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Being blessed with great health and energy for almost all of my life, I found it disconcerting when I began to get tired at strange times in the day—like 1PM. The cure? Vitamin C and lots of it. An orange, a half of a grapefruit, the juice of a small lemon and a kiwi a day seem to have fixed the problem.

Blood Oranges. Disconcerting at first, but really good for you.

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? We all grow up being told to eat citrus fruit and to drink a lot of fruit juices. Well, I don’t drink juices—or soda—because they have too much sugar in them. I don’t even buy bread that has more than one gram of sugar in it. (The only area in which I break this rule: coffee.) Keeping sugar out of my diet has kept me from getting too humongous–a battle which members of my family fight, especially the women. So, I had been inconsistent in eating the good sugars. No more and those grapefruit(s) are tasty!

Another natural remedy I’ve used for a couple of years: apple cider vinegar. Members of both sides of my family also suffer from high blood pressure, beginning in the late 40s and I was no different. My pressure had been very low before that, but I noticed the up-creep; I was always right on the borderline of hypertension. I did not want to take prescription medication, so I searched online for natural remedies and consistently found a daily recommendation of 2 tablespoons of ACV with 8 ounces of water. Now, every time I go to the doctor and my vitals are check, my systolic is in the 120 range and my diastolic is in the 60-70 range. (I drink it with a straw so that it doesn’t damage the enamel of my teeth.)

I don’t recommend doing any of these things without doing your own home work first and checking with your doctor. I mention them merely because it seems to me that God has provided many of the cures for nagging issues and signs of aging (I’m 54). We only have to be looking for them. And in the age of Obamacare, it’s always a good idea to be looking for ways to avoid the healthcare system.

I also wonder whether much of the craziness we see around us stems from vitamin, mineral and other dietary deficiencies. Well, excuse me now; I think I need a burger. Beef.

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Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Ronald Reagan 1980

There have been a lot of amusing aspects of this election cycle but there is one that I’ve found more laughable than all the rest and never was it better illustrated than by yesterday’s presser by the president touting the unemployment rate’s dip below 5%.

For all the attempt at both him and the media to crow about the number it seemed to me that there was a lot of spin to explain why people don’t believe that the economy is good even though the numbers look nice.

That’s the astounding thing about this cycle that gets almost no play.

As a general rule when a party has elected a president for two terms, in the next election the nominee of the party in power celebrates the achievement of the previous administration and promises more of the same.

In 1960 Nixon ran on Ike, in 1998 Bush ran on Reagan, in 2000 Gore ran on the Clinton economic record.

And even if you have a turn like the financial crisis McCain ran on winning the war on terror a-la Bush and defended the president’s poor decision to bail out the banks.

Yet that’s missing this time around:

Where is Hillary saying to Black America promising more of the same?

Where is Bernie telling the poor that he will continue the Obama years that got them out of poverty?

Where is Hillary promising to continue her own policies that made the world a safer place?

Where is Bernie extolling the Obama economy that has produced so many jobs?

Where is Hillary celebrating the safety and success of the big cities?

Where is Bernie talking about how we now have healthcare for all?

Why are they not making these arguments?  They don’t dare

They don’t dare because they would be laughed out of the stage.  People everywhere continue to hurt, only the crash in gas prices brought on by the fracking that Obama & the democrats fought tooth and nail to stop has made any difference.

Instead of cheering the Obama years what we hear repeatedly is that the prosperity of the Obama years somehow hasn’t penetrated to everyone (It’s Bush’s and the GOP’s fault) and never is it noted that the states where the economy has done best happen to be run by Republicans.


The truth is this entire administration has become akin to a Volkswagen. It’s designed to spit out the right numbers when hooked up to metrics but when actually operating doesn’t perform as the numbers claim.

And unlike the VW’s whose actual emissions levels were not visible the fact that our economy, our foreign policy, our war on terror, race relations and obamacare are all failing miserably is visible for all to plainly see.

The Obama years have been a giant Potemkin village with the media playing the role of Pravda and everyone knows it, but dare not say it aloud. It’s one giant lie to placate the masses.

I guess that’s why an open socialist figured his time had come.


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