Pinned Down, Penned Down

sheepdogby baldilocks

We are almost at the end point of the Herding™ .

From me, in 2010:

[B]lack Americans have become the organized Left’s shock troops in latter’s war against America and all too many of us have become the Left’s overseers, tasked to force the “deserters” back into formation using the tools of ridicule and shame. I almost said that the Left was at war with black people, but the Left doesn’t esteem blacks enough to consider us as their enemies. We are merely tools to be used for the task at hand—to foment violent racial discord which will have to be put down using infinitely stronger government violence–and to be discarded when the task is completed, assuming that there will be any of us left after the New Civil War.  And we let ourselves be used for one reason: tribal vengeance; for slavery and for oppression.

The New Civil War has been mostly skirmishes, though, to the losers of these skirmishes, they feel more like mini-tribal wars, no doubt.

Last night in Chicago, an real battle occurred. It wasn’t a tactic that resembled Fort Sumter, but its strategic significance may be similar, though it’s yet too early to tell. But there will be more like this; more violence, more injuries and more death.

The backdrop of race and politics is important, but they are of secondary importance. Americans are being pushed by unseen forces into a place which there is no way out other that an escape which God provides, and, in order for Him to provide it, we have to ask Him. Seems simple enough, but you know as well as I that there are many, many people who would rather take their chances using their own strength and discernment—such as it is—rather than even admit that God exists, much less ask Him for anything.

From a friend today:

It depends on who you are following and who your “shepherd” is. It is either the things of this world, the devil, and pursuit of earthly treasures for the here and now; or, it is the Great Shepherd. Jesus did speak of the blind leading the blind; and, they both fall into the ditch together.

Popcorn and ammunition salesmen must be getting rich beyond their wildest dreams, and good on them. But it’s better to rely on the One who provides popcorn, and ammo, and the riches of wisdom, and insight.

Otherwise, the chains await. And once you’re pinned down and penned in, good “luck” getting out.

By the way, a certain Mr. Ayers tweeted this today.


Now you can’t say that you don’t know what the endgame is.

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