in Tel Aviv just before 3 p.m. Friday. Five others were wounded — three in moderate condition and two with light injuries. Hours later, the killer was still on the loose…

It can allow a washington pol to call spending increases a “cut” and allows a young Michigan Arab activist to claim objecting to the stabbing of Jews is “like defending animal rights

It allows media to pretend that the greatest danger from attacks like those in Paris & San Bernardino is a backlash against muslims, a backlash apparently so hard to find that Islamists have to burn their own mosques to produce it.

It’s why students blame the patriarchy for their inability to find a job when their classes consists of women’s studies nonsense, it’s why Bill Cosby was (and Bill Clinton still is) able to be celebrated for decades by people who know better.

It’s why Hillary Clinton can lie emails and be defended, Why NYC can fine you for not calling Jenner a woman, why Belle Knox can be a feminist hero, why Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel can be defended by the black establishment And it’s also why the Black Lives Matter crowd going after the mayor will never ever spend time worrying about the gang violence that ends more black lives than police ever will.

All of these things are based on an estrangement from truth, and it’s for this reason that when you bring up obvious truths like:

Jews have a right to exist, Increasing spending is not a cut, Attempting to murder Jews is wrong, American Muslims are not in danger, woman’s studies class are not the route to a well paying job, Bill Cosby & Bill Clinton are dangerous to women, Hillary Clinton is a liar, Bruce Jenner is a man, Belle Knox is an expensive prostitute, Rahm Emanuel covered up misconduct to win an election and gang violence & culture by people of color is the real danger to black lives.

that people will as King Solomon says will pick a quarrel with persistence.

And while in comedy one might try to make a lying a virtue

The thing about truth is that one it is known,

requires a decision to act responsibility or to take the consequences of not doing so.

And that is the key to why the truth is so hated. When one chooses not to act and the consequences occur from the serious like the victims of radical Islam and the black mothers crying over their dead children killed in gang violence to the trivial like inability to have a good job or be happy with who we are, the realization that those consequences are traced not to strangers but to us is more than most can bear.

Much better to face the truth and act upon it, even if we fail and have the consolation of the War Doctor that we at worst, we failed doing the right thing, as opposed to succeeding in doing the wrong.

The Culture of the lie is the culture of death. Give me the truth of Christ and his Church any day.


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