Looking for a Savior in All the Wrong Places

by baldilocks

Have you ever felt as though crazy things were happening and you were caught up in the midst of it, but felt powerless to stop the crazy thing or to extricate yourself from it? To me, that’s what it feels like, sometimes, to view the political climate these days. And, to be honest, it has felt this way for the last ten years.

As most know, I believe in the God of the Bible, and therefore, believe that He controls things. But here is something else He does: He allows things to happen, and especially allows feces to happen when we refuse to communicate with Him and to accept His protection. This country did this very thing in 1963 and, looking back, it’s obvious—at least to me—that He has allowed one simple thing to happen in this country: disordered and prideful thinking. And it’s present among many ordinary people as well as among most leaders and wannabe leaders.

I could go down the list of examples of disordered and prideful thinking since the specified point in time, but I’d like to use just one example which covers the entire 53-year period and it’s this: all too many Americans believe that one person in the office of the President of the United States will make everything that’s wrong in the country all better.

This is called Strong Man politics and it is the basis for nearly every form of tyranny that has ever existed, especially in the last century.

However, even after we removed ourselves from under God’s protective wing all those years ago, America seemed mostly immune to this type of thinking, but it has always been an undercurrent, one which seem to fully flower in 2008. But only half of the country was caught up in that wave.

Now it’s other half’s turn. Since we refuse the real King, we tend to look for another. To wit:


We keep looking for a master among flawed humans (BIRM) and wonder why we keep failing. It’s emblematic of insanity.

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