The Unexpectedly Chronicles The NYT paints Ted Cruz, Falsely

When I first conceived this piece it was going to be something different.

When the NYT came out with their piece about a loan for the first Ted Cruz campaign for Senate it was meant to bring out visions of an evil conspiracy by the folks at Goldman Sacks to deceive conservatives whose main cog was Senator Cruz’s wife Heidi. For big money to seize the White House under the guise of the Tea Party

It was the perfect story for the MSM. Cruz as a phony beholding to the wealthiest of the wealthy & his wife as Hillary Clinton, the scheming conniver behind the throne, in disguise.

Now of course the truth of the matter is quite different and easily explained.

I was going to use this piece to point out that if you have a Whole Life insurance policy, a bank account or a 401K account, an annuity account etc and have ever taken out a loan against it to finance something important like college, a house, or even something trivial like a boat, you have done exactly what Ted Cruz did. His crime apparently is having a successful wife who had a good job and stocks to borrow against so that he could get a bigger loan than most people do (which is another club to hit the senator with, he married too well). The whole thing is smoke and mirrors meant to plant a meme for the media to run with.

“But DaTechGuy”, you ask, “ That doesn’t address the single most important part of the story, if this was all on the up and up, why did he conceal it?”

Well thank to Syndicated Columnist Phil Kerpen and the wonders of twitter, the answer is quite simple to give and prove, HE DIDN’T!

If you want to argue that Senator Cruz should have had this in his FCC report that is a fair statement, but if you want to argue that Cruz had some cunning plan to hide this info which the MSM want to play up, then including it on a financial disclosure statement filed with the Federal government seems an odd way of doing it.

Now this will of course not stop either the MSM or other campaigns to continue to play this card. It’s only to be expected, the MSM hates conservatives, the other campaigns because they are desperate to catch up and the establishment GOP because they Cruz more than they do Trump.


But I, maybe naively, expect that if you are a conservative activist, even one who supports a different candidate, you hold yourself to a higher standard and are smart enough not to trust the New York Times and the MSM it feeds.


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