Ho hum another day, another purge of Christians in Iraq:

Iran-backed militias have seized homes, businesses and cultural sites, including churches belonging to Baghdad’s Christian communities, forcing individuals to resettle and forfeit all their belongings, according to members of the Christian members of the Iraqi Parliament.

The militias have targeted properties belonging to Christians, forcing individuals to leave the area, according to Christian community leaders, including representatives from the Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac minorities, as well as the Chaldean Patriarch of Iraq who have condemned the attacks, calling them a form of ethnic cleansing aimed to rid Baghdad of its Christians.

“Their claim is that the property of a non-Christian is halal, meaning it can be seized,” Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sacco said in an interview with the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat.

 Breitbart, via Elder of Ziyon has more:

The purge of Christians has been shockingly effective, one of the most brutal and devastating ethnic cleansing campaigns in history, although not generally reported as such by Western media. Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sacco notes in the Foreign Desk piece that Christians have been eliminated from the captive city of Mosul for the first time in Iraq’s history.

Now the effort to ethnically cleanse Christians from Baghdad is under way, with Sacco describing militia gangsters rampaging through Baghdad, seizing property and forcing Christians to flee the city.

The former Anglican vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White, who was forced out of his parish in November 2014, also spoke recently about a “terrible onslaught of Islamic jihadism” that killed or drove off most of his congregation, and warned of ethnic cleansing in Iraq and Syria. White has spent years trying to draw attention to the persecution of Christians, which includes forced conversion to Islam, and beheading for those who resist.

There was a time when the American media might find this disturbing, but since they view of Christians as basically a bunch of bigots as far as they are concerned they’re getting what’s coming to them.  So they will not report on this nor show any concern about these people being displaced, after all, how many of them will bake cakes for a gay wedding?


During his upcoming visit to Mexico, Pope Francis Will Stand With Migrants at U.S. Border.

The pope will hold a cross-border Mass in Ciudad Juárez on Feb. 17 just 90 yards from the U.S. frontier. Some 200,000 people are expected to attend on the Mexican side and an additional 50,000 across the Rio Grande in Texas.
. . .
Before the Mass, the pope is expected to ride to the border line and offer a prayer for migrants, including those fleeing war in the Middle East and escaping deadly street gangs in Central America.

Pope Francis, in an earlier visit, addressed the U.S. Congress, exhorting its members with the aliens’ “hopes for a better life.”

Francis is also scheduled to meet Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church on February 12 in Havana, Cuba,

Citing the Moscow Patriarchate, the newspaper suggests that the main topic of discussion will be the situation in the Middle East, which is seeing an unprecedented level of violence against Christian communities.

While actively entering the realm of politics, Pope Francis, however, is not speaking what needs to be said at the legislative chambers of any of the countries involved (except for the U.S.) simply because he would not be allowed.

Neither Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and definitely none of the Muslim countries people are fleeing are going to let anyone tell them that they must commit to and implement the rule of law, fight entrenched corruption, establish and strengthen legal and civic institutions that are needed for a civil society, and prioritize the inalienable rights of their citizens, such as property rights and freedom of assembly, religion and association.

Strong democracies do not compel their citizens to risk their lives by immigrating illegally to other lands.

The Human Freedom Index: A Global Measurement of Personal, Civil, and Economic Freedom for 2015 finds (emphasis added),

Out of 17 regions, the highest levels of freedom are in Northern Europe, North America (Canada and the United States), and Western Europe. The lowest levels are in the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia. Women’s freedoms, as measured by five relevant indicators in the index, are most protected in Europe and North America and least protected in South Asia, SubSaharan Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa.Countries in the top quartile of freedom enjoy a significantly higher per capita income ($30,006) than those in other quartiles; the per capita income in the least-free quartile is $2,615. The HFI finds a strong correlation between human freedom and democracy. Hong Kong is an outlier in this regard.

The findings in the HFI suggest that freedom plays an important role in human well-being, and they offer opportunities for further research into the complex ways in which freedom influences, and can be influenced by, political regimes, economic development, and the whole range of indicators of human well-being.

It would be impressive if the pope spoke in behalf of freedom to the rulers of countries making the lives of their citizens unbearable. Until then, there will be Mass at the border and photo-ops in Havana.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Yesterday I talked about the media narrative and how, no matter what the result, the narrative would already be in place.

Anyone who watched the coverage yesterday and today can recognize this.


Just a week ago, we were told by the talking heads that Donald Trump’s 2nd place finish by 4 pts was a crushing defeat that it brought questions about if Mr. Trump was for real.  At the same time Marco Rubio’s 3rd place finish was the sign that his time had come, the media was all Rubio all the time.  Endorsements poured in and Marco mentum was the rule of the day.

Not so Ben Carson whose 4th place was an afterthought, nor Ted Cruz whose actual victory seemed to mean nothing because NH is different kettle of fish (do people put fish in a kettle)?


Well now we’ve seen NH and we’ve learned some interesting things.

 While finishing 2nd place by 4 pts is a crushing defeat in Iowa in NH 2nd place by 18 points is a great victory that can propel a candidate to the upper tier of the GOP field even if said candidate didn’t manage to crack 10% in Iowa.

We learned that while 3rd place by 2 pts in Iowa is an incredible finish that gives a candidate momentum 3rd place in NH by 4 point is no big deal even in a state where you aren’t expected to do well.

We’ve further learned that while 4th place in Iowa is not even worth mentioning 4th place in NH revives a campaign and guarantees a candidate can go on even if that 4th place finish is the best said candidate has done so far.

And most odd of all we’ve seen that a first place finish by a wide margin is less newsworthy than finishing 2nd.

How can this be?  Well it’s very simple.

For the MSM Jeb Bush and John Kasich are the most liberal members of the GOP field supporting Obamacare, Common Core & Illegal Immigration and thus the easiest for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders to defeat, therefore any meme that potentially advances their chances to get the GOP nomination is to be given the full force of the msm.

Ted Cruz opposes all of those things, thus in Iowa his 1st place finish is eclipsed by Marco Rubio and his 3rd place finish is eclipsed by Jeb Bush because under no circumstances shall any scenario that advances his candidacy be advanced.

Finally while the media absolutely hates Donald Trump they fear Ted Cruz.  Therefore while they will downplay Trump’s win for now they will hold their fire under the assumption that it might come down to Trump vs Cruz and in that case they will go all in for the Donald.

Never forget that the media’s stories are already written, it’s only a question of shoehorning the facts to fit them.



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