Dispatches From The NC Political Scene

By A.P. Dillon Hello Da Tech Guy readers! It's been several months since I left Da Tech Guy's Magnificent 7 writing team and I wanted to drop in with some political updates from North Carolina. Redistricting Chaos A lawsuit threw North Carolina's districts into chaos just prior to the March 15th primary election. A court struck down … Continue reading Dispatches From The NC Political Scene

The NFL Token Confirmation

Back in 2014 when the NFL tried to shop Michael Sam to the entire league after the Rams cut him I wrote this: If this report is true every player who did not make a practice squad now has a discrimination case against the NFL if he chooses to file it, in fact a class … Continue reading The NFL Token Confirmation

Evil vs Stupid #freestacy vs #freetweetdeck

We interrupt our coverage of the evil and stupidity of Europe concerning Islam to cover the evil and stupidity Jack Dorsey concerning Twitter. Of the evil, basically targeting conservatives, banning people like Robert Stacy McCain and lying about it we've written about over and over. Alas the evil has not persuaded the shareholder to revolt … Continue reading Evil vs Stupid #freestacy vs #freetweetdeck