Donald Trump v Ted Cruz 2 becomes Leonard v Duran 2: #NoMás

Just saw his on twitter:

Now there are logical strategic reasons for Donald Trump to skip the last debate.

He is far ahead of the polls and avoiding the last debate makes it unlikely that he will make a mistake that could imperil that lead.

By skipping the Debate he is able to hold potential ratings hostage and gives cnn & MSNBC a chance to run the Donald Trump event as counterprogramming as a shove to Fox.

By giving Ted Cruz the center stage he makes him the visible target for other members of the GOP to attack rather than him.

Al of these things add up the Prevent Defense

However in the end this is really STUPID.

1. If the debate draws strong ratings, Trump undercuts himself.

2. By making Ted Cruz the alpha male on the stage he allows him to show as a leader

3. The unwillingness to face Megyn Kelly undercuts the whole “Strong leader” image

But the most devastating take away is this:

Donald Trump has been playing the Alpha Male but the reality is that his events are low risk and well controlled. He doesn’t take a lot of questions from people, he holds his press conferences BEFORE events so that press that wants to follow up on what he says had to wait the next day.

In the last debate Donald Trump and Ted Cruz went head to head, Trump landed a good rhetorical blow on NY values, but Cruz landed plenty as well.

Most importantly unlike every single other person who has taken a Donald Trump punch, Ted Cruz rather than moderating came back countering strong, with ad after ad hitting Trump’s using his own words.

Not ten days ago I was calling Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz Ali Frazer but after this move the best description will have to be Leonard Duran 2 which ended like this:

If I’m Ted Cruz I’ve got a web ad with the clips of people talking about the great Trump/Cruz fight then ending with the Leonard / Duran clip and #NoMás

Closing Thought: Donald Trump has run a nearly flawless campaign to this point.  He remains my 3rd Choice (although Rubio is knocking).  That being said I can’t think of a bigger mistake he can make at a more critical time, but in the end Trump is no fool. If he has made this decision it suggests he’s a lot more worried about Iowa than he’s let on.

Update: Tweeted by a trump supporter defending his decision to not show

The Irony here is amazing.

Meanwhile Ted Cruz has challenged him to a one on one debate with no Megyn Kelly around.


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