The #Unexpectedly Chronicles Vox NotWithstanding Voter ID not suppressing vote

Today Vox is one again playing the voter suppression card:

Why voting in 2016 could be nearly impossible for some Americans

Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and North Dakota have all implemented strict voter ID laws since the last time Americans picked a president in 2012. And this could leave millions of would-be voters unable to cast a ballot.

Alas poor Vox, they seem to forget that some of the states on their list have already voted so lets take a look

In Texas one of the states listed as having these laws if we look at turnout in 2008 to 2016 (I use 2008 vs 2012 because of contested primaries in both parties) it’s pretty much a wash. 4,265,431 cast ballots in the primaries this year while in 2008 Dems & GOP drew 4,237,308 a tiny increase but certainly not a drop

Meanwhile in Virginia the number of votes went UP from 1.44 million to 1.79 mil (780K dems 1.019 mil gop) an increase of over 20%.

According to Vox this can’t be. Might it be that the cries of voter disenfranchisement is a bunch of bull?

Or put another way, I’ll believe requiring ID is discrimination when in our litigious society, banks and supermarkets are sued en masse for requiring them.

Closing thought: If this voter ID discrimination was actually legit given the Democrats well known patronage of the poor surely a portion of the hundreds of millions raised by the party and by Hillary could be used to help said poor acquire these free IDs? In fact as such expenditures could be done at the Party or even the super pac level our Democrat friends with the help of the Hollywood elite would easily be able to cover the minor transportation expenses involved and perhaps even a stipend to make up for a day’s lost work, of course as an ID is required to be hired at almost any job to fill out a W2, a person working by definition would already have an ID wouldn’t they?

I think that’s a great question, wouldn’t you like an answer?


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