A few days ago when writing about Charlie Baker’s attempts to eliminate conservatives from the Massachusetts Republican Committee and noted that his mailer on the GOP state committee didn’t mention the special election for State Rep on the same day where the GOP has a chance to pick up a seat with a strong pro-life republican Dean Tran facing Planned Parenthood supported Steven Hay.

Tonight I got the following email

Hi Members and Friends,
I know that many of you do not go on facebook, so I am sharing this information on this message.
Governor Charlie Baker will be in Fitchburg at 2:00pm at Destare, 320 Main Street this coming Saturday, February 27 to spearhead a rally for Dean Tran for State Representative.  This is one of the Fitchburg events that Charlie will be involved in with Dean Tran.  They will tour Fitchburg, visit Dean’s campaign headquarters and go to Destare for an enthusiastic rally in support of Dean.
I will keep you posted as I hear additional information and changes in the event.
Hope to see many friends on Saturday!!

As you might guess I’m very pleased to see this and it suggests that moves in the state committee notwithstanding he is willing to spend political capital to try to elect Republicans statewide, even social conservatives, after all the Governor of a state is a defacto leader of all the members of his party no matter where in that party a member is.

It’s of course going to take more than one special election to remove the veto proof majority in either house of the Massachusetts General Court but one must begin at the beginning and if we see these trips repeated in November than Charlie Baker will have done more for conservatism in Massachusetts than any governor in the state for generations.

At the very least it suggest that while he might have supported Chris Christie for president he isn’t going to repeat his mistakes as governor.

Apparently Adele has committed one of the greatest sins known to Femkind.  She has expressed a opinon on being a parent that is remarkably similar to that of the dreaded Robert Stacy McCain!

“I can’t have any other junk in my head to worry about as well,” she tells me. Angelo, meanwhile, “makes me very proud of myself. When I became a parent, I felt like I was truly living. I had a purpose, where before I didn’t.”

Adele took time off to be with her new family before she even thought about putting her third album together. “My main thing is Mum, then it’s me, then it’s work,”

My God!  How can she say this?  Next thing you know she might be making them sandwiches!

Well as PJ media noted Feminists at Slate aren’t taking this lying down!

This type of sentiment has backfired for female celebrities before. When Natalie Portman dared to suggest that motherhood might be ““the most important role of [her] life” in her 2011 Oscar acceptance speech, she received a lot of pushback. “Is reproduction automatically the greatest thing Natalie Portman will do with her life?” asked Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams at the time. There’s been similar resistance to calling motherhood “the most important job in the world.”

Oddly enough this exactly the type of thing the now banned Robert Stacy McCain says Feminists think about motherhood:

Radical feminists scoff at any suggestion that women’s greater tendency toward nurturing is a matter of hard-wired neurological differences. Radical feminists deny that there is any such thing as “human nature” which could explain women’s behavior in terms of a “maternal instinct.” Radical feminists generally eschew motherhood and many of them abhor heterosexuality,per se. Women’s Studies textbooks assert that only social and cultural influences (e.g., “compulsory heterosexuality”) explain why most women desire husbands and babies….

One consequence is that college-educated women are encouraged to believe that motherhood is a task for which only stupid women are suited. No intelligent woman could possibly find pleasure in caring for small children, according to the anti-natalist fanatics who insist that motherhood is nothing but patriarchal oppression.

“I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding . . . time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness. . . . I don’t want a baby. . . . Nothing will make me want a baby. . . . This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion.”
Amanda Marcotte, March 2014

Adele’s statements given her popularity which dwarf others are even worse than RS McCain’s , they are dare I say triggering to any good feminist in a woman’s studies program anywhere in the world and it goes without saying that if you are a woman on twitter any anyone dared claim that being a mother meant you are truly living, why that’s harassment of the worst kind.

So of course I expect to see Adele immediately banned for life for heteronormative statements that are by their very nature a form of oppression and harassment to any good feminist on twitter.

Yes I know she’s one of the most popular artists in the world.  Yes I know she has over 25 Million followers who might object.  Yes I know such a move would drive advertisers batty.

But what is that compared to the suffering of fragile twitter feminists who might be scared for life?


This blog is not a 501(c)3 so unlike Anita Sarkeesian I make no pretence that I’m not trying to make a living around here.

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I lived in New Jersey for almost 37 years, and year after year the daily news – print and broadcast – reported on the doings of The Donald: His wives, his divorces, his philandering, his business bankruptcies,

in fact, no major U.S. company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump’s casino empire in the last 30 years

his support of Democrats, his history of eminent domain abuse. Add to that his faulty memory on whether he donated to Planned Parenthood.

By no definition of the word one could even remotely assume Trump is a conservative.

There’s also the personality: The always-in-your-face crass self-promotion, louder-than-thou, name-calling brashness. It grates, especially since Trump knows how to expertly manipulate the media like no one else.

And let’s not forget The Art of the Deal, where you do whatever to close the deal, because, in his own words, “Deals are my art form.” I disagree with that, because principles should guide a leader, not deals as an art form. We already know of Rubio’s idea of a deal.  I’m with Ace (emphasis added),

Cruz’s detractors will say that he can’t get along and make deals. I say, good. Yes, deals will have to be made but too often the deals that are made are being made by people who agree on too much to begin with. I want a guy like Cruz who isn’t buying into the basic assumptions of DC and the permanent government class. I want a guy who sees himself as representing a group of people opposed to many of the bi-partisan, political class assumptions that underlie so much of what happens in DC.

Cruz opponents have claimed there’s so much bad blood between him and the GOP leadership in Congress he’ll never get what he wants. This argument amuses me to no end. After years of rolling over for Harry Reid and Barack Obama, the Republicans in Congress are finally going to find their spine by opposing…a President Cruz? That’s says more about Republicans in Congress and their supposed conservatism than it does Ted Cruz. And if you’re telling me this means a Republican President might veto a bloated spending bill passed by a Republican Congress, I say, “Bring it on!”

Plus, The Donald, if elected, would be 70 years old when he takes office, one measly year younger that the average age of the geriatric aspirants of the current Democratic party presidential primary.

So the other day I was baffled by The Donald’s success as a Republican presidential candidate and shared on ly Facebook page Jen Hatmaker’s post,

Trump won the SC primary.

I have never been so fully, completely flabbergasted. Exactly zero of my conservative friends back him. Conservative Christian leaders consistently denounce his bigotry and tactics. Each new statement is more outrageous and shocking than the last. He demeans, mocks, shames, and verbally abuses the vulnerable. He threatens the future of true innocents. And yet he continues to lead the polls.

I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

A friend referred me to Rod Dreher’s must-read article, Trump: Fishtown’s Champion Against Belmont

A reader of this blog said that the Trump phenomenon reveals that there are two kids of social conservatives. I forget the language that he used, but I think that you have the ideological SoCons (those who operate out of a certain set of principles) and the nationalistic SoCons, who are more tribal and emotional. Cruz, and to some extent Rubio, appeal to the ideological SoCons; Trump, to the nationalists. Trump social conservatives probably don’t much care about abortion, gay marriage, and religious liberty; the society they care about conserving is the one they see around them now, and see falling apart because of forces they (rightly and wrongly) see as beyond their control.

Ted Cruz may still be within range of beating Trump to the nomination, IF he can reach the nationalistic SoCons. Cruz will have to punch back, stay in message, and stick to the issues in a personalized way that reaches the voters: Ted Cruz needs to aggressively phrase every single word out of his mouth in terms of how this helps you and your loved ones.

If Cruz fails, prepare to roll out the bearskin rug in the White House.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

“There is an art to flying, or rather a knack. Its knack lies in learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss. … Clearly, it is this second part, the missing, that presents the difficulties.”

The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy: So long and thanks for all the Fish

I’m just finishing up my lead post for tomorrow on the myths that the GOP Nevada results have demolished but if you want to get down to the meat and potatoes of what’s going on in the GOP primary, you can’t do better than Don Surber post titled OK, Wile, what is your next plan to stop Trump? which concludes thus:

It is not over. He has a ceiling, right? He will lose Texas to Cruz, Florida to Rubio, Ohio to Kasich, and Mars to Carson. Trust the Establishment. All Rubio needs is $100 million more and another 100 political endorsements and everything will be just dandy. Acme Company has this guaranteed Trump Runner Elimination Ray Gun.

Meep Meep

The only way to beat trump is to get more votes than him by either discouraging his expanded base from showing up or to increase your appeal to that base beyond Trump.  Of course that’s practically the dictionary definition of the old phrase:  “Easier said than done”

For those too young to get the Wile, Acme and Meep Meep references this cartoon will explain it.

Blackadder: Baldrick, have you no idea what “irony” is?
Baldrick: Yes, it’s like “goldy” and “bronzy” only it’s made out of iron.

Black Adder the Third Aim and Amiability

Dominic You:  We need no friends, and fear no enemy
British Captain:  I may have been misinformed I understood Mr. Lafitte was in command at Barataria
Jean LaFitte:  If your offer is good it will stand up under fire

The Buccaneer 1958

Back in the days when I had my radio show I had something called Da Magnificent Panel when I would have 2-3 guests join us to discuss the issue.  As a rule I would always have at least one liberal on these panels.  One of those liberals was a fellow named Mike Hummell who I became acquainted with after his activism concerning the Hostess strike put him in the twitter gulag.  This treatment was the reason why I invited him on my show:

I’ve dealt with more than my share of folks on twitter who would rather throw an insult than make an argument and I don’t hold them in high regard. If your point of view is valid it should be worth defending and able to accept a challenge. As for trying to silence people on twitter let me say underhanded tactics used to silence conservative speech I agree with are just as despicable if they are used to silence liberal speech I disagree with.

If anyone on the right is responsible for this, let me say I’m ashamed of you, you should know better. If you are someone on the left outraged by this I would ask you to show that same outrage the next time someone tries to silence Ann Coulter or my friend Pam Geller.

Either way Mike Hummell is going to be on this Sicilian’s radio show tomorrow, he’s going to make his points concerning the Hostess Strike, I and my co-host will make mine, our callers will make theirs and I’ll trust my listeners to make up their minds. Twitter Gulag or no Twitter Gulag I’ve agreed to have him on and that’s the way it’s going to be.  Period!

I bring this up because as the saga of Stacy McCain’s twitter exile continues one of the things I’ve been most disappointed with has been the relative silence from liberals concerning this matter (I’m not critiquing Mike BTW, I have no idea if he’s aware of the situation and haven’t asked) or the reactions of same.

I’ve argued often that the best way to counter speech you don’t like is more speech and if you’ve seen me on twitter you know that as a rule that barring profanity, nudity or spam it’s very hard to get me to block someone no matter what they are saying.  I’ve always figured that my readers are smart enough to figure out if my arguments hold water against some of the ahem interesting arguments the left makes but when the left chooses to make fools of themselves I WANT people to see it.

I believe the best way to discredit the left is to let people hear what they say in their own words, Ironically that’s the banned Robert Stacy McCain’s MO which gave feminists fits.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.  Ladies and Gentlemen meet Came the Dawn:


As you can see unlike Robert Stacy McCain and myself this is a person who posts on twitter anonymously.  I have no info concerning him or her I don’t know and can’t tell if this is a sock puppet account designed to pad someones numbers, a college student, or a robo account or any of the myriad of other possibilities.

The only reason why I’m aware of his account is it’s one of the few that turned up in the my RSMCCAIN search that was critical of Stacy so it stood in stark contrast so  naturally I took note

this was the first of seven tweets attacking Stacy, “white male entitlementand his readers, two of which are worth noting first of which this initial tweet suggests that said person actually read Stacy’s arguments on his site.

Now while we have no evidence to support that statement other than the tweet itself but let’s presume it’s true. If that’s the case it’s a point for said person because the first step in making an argument is to see the other person’s point of view.

The second tweet that caught my eye was this one:

This tweet mentions “femfreq” who if you read my earlier posts site might recall dubbed suspicion of twitter’s motives as a sign of hatred of women. Thus we can infer that camethedawn agrees with that statement wholeheartedly as if he or she made it him or her self. Of course since we are dealing with an anonymous account for all we know it Could have been made by @camethedawn but I digress.

I found the seven tweets comical at best, but being a person who believes in speech decided to answer said speech with, you guessed it, more speech!

Now give the possibilities available in the rich vocabulary of the English language built over centuries “hilarious” is a mild choice in response to the worldview publicly advanced by @camethedawn who now had the floor.

So how would @camethedawn answer?

Would we see a screencap of one of Stacy’s tweets claiming it was beyond the pale and justified his banning?

Would we see a series of tweets quoting Stacy’s posts (after all @camethedawn claimed to have read them) making the case that his arguments were ad hominem, or weak, or beyond the pale of polite society?

Would we see examples of the claimed “evil” of conservatives in general since there are apparently so many to choose from, the great benefits of the progressive movement that could b displayed for all to see?

Would we see a clever quip, crafted with the skill of a wordsmith taking using the 140 characters of twitter and the grander of the language to show me the fool to the entire world?

Well one of those choices might have been expected if @camethedawn was a conservative, but as @camethedawn is a feminist who attacks #whitemaleprivilege the response to my innocuous tweet is so predictable that it’s almost not necessary to include it.

Yup, I was accused of harassment and muted which is not only a good explanation why @camethedawn tweets anonymously since with the possible exception of twitter’s safety committee or CSULA no sane HR person would consider employing a person of such frail sensibilities in any responsible position but evidence that like Baldrick our liberal friends have no concept of irony since I can’t think of a response that could have made my point better.

Now being that @camethedawn has muted me It’s possible he she or it will never see this post but I’ve taken the liberty of taking a screen shot of the response in case being rightly embarrassed by said tweet suddenly disappears and coupling it an embedded tweet ensures that if the tweet is deleted you dear reader will know it.


While the first instinct is to laugh is Baldrick class (Stacy McCain might for example break out his “crazy cat lady starter kit” image), however if you consider that @camethedawn is a human being who is expected to function in society and deal with all of the normal trials that life brings that laughter quickly turns to pity and then resignation at the number of taxpayers who will be needed to support this person as the years take their toll.

It’s a sobering thought isn’t it?

Of course maybe we might see a 501c3 formed to support @cametedawn, after all apparently it’s working for @femfreq isn’t it

And if you are hopelessly naïve, let me clue you in on the secret of this hustle: Just because an organization is “non-profit” doesn’t mean nobody’s making money. “Feminist Frequency is a 501(c)3 non profit,” Anita’s page says in soliciting tax-deductible contributions for her alleged humanitarian philanthropic enterprise, but how much of this non-profit organization’s annual revenue is paid to Anita Sarkeesian in one form or another? Furthermore, doesn’t Feminist Frequency function as a publicity platform that helps Ms. Sarkeesian get income in other ways that don’t show up on her organization’s Form 990? How much free travel and how many free meals does she get every year? What sort of opportunities can a shrewd opportunist leverage from a 501(c)3 racket like that?


This blog is not a 501(c)3 so unlike Anita Sarkeesian I make no pretence that I’m not trying to make a living around here.

That being said it has been a good couple of days for the blog both in terms of the hits and the tip jar but despite that we’re still $1375 a  22 1/2 days  behind the $61 a day pace that can keep the mortgage and the writers paid.

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