Rhodes Must Fall…Falls

Help Help I’m being repressed

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Back in the land of England the concerted effort to remove Cecil Rhodes from the college that he benefited and the scholarship that helped finance the many students calling for his metaphorical head has hit a snag.


The governing body of Oriel College, which owns the statue, has ruled out its removal after being warned that £1.5m worth of donations have already been cancelled, and that it faces dire financial consequences if it bows to the Rhodes Must Fall student campaign.

A leaked copy of a report prepared for the governors and seen by this newspaper discloses that wealthy alumni angered by the “shame and embarrassment” brought on the 690-year-old college by its own actions have now written it out of their wills.

It appears that while the students, particular those of color who demanded the statue of Mr. Rhodes removed from the college saw no contradiction in accepting the scholarship money that brought them to the place to attack it, the wealthy donors who provide said funds to make such scholarship disagree, thus…

Oriel College confirmed in a statement to the Telegraph: “Following careful consideration, the College’s governing body has decided that the statue should remain in place.”

They can give millions of reasons for this decision, in fact maybe even 100’s of millions.

At a meeting on Wednesday the governing body was told that because of its ambiguous position on the removal of the statue, “at least one major donation of £500,000” that was expected this year has been cancelled.
In addition, a “potential £750,000 donor” has stopped responding to messages from the college, and several alumni have written to Oriel to say “they are disinheriting the college from their wills”.

One of those who has already cancelled their legacy was going to leave a “seven figure sum” and the college is aware that “another major donor is furious with the College… whose legacy could be in excess of £100m”.

Suddenly the college which was awash with money finds it self with a potential £200,000 deficit and that’s just THIS year.

One of the leaders of the movement to remove Mr. Rhodes indignantly responded on facebook:

Ntokozo Qwabe, leader of the RMF movement wrote on his Facebook page: “The decision by Oriel College to unilaterally reverse its public commitments on Rhodes, without any consultation, basically reminds us that black lives are cheap at Oxford.”

He says this without any sense of irony because

Ntokozo Qwabe, the leader of Oxford’s Rhodes Must Fall campaign, is himself the beneficiary of Cecil Rhodes’s bequest. The South African student was funded by a Rhodes scholarship during his undergraduate law degree at Keble College.

Because nothing says “I’m being repressed” like receiving a scholarship to one of the leading institutions of higher education in the entire world, yet alas the oppression of Mr. Qwabe has been shared by many over the years:

Rhodes was a student at Oxford and a member of Oriel College in the 1870s. He left money to the college on his death in 1902.

A scholarship programme in his name has so far been awarded to more than 8,000 overseas students.

The horror!  Think of it, 8000 students plucked from an idyllic third world existence away and thrust into the harsh reality of the patriarchal existence of a 1st world system of higher education among the evil elites!

Personally I think that the college not wanting to be the source of such repression to people like Mr. Qwabe should consider rethinking these scholarships and/or tightening the qualifications and conditions of same to save such people the embarrassment of abandoning a third world existence free from the oppression of white colonial influence that a world class education at Oxford might impose.

I would have thought a person of principle who believed that this institution was evil and oppressive would have shaken the dust of it off their feet, refusing to accept any such scholarship from a place so odious,  however perhaps Mr. Qwabe and the students who support him can, with hard work, be someday as successful as the donors who he is currently attacking and thus replace the funds being threatened allowing said college to remove said statue, or even perhaps he and his pals can set up his own scholarship fund to a different less tainted education.

Until then he will have to deal with the harsh reality of putting up with receiving an education that most people in not only today’s world but in all of human history could only imagine getting as opposed to enjoying the freedom of his homeland, one of the rape & murder capitals of the world without the oppression that life at an English college provides.

Life is a cruel thing isn’t it?


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