Almost Every Woman Has Dealt with a Guy Like This

by baldilocksRestraining_Order

One wonders how long Megyn Kelly will have to put up with Donald Trump’s…ahem…pathological obsession with her. Twenty years, maybe? That’s how long British newsreader Selina Scott says she had to put up with the same, along with the attendant long-distance verbal abuse.

During the two weeks I spent with Trump there were to be helicopter rides over Manhattan, and private jet flights to his lavish ocean-side Florida estate, a trophy property once owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post, one of the richest women in America.

He invited me to his poolside party, boasted about his great skills as a billionaire businessman, and, most tellingly, introduced me to the two most important women in his life – his then wife Marla and his mother Mary.

I believe it’s not too fanciful to suggest that the key to understanding Trump is in his attitude to women.

As Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host, discovered when she asked him about his attitude to women (he has called those he dislikes ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals’), the oily smile is replaced with a deep well of hate if he feels he has not emotionally seduced you.

I know. I’ve been there. My 60-minute documentary exposed how through bluff, bombast and braggadocio, he had convinced the American business community he was far richer than he was, and that while the rest of his rivals were ‘losers’, he knew how to make the US great.

This ability to blag people into believing he was a commercial genius was most vividly illustrated in a helicopter ride we took over New York. Pointing to the Empire State Building, he told me he owned it.

‘What all of it?’ I asked.

‘Yes, 100 per cent,’ he replied.

Later, forgetting he had told me he wholly owned the building, he said he only owned 50 per cent of it which he then considerably reduced. It was the same story with the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.

‘It’s wholly owned by me,’ he said. ‘Are you sure?’ I asked. ‘Well maybe 80 per cent,’ he demurred. ‘Are you quite sure?’ I pressed. He replied: ‘Well it’s actually 50 per cent…’

I showed both assertions in my film with many other inconsistencies with the telling soundtrack It Ain’t Necessarily So.

Trump went ballistic. Over many years he sent me a series of intimidating letters branding me ‘sleazy, unattractive, obnoxious and boring.’ He said I was ‘totally uptight’, and that I had begged him for a date. In his dreams!

This vicious tirade was often accompanied by fanzine newspaper cuttings which purported to show how much money he was making.

He scrawled across the top: ‘Selina you are a major loser.’ Another letter declared: ‘Dear Selina, I hear your career is going terribly.


This harassment only stopped when I threatened to take legal action against him for effectively stalking me.

He said, she said? Sure. But a pattern comes into view. Pretty, accomplished woman who can’t be charmed or intimidated. Same words. Same types of distortions. Same unreasonable anger. Same inability to let things go.

Funny thing though. I think that Trump is also trying to seduce America. I wonder how he’ll react if those advances are spurned.

Actually, I don’t wonder.

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