We constantly hear about brave protesters who stand up to authority who in reality risk nothing by doing so.

Harmony Daws is not such a person:

Daws informed her boss at Sparkling Palaces, a local cleaning business in Portland, that she had recently been named president of Oregon Right To Life. Afterwards, her boss became “cold and distant” for the next week and a half, ORTL said in a statement. She ultimately fired Daws, saying that being pro-life caused Daws to discriminate against other employees.

As an employee who herself hired and fired people for the company, Daws says she never made hiring or firing decisions based on an employee’s abortion beliefs.

“Cleaning is the most neutral thing there is,” Daws said. “You can do it with anybody for anybody.”

But there is nothing in the world less tolerant than a tolerant liberal.

But being fired is not what makes Daws a hero, it was her reaction to it which was in part.

had I known then what the price to accept the presidency would be, I would still have accepted the position. Fighty-eight million children have lost their lives since 1973. Losing a job in my stand for their right to life was a small price to pay.

She plans to go into business for herself.  If I might be so bold as to suggest if I was Donald Trump I’d stake her as it would burnish his pro-life credentials, but perhaps he is worried that some in his base might not be happy with such a move.

If I was Ted Cruz I would immediate start mentioning her on every speech on religious freedom I give.

Closing thought, Imagine if she instead was voted head of Oregon LGBT & her christian boss fired her, would there be any other story in media this weekend?


They just signed a two trade and scientific-technical development protocols.

No, the Cuban communists and the North Korean are not in the States Sponsors of Terrorism list.

Yes, they have been caught playing footsie with 240 metric tons‘ worth of Soviet-era weapons and fighter jets hidden under sacks of sugar at least once (maybe attempting a second try), while negotiating the U.S. easing the so-called “embargo”.

Yes, a stolen Hellfire missile was shipped to Europe via commercial carrier in early 2014 (again, while the Obama administration was finalizing its easement of relations with the Communist dictatorship), and months later, in June, “Lockheed Martin officials realized the missile was missing” but is likely in Cuba.

Yes, Cuba and North Korea officials have been visiting each other recently,

In June 2015 Raúl Castro hosted Kang Sok Su, the secretary of international relations for the North Korean Workers’ Party. In September Mr. Kim received Cuban Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Pyongyang. Cuba’s state-owned newspaper Granma reported that Mr. Kim sent “an affectionate greeting” to the Castro boys during the visit. It also said that Messrs. Díaz-Canel and Kim discussed the two countries’ close relations and mutual cooperation.

And now they have put it on paper, for “the transaction of goods through the barter mode of exchange.” Makes you wonder,

Maybe this new “scientific-technical development” protocol involves the stolen U.S. Hellfire missile that Castro refuses to return, despite Obama’s endless diplomatic overtures and economic concessions.

Also in the news today,

Meanwhile, Japan has placed its military on high alert today over the possibility of a North Korean ballistic missile launch.

What could possibly go wrong?

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Ok let me preface this post that this is pure speculation.

I’ve been thinking about last night’s debate and while I still think Trump’s move to skip it was strategic I was asking myself why play prevent?

Trump last debate was good and much like Ty Cobb who WAS Capable of hitting for the long ball but choose not to (There is a famous story of him, after the live ball era spending a week hitting for power like Ruth just to prove he could before going back to his short ball ways) The Donald CAN do substance and between the idiocy of banning MLK quotes, the new revelations out of Cologne and the continued crime from people here illegally & news concerning people staying over their visas he had all the material to knock any debate out of the park and when that YouTube question on Islam came he could have cited the hate crimes vs Christians and Jews and showed that question for the BS it was.

Put simply there is no reason why Trump COULDN’T have won that debate, so why didn’t he show up and do it instead of being reduced to citing online polls.

So why did he do it?

I think it’s was the video based questions.

During the debate both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio where hit with questions backed up by video from Megyn “the terror” Kelly and pressed on positions they had. They handled those questions well, (I think Cruz better than Rubio but I might be biased here) but they handled it.

A lot of Trump’s supporters are people who haven’t showed up before, people who normally don’t get involved who only get their info from what they’ve seen on in pop culture.

What happens to that evangelical support if Kelly plays the NY Vales clip with Tim Russet?

What happens to his conservative support if Kelly plays the video of him praising Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama etc etc etc.

If Trump is there, his supporters are watching an seeing that stuff for the first time, more importantly they do so in a setting where they are exposed to alternatives that said people can choose.

I speculate that Trump decided that risk was too great and needed an excuse not to go, thus the initial poll, I think the Fox snark concerning it was a Godsend to Trump as it provided an excuse to stay away and play the victim card. If he could have dictated that note himself he would have.

Again this is pure speculation, I could be totally wrong, but the more I think about it, the more I think this is what went down.

Twas video that scared the beast.

Update: I can’t believe CNN actually just said the same thing. MSNBC’s Morning Joe is going all in with the Donald wins meme.

Update 2: I’m getting a lot of pushback on twitter over my Donald Trump stuff I think I hit a nerve


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