Answer: I’m guessing #unexpectedly not too many #freestacy @rsmccain @sextroublebook foes do

Q: Wondering how many of the people cheering the banning of Robert Stacy McCain and his views on Feminism look like this: #FreeStacy— Scottie Nell Hughes (@scottienhughes) March 5, 2016

Random Notes from Louisiana

By:  Pat Austin SHREVEPORT – Some random observations from way down South this week. Technically, Donald Trump won Louisiana in the primary Saturday, but my friends at The Hayride make the case that the true winner was Ted Cruz.  If you look at the Trump – Cruz gap and compare early voting to the results … Continue reading Random Notes from Louisiana

Ted Cruz and the Simple Power of the Truth

The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried. C.K. Chesterton   We've talked a bit lately on how Ted Cruz is the only viable alternative to Donald Trump (Marco Rubio's Puerto Rico victory notwithstanding) as we've seen time and time again him demonstrating the ability … Continue reading Ted Cruz and the Simple Power of the Truth