Kenya: Not There Yet

by baldilocks

The trip had to be postponed for a week while I got some necessities in order. So now I’m leaving on the 21st of February and will only stay for a week.

My brother, Charles Otieno–who I have not yet met in person—has my schedule all planned. Family and more family. I’m praying for no jet-lag. (Aside: I had no jet-lag after my two trips to Germany, but when I traveled to Japan, I was dead tired for a week. I’m think that the direction of travel makes a difference; at least, I’m hoping that’s the case.)

All of my American friends and family are very excited about this and, of course, I am as well, though I have some trepidation. Besides the family factor, I did not comprehend the magnitude of my father’s fame in Kenya and my family tells me that the trip is a really big deal there. I’m naturally introverted, but I’m hoping to squash that. I want to represent my country—the USA—well.

There has already been a cultural misconception about the trip. As most know, I’m raising money for the trip’s expenses—something that is pretty commonplace among bloggers. But after Kenya’s Daily Nation reported on the fund-raising campaign, Kenyans assumed that I was asking them to fund my trip. That was definitely not my intention. I plan on correcting more misconceptions when I get there, but remember Kenyans are not the only people who misconstrue things and run with them.

Other than that, the campaign has gone well, though the GoFundMe goal has not been reached and I don’t expect it to be—not for this trip. But I think that there is already enough. Thank you for your generosity.

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