Ever think you had woken up and found you were still asleep and dreaming?

That’s how I felt when I saw this tweet from the Donald Trump camp.

My reaction to this was, wow, just wow, which is a polite way of saying:


In a way it makes sense. The Donald™ has decided (correctly btw) that there is little or no chance of winning over Ted Cruz voters so there is no downside for him here and given the abject hatred of Ted Cruz by the establishment GOP, the media etc etc etc this line of attack is likely to be repeated and popular and hopefully overshadowing the Marco Rubio surge. All part of the overall Trump control of the air campaign plan

Of course it’s also there is always the chance that he’s making this idiocy up as he goes along.

I was thinking it was most self delusional tweet you will see from a presidential campaign, or at least it would be if twenty minutes before I made this Joke concerning Rand Paul & Rick Santorum (both good men btw) leaving the GOP race…

….Jim Gilmore tweeted this.

My reaction of course is ARE YOU KIDDING ME, he really means it!

I’m trying to figure out which tweet is more delusional and just can’t decide so I think it’s time for a poll.

[yop_poll id=”8″]

After all the world needs more laughter.

First, the whine:

The abbreviated version, from Twitter:

Via Patterico, who links to: Trump accuses Cruz of ‘fraud,’ calls for new Iowa election, which in turn bring us to the cheese (emphasis added to the text following the tweet),

The tweet referred to a report from CNN’s Chris Moody during the caucuses that Ben Carson would take a detour from New Hampshire following Iowa, heading to Florida instead — which some took to mean that Carson was suspending his campaign.

The Cruz campaign then alerted its leaders to the tweet from the CNN reporter but, as Cruz explained in an apology on Tuesday, neglected to send the follow-up tweet in which Moody clarified that the Carson campaign had told him that the retired neurosurgeon was not dropping out of the race but rather just picking up fresh clothes. On Monday night, Carson accused the Cruz campaign of “dirty tricks” but accepted its apology.

We can debate all day whether Moody incorrectly conveyed information to a campaign; the fact is that during a caucus, it is to be expected that any such information would be put to use – it’s a caucus.* (See update below)

What is clear is that Trump is now using Carson, after attacking Carson as “pathological“,

Now. If you’re pathological, there’s no cure for that, folks.

and insulting Iowa voters while he was at it.

Trump’s approach is “I whine until I win,”

Go buy yourself a farm in Iowa, Donald, and try to not use taxpayer subsidies and eminent domain to get it.

Just spare us the whine and cheese.

Uh Oh, Was Marco Rubio Guilty In The Ben Carson Dropout Rumor?

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

There are multiple reports in the media that Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will endorse Donald Trump for President today.

It is likely that I will not have access to the net when/if it happens so I am writing this in anticipation of the event and all conclusions are based on the report being correct, but let me say right now that if it’s true it’s very significant not because of Scott Brown’s popularity with the Tea Party which has taken a huge hit but with his popularity with the Establishment.

Recall that Senator Brown was the hand picked candidate of the GOP establishment to run in NH, beating out several Tea Party candidates with better records on things like guns, and being practically the only GOP senator to fail to unseat a Democrat incumbent in trouble.

That being the case one might have expected Scott Brown to go with Jeb Bush, or John Kasich or even Chris Christie.

And with the strong finish by Marco Rubio and the MSM dubbing him the new GOP establishment he might have been another viable choice for an endorsement.

He has not.

This is a very public declaration by a candidate currently identified with the NH GOP establishment that the normal establishment candidate are not going anywhere, furthermore it suggests that Donald Trump is still considered the guy to beat in the state.

Also it gives Donald Trump a boost at a time when he most needs it with a candidate who has crossover appeal to democrats who might not want to vote for Hillary but can’t bring themselves to go Bernie and a signal to the “Stop Cruz at any price” crowd, that it is Trump, not Rubio who has the best chance to beat him.

On the minus side Brown has burned some bridges with 2a guys and some conservative activists but in fairness those guys are likely already with Ted Cruz so it’s not a big loss for Trump.

I’ll say this for the Donald, between Palin, Brown and Dole he really has a group of endorsers who are diverse.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this race is not finished with providing surprises.