I tell you, in just the same way there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need of repentance.

Luke 15:7

This headline at World Net Daily:

Ex-feminist apologizes to Christians, shocked by forgiveness

is yet another reminder that when Jesus said :

“For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”

He meant it.

Two thoughts:

The MSM will find this story completely un-newsworthy.

If you think someone is a hopeless cause, keep praying for them.



By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – In just over a week, John Bel Edwards will take over the gubernatorial reins from Governor Bobby Jindal in what is being called a “low key” inaugural event. In the face of budget woes that are reportedly worse than anticipated, Edwards is keeping things simple on January 11.

The inaugural will include morning Mass, cannon fire, and a black tie ball, but he will forego any of the extra events of his predecessors; no free children’s festival or statewide BBQ this go around. Many pol-watchers are hoping that this signals an austerity approach from this administration and a real desire to attack the looming budget deficit.

Conversely, one of the first things Edwards will be doing is to halt Bobby Jindal’s policy move to seek a federal waiver in the SNAP benefits policy; back in October, Jindal declined to seek a federal extension for food stamp benefits for able bodied adults without dependents unless they have sought workforce training. To be clear, this is a group of about 31,000, able-bodied, non-disabled, low-income adults that do not have children or dependents in their household; people who should be able to work. The number of people affected was initially twice that, but since what they refer to as “Jindal’s starvation plan” was announced, over half have met the requirements or found work.

Jindal’s position was to offer workforce training to help them become employed – as long as they did that, they could continue SNAP benefits.  Edwards will terminate this policy and for about two or three weeks, these people may have SNAP benefits interrupted. Perhaps they too will find work in those three weeks.

As to the budget woes now facing Edwards, it appears that Louisiana must figure out a $750 million shortfall that must be filled by the end of June; of course tax hikes are on the table. At this point, it’s safe to say that all options are on the table. The blame for this falls on the Jindal administration who relied on short term, one time, budget fixes and refused tax increases. Jay Dardenne, chief financial advisor for Edwards, says of lower than expected state revenue collections for November, for example:

“I don’t have any explanation for why November was so dramatic, but it was. And those numbers have come in, and it’s been shocking to us to see the degree of shortfall in expected corporate income tax, the decline in sales tax revenue and the steady reduction in the price of oil,” Dardenne told reporters.

That decline in revenue, across months, combined with Jindal’s one-pot-to-the-other budget fixes over eight years explains, at least in part, why the state is in a budget free-fall.

John Bel Edwards has his work cut out for him. I would suggest that he start with looking at the tax structure and figuring out a way to attract businesses to this area. As our young people graduate our universities, they leave. There are no jobs here; we have only two Fortune 500 companies in the entire state. Oil and tourism can no longer be our main economy.

There’s a lot of work to do.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

If he will go to the Ohio River, I’ll give him rations. Let him go north, my business is down south

William Tecumseh Sherman on John Hood’s invasion of Tennessee

If I’m Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton, I’m not very happy right now.

Times remain hard, Obamacare continues to self destruct, Thanks to the Bill Cosby story and Donald Trump’s willingness to fight back Bill Clinton is a powerkeg rather than an asset.  Black Lives matter continues to alienate voters, Student protesters continue to make the left look bad and the continued success of ISIS and related terrorists combined with a newly aggressive Russia & China continue to make Obama look like the week and feckless leader he is.

I can see Obama now:  If only there was some kind of a breakthrough, a story that can take the attention of the media off of these failures, a story that reinforces the unpopular leftist memes that they believe in, a story that takes the focus off of the threat of ISIS and puts it elsewhere.  A story that allows me to look strong and presidential with an enemy I’d actually be willing to take on.  A story that gives me an excuse to push my agenda.

But where am I going to find idiots useful enough to provide this to me?

Apparently they can be found in Oregon:

Three of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s sons and what they claim are 150 militia members have occupied a federal building in eastern Oregon in order to keep two local ranchers out of prison, according to local reports.

The group is believed to be heavily-armed.

According to The Oregonian, the group seized the headquarters building at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge about 50 miles outside Burns, Ore. The remote facility was closed and unoccupied at the time.

Now I’m not going to pretend I know the details of this these two local ranchers case.  It would not surprise me one bit if the Government has been exceeding their authority in their treatment of these two ranchers or were being selective in the prosecution of them.

But let me say that this move shows that Al Bundy has more sense than the sons of Cliven Bundy.  Tabitha Bliss has nailed it:

Barack Obama wants to push a gun control agenda, now he has an armed occupation of a federal location to argue for it.

It doesn’t matter if the location is harder to find than Barack Obama’s college papers and had less people than that Martin O’Malley event in Iowa this week.  It’s a federal building and to take it over with a bunch of armed men creates a Win Win Win situation for the very government these people claim to hate.

It creates a political win: Barack Obama now has bonafide crisis and a talking point to argue for gun control, gun seizure and while Barack Obama is terrified of taking on Putin or ISIS he now has an enemy he can go up against that he can go after with pleasure, Americans in America.

It Creates a Media win:  The MSM has an excuse to ignore any and every other story out there and focus on this action.  It doesn’t matter if the only thing in danger is a bunch of birds.  The narrative that “domestic terror” from the right is going to be played big and the media and administration will paint with a very broad brush, as opposed to the fine tip pen that they use when talking about radical Islam.

It creates a legal win:  No matter how you slice it this is a violation of federal law.  No amount of spin, argument or justification makes it otherwise, and if at any point a federal agent is injured by any of these guys, the full wrath of the administration will come down on them and popular opinion will be with them.

As far as a siege itself it’s again Win Win Win Win for Obama and company, all the options work for them.

They can do the really smart thing and pretty much ignore them not risking any lives.  At worst these guys stay there for years living off what they brought until they get bored and start to leave then the police and federal marshals can arrest them at their leisure.  Thus the administration appears prudent both with the lives of federal agents but of misguided Americans

They can do the pretty smart thing and just box them in and wait.  By putting resources around the area they can create a de facto Federal prison neutralizing these guys as a threat.  If it’s done right it can minimize the danger to the agents boxing them in and if they are foolish enough to try an armed breakout, they are likely to pay a huge price at minimal cost to the people containing them.  Again the administration gets to look both prudent and strong.

They can do the risky thing and move in to provoke gunfire and then lay down a close siege.  This risks federal lives and would likely drain resources better used against the terror threat.  But again it allows the administration to pretend they are on the side of law and order, particularly if federal agents are fired upon or injured.

They can go full ruby ridge and attack.  This is a most foolish thing as it would cost lives for very little gain, but even if federal lives are lost the administration can play the muscle card and can count on the media to spin it as a necessity.  Hopefully federal agents would use to do something this foolish and risk death for the political advantage of this administration.

All these fools have done is enable the people they hate the most, this is the definition of useful idiot.  If they’re smart they’ll take my advice, declare victory and go home, fast!

Note:  Some of you might be wondering why I’m making utilitarian arguments to persuade these guys & their supporters instead of moral ones.  I suspect those arguments would be as effective a “killing Jews is wrong” argument to Palestinians.

Update: Erick & Ed note the double standards, the stupidity and the moral argument against.


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