Summary: The Doctor is alone with Davros, Clara is alone with Missy, who is in the greatest danger?

Plot: The Doctor dialogs with the dying Davros while hoping to somehow save Clara, meanwhile , Meanwhile Clara & Missy are plotting to assault the Dalek capital with a pointed stick to save the doctor. Will Missy betray Clara, Will Clara kill Missy if she gets the chance? Will the doctor escape Davros, will Davros escape the Doctor? Does Davros have a cunning plan and will everyone just end up exterminated by the Daleks?


Writing: This episode is part two of a two parter and it’s much stronger because it has a unified storyline. It’s clear that Moffat absolutely loves writing for Missy (who I think would have been better as a new character). Amazingly the writing for Davros is also great as is the dialog between him and the Doctor. It’s yet another episode where Capaldi has little physical exertion but you never notice because it’s so damn good. That’s the problem with being Reggie Jackson people are so used to the Home Runs that they act offended when he grounds out or hits a mere single. This one is a homer

Acting: The problem with Michelle Gomez is she is so good that it’s easy to ignore the spectacular performances of Julian Bleach’s Davros opposite Capaldi and Coleman’s excellent foil to Gomez. The quality of acting exceeds the writing and the writing on this episode is superb.

Memorable Moments: the flashback, the Doctor Joke, You’re my secret favorite, 20 feet, the chair

Doctor Who Flashbacks:
the entire opening sequence is a brand new flashback. Very good.

Oddities: Didn’t a Dalek ask for mercy of River Song (without success)? In fairness the Doctor was not there to hear it..

Pet Peeves: While the Doctor’s is not aware of his Timeline Davors is so for him to even have this plan he has to figure out that there is a gap between the Doctor’s two actions that are by his perception minutes apart and more importantly how does he know when to seize the Doctor to make sure he is in that time?

Great Quote(s)


Clara: Why are you sharpening that stick?
MISSY: Well, I’ve no idea how long we’re going to be stuck out here. Might have to go hunting.
CLARA: So why am I tied up?
MISSY: In case there’s nothing to hunt.


Clara: So the androids think he’s dead and the Doctor escapes.
Missy: No, he’s the Doctor. He fell into a nest of vampire monkeys.


Clara: What are you doing?
Missy: Murdering a Dalek. I’m a Time Lady, it’s our golf.

Oh hell let’s just take it as read that every line from Missy in this episode is a great quote


12th Doctor: Of course, the real question is, where did I get the cup of tea? Answer? I’m the Doctor. Just accept it.


The Doctor: You really are dying, aren’t you?
Davros: Look at me. Did you doubt it?
The Doctor: Yes.
Davros: Then we have established one thing only.
The Doctor: What?
Davros: You are not a good doctor.


Final Verdict: 5 stars. Even with the huge plot hole (see pet peeves) it’s a great episode & Michelle Gomez give it an unfair advantage.

Ranking of Season: 1st of 2.

1. The Witch’s Familiar
2. The Magician’s Apprentice

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: 3rd. If the episode was presented as a single one with the Magician’s Apprentice it might have managed 2nd.

1. Last Christmas
2. The Caretaker
3. The Witch’s Familiar
4. Mummy on the Orient Express
5. Into the Dalek
6. Dark Water
7. Listen
8. Flatline
9. Robots of Sherwood
10. The Magician’s Apprentice
FYI you might be wondering why I took so long to start reviewing this season, it’s because no season required more thought to figure out.

by baldilocks

Many of my long-term and closest friends are fellow USAF veterans who were stationed with me in West Berlin. I can neither confirm nor deny what we did for a living while there, but we had to sign paperwork saying that we would not reveal the substance of what we did. The contract had a specified time period: ten years.

Well, the end of that ten years can’t even be seen in my rear-view mirror, but I wouldn’t dream of boring you to death with the particulars of my old life; other topics, yes—as you have already discovered—but not that one. I’d be boring myself.

At any rate, before the 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall, no US military personnel could visit the USSR or any Warsaw Pact nation without permission. So we were always so curious about the countries. We knew that most of it was a feces-hole, but we only got glimpses of just how bad it was when we’d go on East Berlin shopping trips. Conditions for that: everyone’s name on a list to be provided to the East German Authorities days before the trip; everyone had to be in class B uniform, no less than 20 on a given trip. I still have a few of the trinkets I bought and even an Eastmark or two lying around. This describes things accurately.

 The contrast to the West was striking. There were hardly any people walking around. Almost no cars on the streets, certainly none like our VW cabriolet. We drove around, stopping to look at various sites. You dad was convinced we were followed everywhere. We were only allowed into certain shops, and not many at that. The shops mainly sold gifts; chessboards with hand carved pieces, Russian dolls, that sort of thing. People weren’t generally talkative, but someone said that most of the ‘gifts’ were made by Russian prisoners in the gulags.”  

The point is that there is a huge slab of Europe that, because of the Cold War, several generations of GIs never got to see.

So, today, some of my friends and I were talking about going back to Berlin for visit and going to visit all those countries which in our youth, were forbidden territory; many of our other friends have done this already.

Deutsche Welle says that ‘apparent neo-Nazis’ created this graphic of present and planned refugee homes…which doesn’t answer whether it’s accurate or not.

My contribution to the conversation was that we need to get it done before the Germans adopt Sharia.

Would that be something? The EU breaks up; the western part becomes a Sharia super-state; Russia and the majority of the former Warsaw Pact nations become the new Allies, beacons of freedom and capitalism…

Stranger things have happened and are probably occurring at this moment.

UPDATE: Thanks, Sarah. Great minds.

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…but if you’re going to be one of the faces of the mass rape of European women by publicly saying this:

The 26-year-old woman named Selina withheld her full name when she gave an interview to German television channel SWR Fernsehen last week. In the interview, she described her moment of terror being surrounded by dozens of men who looked at her like “free meat at the supermarket” and groped her repeatedly. She noted that her attackers spoke Arabic and did not seem to understand German. She described the group of men as “southern looking” with “darker skin.”

The end result is going to be this:

Someone posted a video containing a portion of her interview and suggesting all of the reports blaming Muslims for the Cologne sexual assaults were propaganda. Titles appear in the video which say, “Strange that Selina 1 day after this horror (3 days before this interview) on Insta still was happy.”

That’s apparently a reference to her Instagram account which the video creator found along with her Facebook page. The video not only suggests Selina is wrong about who attacked her but includes images of her full name and where she works from her Facebook page.

The video went viral and was viewed nearly a quarter of a million times. Selina eventually saw it on the Facebook page of an Islamic preacher who has been described as radical in the German media. She tells SWR Fernsehen she became frightened, wondering, “What if someone sees who believes it or has a radical background?” She began getting threatening calls at work and people were attacking her on Facebook as a racist and a right-winger.

Now in the old days attacking a rape victim in this way would have been beyond the pale but when you have a media meme to advance on both Islam and immigration all bets are off.

That’s why this story won’t get any traction either:

Police in the central Italian city of Florence have detained a man from Senegal spotted on CCTV footage with Olsen, who was found dead in her apartment last Saturday.

He was identified as Tidiane Cheik Diaw, who is in his mid-20s and arrived in Italy illegally a few months ago. He is accused of aggravated homicide, given the brutality of Olsen’s death, Florence chief prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo told a news conference in the historic Tuscan city.

He added that DNA analysis of a condom and a cigarette butt found in Olsen’s bathroom had led to his arrest.

Alas for the late Ms Olsen and Selina if ONLY their attackers where white christian who voted conservative and were tea party members.  Their stories would lead the news.

Maybe they can talk some college frat to admit them in absentia? Then maybe at least Stacy McCain could find one feminist on Tumblr to object.


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Those Damn Pictures

Boss Tweed commenting on Thomas Nast’s cartoons

The Hollywood Reporter: ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’: Film Review

Although it was never presented as such in news accounts, the siege on the diplomatic enclave and the secret CIA facility a mile away resembles in its dramatization nothing so much as the battle of the Alamo, albeit with a better ending as far as the Americans were concerned. As with so many accounts of Western involvement in the Middle East and other regions — Black Hawk Down, for starters — this is the story of a fiasco, one made less so by the fierce and selfless commitment of a few good men

DaTechGuy: The Alamo at San Antonio De Benghazi:

Like the Alamo these two men were fighting for time against a foe that outnumber them on the order of 50 to one. They understood that by going into that building their odds were very slim to come out alive but their honor and duty demanded that they act, that they do SOMETHING for their fellow Americans in danger and perhaps, just perhaps they would hold out long enough for help to arrive to rout their enemies.

The Hollywood Reporter: ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’: Film Review

Although terrible damage has been done, the invaders are eventually repulsed by the small band of Americans doing some very expert shooting. Fighting continues on the streets in scenes that carry a violent video-game feel, a new wave of marauders is turned back and, as at the Alamo, a period of low-simmering anxiety permeates the night as a follow-up bombardment is awaited.

DaTechGuy: The Alamo at San Antonio De Benghazi:

Remember at the Alamo they beat back the first wave before sheer number overwhelmed the Texans who defended it.

Picture that night for a moment, In the end attackers lost 30-60% of their force but for the sake of argument let’s say only 25% of that was in the first wave. You’re attacking the compound, you’ve been attacking for hours and seen people fall all around you. You’ve been beaten back once and don’t actually know how many men are inside, what do you think would have happened if they heard the sound of a single helicopter gunship? A single plane? a single drone dropping a bomb on the force already bloodied at a rate that would cause most Western countries to declare the mission a disaster?

They would have run.

This movie is going to be hated by the left particularly when it makes a fortune.

Man in Black:  there’s something I ought to tell you.
Inigo Montoya:  Tell me.
Man in Black:  I’m not left-handed either.

The Princess Bride 1987

Judge Roy Bean: [Bean apologizes to the marshals’ wives] I understand you have taken exception to my calling you whores. I’m sorry. I apologize. I ask you to note that I did not call you callous-ass strumpets, fornicatresses, or low-born gutter sluts. But I did say “whores.” No escaping that. And for that slip of the tongue, I apologize.

The Life & Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972

There have been those on TV and in Social Media who have been demanding an apology from Ted Cruz for his “New York Values” remark.  Some are New Yorkers and others are supporters of other Candidates like Marco Rubio who, desperate to distract from their support for such things as the gang of eight amnesty, need something to bring Senator Cruz down.

So when an NBC reporter from the media that so loves him asked if he was going to apologize they should all be delighted that he said this

This instantly brought to mind this classic apology from Monty Python’s Flying Circus

At the Trailblazers blog from the Dallas Morning News while not using the word explains why they should be careful what they wish for

This wasn’t the apology Trump and others demanded. But it did neatly lump Cruz’s main rival for the GOP nomination with the leading Democratic candidate, and the governor and mayor of a state and city Cruz depicts as a font of social and cultural corruption

Donald Trump won the sound bite but not only has Ted Cruz remarks brought up every single time NY has dissed conservatives in the past now the Senator from Texas has a brand new circa 2015 set of video clips of conservative hating ultra liberals in politics, media and culture who have a history of degrading and dehumanizing the GOP base standing in solidarity with Donald Trump less than 30 days before the start of the GOP primary season. It’s a superpac ad just waiting to happen. It’s Bunker Hill with Trump and the MSM in the role of the British.

Ted Cruz has just permanently Trolled Donald Trump and any member of the GOP who is foolish enough to join in the attack, the question is will the Trump team recognize what’s just been done to themselves or if he will continue to defend NY Values in rallies across the nation and do Senator Cruz’s job for him.

The man in black has just switched hands.

Update: I think it’s incumbent on every GOP candidate to be asked if they support NY Values don’t you?

Update 2: Talk about the big lie

I don’t know many “anti-Semites” who would fight the president on Jewish issues even when Jewish members of Congress (Democrats) were silent. I don’t know many anti-Semites would support Jews and Israel to a hostile audience. Ted Cruz was tougher on Chuck Hagel’s and his anti-Israel statements, than Chuck Schumer during Hagel’s confirmation hearing.
Ted Cruz is not now, nor has he ever been and anti-Semite and the very suggestion floating around the internet makes this proud Jew disgusted.

Hotair the free beacon & I wrote about the story Jeff is referencing here:

Thus did those seeking mercy and help, those seeing to highlight their plight chase away their highest profile ally in the US government.

To those who suggest Ted Cruz is anti-Israel I say: May I never be so desperate for an advantage for a candidate I favor to lie so brazenly

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