This last week we’ve seen a flock of ads from presidential candidates and super packs.

Some are stronger than others but for my money the most creative of the bunch is this one from Ted Cruz

It makes the quite correct point that the people who are hurt most by illegal immigration are both citizens and legal immigrants, many of them black and latino, competing for the very jobs that people coming here illegally fill.

The left has tried to make this an issue about race rather than an issue about economics and law. Cruz’s ad demonstrates that this is a canard and it’s use of humor makes the targets of this ad think rather than simply producing a visceral reaction like the Trump ad.

That’s another way in which Cruz has sought to distinguish himself from Trump: You don’t hear much from Cruz about rapists from Mexico but you’ll hear plenty about hard-working Americans having to compete with illegal labor in a tough economy. That’s a smart way to approach the immigration debate if you’re worried about being attacked by the left as a racist, as concerns about wages being driven down by illegals are sufficiently legit among liberals that even progressive saint Bernie Sanders has been known to make the point.

That’s not to say the Trump ad is not effective it is. It has the virtue of being consistent with his campaign’s message throughout and will reinforce his voters, but Cruz’s ad is a rapier to Trump’s cutlass and unlike Trump’s shown here:

it will be harder to parry by the left, although in fairness Trump’s ad deals with more than one topic. Terror, which is the subject of Rick Santorum’s ad.

FairyTales from Santorum for President 2016 on Vimeo.

Santorum’s proclamation on Islamic Terror :All Jihadists are muslims” is very strong and has the virtue of being true. Additionally his record is good on the subject in the senate while old is very good. But the attack on Ted Cruz won’t wash given Cruz’s record on the subject, which is much more current than Santorum’s. I understand the logic of it given current polling & the fact Rick and Ted are both competing for the same voters in Iowa but not only will it not persuade Cruz voters the weak attack takes away from a strong effective positive message that Santorum does have.

In the end I (perhaps with some bias) give Cruz’s ad the nod over the other for the combination of wit, single topics and a message hard to counter. Trump gets the 2nd spot for the consistent message with Santorum right behind with the best single line of the three.

Incidentally the worst ad of the week came out from a Ted Cruz superpack hitting Marco Rubio. It has all of the problems of the Santorum ad with none of the strengths.

It’s an embarrassment and the Senator should be glad that there is no coordination involved in it because he wouldn’t want to take credit for it.

Voiceover: Already Neutron – who, you will remember, is infinitely the most dangerous man in the world, he really is – was gathering allies together.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Mr. Neutron 1974

Monday I talked about the idiocy that is the Bundy Militia in Oregon, Tuesday I talked about the stupidity and weakness of this administration in dealing with them, today it’s time to talk about the reaction of the left to all of this.

The Bundy’s have been stupid giving a pretext for Obama’s acts on guns, the administration has been stupider trying to cede control of the situation, but the far left has been the most stupid of all, trying to pretend that Oregon is the 2nd coming of ISIS.

We have seen stuff like this:

And even dumber things like the #vanallaisis hashtag and calls for extreme force to be used to put them down. On Radio I’ve heard reliable liberals call for the bombing of the Federal compound where these guys are and of course there is CNN:

Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom gave a platform to left-wing commentator David Love, who asserted in a Monday column for that “if Black Lives Matter protesters were to take over a federal building armed to the teeth with firepower — and they certainly would not do this — they would wind up dead or in prison for life on terrorism charges.” Love criticized the handling of an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon: “It seems that this country has a double standard. I would say it’s a color-coded system when it comes to defining terrorism.

All of this of course brings one thing to mind. The Monty Python episode Mr. Neutron

The Humor of the episode comes from constant build up of Mr. Neutron as the greatest threat in the history of history even though he spends his entire time in the episode having afternoon tea with friends or pruning pants in the garden or wallpapering a room and contemplating ice cream.

Mr. Neutron: I have just won a Kellogg’s Corn Flake Competition.
Mrs. Scum: Oh Mr. N! That’s wonderful!
Mr. Neutron: I got the ball in exactly the right place· The prize is £5,000 in cash, or as much ice cream as you can eat.
Mrs. Scum: £5,000!
Mr. Neutron: I was thinking of taking the ice cream.
Mrs. Scum: Oh no!
Mr. Neutron: It’s been so hot recently.

Mrs. Scum: You couldn’t eat that much ice cream Mr. N.
Mr. Neutron:
Mrs. S, I can eat enormous quantities of ice cream without being sick.

In the end he is a threat so dangerous that a top secret US agency decides to bomb the entire world from the Gobi Desert to the Yukon to stop him.

This is the left on the self exiled Bundy Brood.  The attempts to build them up as a terror threat might be credible if it wasn’t for the fact that their big aggressive move is to park themselves in the middle of nowhere where they can’t hurt anybody and threaten to stay there for years.

Contrast that with the liberals who occupied the Wisconsin capital disrupting the people business.

or the  occupods who disrupted cities and whose camps became centers for the rape of women.

or the Black Lives Matter Crowd and the riots and arson they brought with them.

or radical jihadists who have bombed public events like the Boston Marathon or shot up San Bernardino

and of course ISIS which enslaves and rapes women and throws gays off buildings has a body count that makes Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit combined look like Utopia.

All of these things have happened in our cities or on our TV sets in front of our faces yet the left wants us to be afraid of the Bundys.

To conflate these fools with ISIS is an insult to the intelligence of even low information Obama voters,

not to mention the memory of the people who have actually been slaughtered by real terrorists.  As I’ve already put it:


What would the world in general and the American public in particular give to persuade ISIS en masse to park themselves in the middle of nowhere and stay?   A threat to nobody but trees and birds.

In fact if I was the federal government I’d put a cordon around this area, declare it a minimum security federal prison and leave these idiots there.

and yet our friends on the left are actually trying to make the case that these fools are the greatest terror threat in the history of history.  Furthermore rather than calling us to reflect on root causes, asking us to understand them or wondering how we offended them they demand that we slaughter them without mercy.

Yes they really think people will fall for this.

Now granted the public can be gullible on occasion, after all they elected Barack Obama twice but it’s amazing how, when it’s a matter of one’s personal safety how well people can figure things out.  I’ll give the last word to CS Lewis

The characteristic of Pains and Pleasures is that they are unmistakably real, and therefore, as far as they go, give the man who feels them a touchstone of reality. Thus if you had been trying to damn your man by the Romantic method…you would try to protect him at all costs from any real pain; because, of course, five minutes’ genuine toothache would reveal the romantic sorrows for the nonsense they were and unmask your whole stratagem.


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