Summary: Can The Doctor save an army team from Ghosts in a base under the lake?

Plot: Clara is seeking an adventure so the The Doctor lands in a sea base under a lake where the team there have found an alien spacecraft. As crew members start dying they turn into Ghosts and attack the others. The Doctor traces it to the spaceship which showed up just before the area was flooded. Can the Doctor contain the Ghost and will his trip with part of the crew to the point where the spaceship & flood arrive provide the solution or just more ghosts.


Writing: Another two parter and this one is more character driven by the relationships between the characters. You also have the stock. “company” guy that everyone can’t wait to see killed. There is nothing here that really jumps out to talk about

Acting: I think the supporting cast here overshadows Capaldi and Coleman but that’s because the story is written that way. You find yourself liking and caring about these people because Zaqi Ismail, Sophie Lee Stone, Morven Christie and Arsher Ali in particular make this episode (You’ll hear more than the same next time).

Memorable Moments: the cards

Doctor Who Flashbacks: The Ghosts of N Space (which is a BBC audio 3rd Doctor story)

Oddities: The Psychic paper declares the Doctor is from UNIT. That is actually kinda accurate.

Pet Peeves: The Doctor Talks the crew into staying instead of getting out alive, this is very countra doctor.

Great Quote(s)


Bennett: Wait, you’re going to go back in time? How do you do that?
The Doctor: Extremely well.


The Doctor: They’re ghosts! Yeah, ghosts
Clara: You said there was no such thing. You actually pooh-poohed the ghost theory.
The Doctor: Yes, well, well, there was no such thing as, as socks or smartphones and badgers until there suddenly were.


Final Verdict: 4 stars. A good story part 1.

Ranking of Season: 3rd of 3.

1. The Witch’s Familiar
2. The Magician’s Apprentice
3. Under the Lake

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: n/r

1. Last Christmas
2. The Caretaker
3. The Witch’s Familiar
4. Mummy on the Orient Express
5. Into the Dalek
6. Dark Water
7. Listen
8. Flatline
9. Robots of Sherwood
10. The Magician’s Apprentice

FYI you might be wondering why I took so long to start reviewing this season, it’s because no season required more thought to figure out.

Blogger with National Review Senior Editor Jonah Goldberg at CPAC in 2011
Blogger with National Review Senior Editor Jonah Goldberg at CPAC in 2011

By John Ruberry

Even if you are on the east coast and buried under two feet of snow, you probably heard that the conservative magazine founded in 1955 by William F. Buckley, National Review, just published a special edition titled Against Trump. The editors of the magazine–I am a longtime subscriber by the way–call the billionaire a “philosophically unmoored political opportunist.”

It reviews inconsistencies with Donald J. Trump’s immigration policy–or is it policies?–as well as on international affairs and economics, and it rightly throws a penalty flag at the businessman’s promise that he will deport 11 million illegal aliens. That’s logistically impossible. Yet NR rightly credits Trump’s decision to bring the illegal immigration issue to the forefront of the political discussion, something that the Republican, and yes, the conservative establishment has only paid lip service to, and even then only close to Election Day.

Trump is scolded by the National Review editors for often saying whatever pops into his head. But they fail to realize that part of Trump’s appeal is that what comes out of his mouth isn’t processed and varnished by conservative “experts” such as the writers of the National Review. Sure, NR writers as far as I know don’t work on campaigns much, if at all, but the people they interact with on a regular basis, whether in Washington or New York, often do. Trump has proven that he can succeed without those experts–some of those people I know–and these so-called sages don’t have to be consulted and that means they won’t be paid. I call this group Club Conservative. Typically its members are graduates of elite private colleges, they’ve interned for Republican members of Congress, and they have relatives who are part of the Washington power nexus. The Donald’s base of support is nothing like that.

In the op-ed, the Manhattan-based editors even make a quip about Trump sharing “funky outer-borough accents” with socialist Bernie Sanders.

Trump is a threat to the very existence to Club Conservative, whose income always spikes in even-numbered years (of course that means election years).

As for Trump’s shoot-from-the-lip campaign style, he should be thanked by every American conservative, for well, being himself. Trump proved that a Republican can say something the media elites judge as outrageous–such as remarking about John McCain, “I like people that weren’t captured”–and then ignoring and even mocking calls for an apology.

Trump proved that the mainstream media is a paper tiger. And Trump continues being Trump–with that same media along for the ride essentially financing his campaign.

John "Lee" Ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry

Is Trump a conservative? We’ll see. With the Democrats as the secular-progressive party, the GOP has become the de facto party of faith. And believers are always seeking converts. Why the fight?

For certain Trump is an American patriot who deeply loves his country; he’s troubled by the wrong turn it has taken under President Obama. And Trump deserves at least a little benefit-of-the-doubt from National Review and Club Conservative because of his patriotism.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Shot Bernie Sanders on ending incarceration

Chaser Roanoke College via Instapundit

A 19-year-old Roanoke College student was accused of rape in March 2015 by a college freshman. He was charged by the district attorney, but it took a jury just 25 minutes to find him not guilty at the end of a trial that lasted one day. A campus sexual misconduct hearing also found him not responsible.

Case closed, right? Wrong, of course.

When the student, who is from Zimbabwe, re-enrolled in Roanoke, campus activists started an online petition in an effort to bar him from campus, citing safety concerns.

Remember Colleges students absolutely LOVE Bernie.

I guess the students at Roanoke would might have felt different if rather that being not guilty he had been perhaps celebrating in Cologne on New Years Eve.

Folks this is liberalism.


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