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By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Some random observations from way down South this week.

Technically, Donald Trump won Louisiana in the primary Saturday, but my friends at The Hayride make the case that the true winner was Ted Cruz.  If you look at the Trump – Cruz gap and compare early voting to the results from Saturday’s primary, Cruz closed the gap by some 20 points on the heels of last week’s debate.

Looking at the official numbers, note also that Mike Huckabee got 645 votes; he dropped out February 2;  Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, also withdrawn, received over 6000 votes between them.  Christie got 401 votes. And interestingly, Marco Rubio showed quite poorly with only 11% of the vote.

The Hayride article is an interesting read.  Check it out.

In other notes:

Our political leadership is still in Baton Rouge in the attempt to plug our $900 million deficit gap and are closing in on the final days of their special legislative session. John Bel Edwards seems to be in way over his head but even given that, we can’t fully blame him for this budget mess.  This lies on the shoulders of Governor Bobby Jindal; Edwards may have a poor voting record that contributed to this mess, but it isn’t all his fault that we find ourselves now having to add pennies to the sales tax and threaten to shut the doors of higher education.

The proposed tax on alcohol failed its first go around last week but squeaked through in the Sunday session where it now goes to the Senate. You don’t mess with the liquor in Louisiana without upsetting some people. The one-penny sales tax was passed however, and since that worked so well, there is talk now of adding another ½-cent or another entire cent to the sales tax:

A proposal to raise Louisiana’s sales tax by not 1 but by 1½ or 2 cents instead emerged Friday as the potential solution to ending a budget crisis that threatens to cancel college classes and cut health care to the poor and the disabled.

The plan has the strong support of House Speaker Taylor Barras, who discussed it with Gov. John Bel Edwards on Thursday.

The beauty of the plan for the Republicans and the business lobbyists pushing it, is this: It would solve the short-term budget problem and keep lawmakers from trying to find more revenue by raising taxes on business. The plan presents a problem for Democrats, however, because raising sales taxes hits the poor the hardest.

Democrats, however, could soon be facing a choice of having to hold their nose and vote for an increase of 1½ or 2 cents of sales taxes or rejecting the idea and then seeing devastating cuts to public hospitals that serve the poor and to the state’s colleges and universities.

They are running out of time.  This Special Session must end by 6:00 p.m. on March 9.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.

C.K. Chesterton


We’ve talked a bit lately on how Ted Cruz is the only viable alternative to Donald Trump (Marco Rubio’s Puerto Rico victory notwithstanding) as we’ve seen time and time again him demonstrating the ability to win states and actually beat Donald Trump, something that Marco has not managed to show to us beyond the chilly climes of Minnesota.

But in one sense Ted Cruz’s success in the primaries is completely counter intuitive, particularly with Donald trump in the mix, consider:

He is hated by a lot of the Washington Establishment and has directly challenged them. That means in places where the establishment rules Cruz is at a distinct disadvantage as opposed to say Marco Rubio it’s no coincidence that Marco did so well in the counties around DC. That’s where the hacks live.

He is an actual social conservative and has not been afraid to discuss that social conservatism nor showed a willingness to abandon it, that turned off big money donors early.

His primary issues, Obamacare, Amnesty and opposing Radical Islam have been completely co-oped by the Donald Trump campaign as has, to some extend his evangelical voting base.

Even with multiple victories under his belt, other than his own governor of Texas he can’t buy the endorsement of a governor, and as for his fellow senators, the closest thing he’s gotten to an endorsement is Lindsey Graham conceding that if Donald Trump is to be stopped the only choice is Cruz.  The establishment pols and the establishment money has all gotten behind Rubio

So given these facts how has Ted Cruz continued to rack up wins while Macro Rubio’s “always look on the bright side of life” philosophy only gains laughs.


For all of the Donald’s™ cries of “liar”  Ted Cruz’s strength is his willingness to tell the truth.

First to the people who elected him.  Over and over he supported the policies that he said he would support and opposed the policies he said he would oppose.  Marco Rubio’s defining moment, by contrast, was the gang of 8 bill pushed by the establishment and the press in direct contrast to what he told voters he would do.

Second to Republicans who follow congress when he illustrated the difference between “show votes” and “real votes” letting the people see the GOP establishment not as they pretend to be, but as they are.

Third to the media as when they attempted to create their memes he not only refused to go along with them but points out truths they would like to ignore (for example George Stephanopoulos Clinton connection)

and Finally to the Primary electorate where his attacks on Donald Trump are based on actual verifiable statements and actual events with video as opposed to making crude jokes concerning anatomy, yet at the same time proclaiming that he will vote for the eventual nominee because he gave his word and further pointing out that if the party tries to steal the election at the convention it would be unjust.

Cruz’s message is the one Rush Limbaugh has been giving for decades, namely conservatism works everywhere it is tried and we should get back to trying it here.

That’s the truth, Ted Cruz owns it and that’s why I’m with him.


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