The Obama Administration Fools Regardless of the Date

Hornblower bowed, but as the Colonel remained unbending he stiffened to attention. He could recognize that type of man at once—the servant of a tyrant, and in close personal association with him, modeling his conduct not on the tyrant’s but on what he fancied should be the correct behaviour of a tyrant, far out-Heroding Herod. … Continue reading The Obama Administration Fools Regardless of the Date

Too fat, too happy?

One of the many reasons I don't believe in reincarnation is that I'm aware that our ancestors, for the most part, lived hardscrabble lives for the length of their lean existences, and died young and hungry with no teeth left, and I would rather not. In our time, human ingenuity (encouraged by capitalism, free enterprise, … Continue reading Too fat, too happy?

Comedy Tonight!

It's April Fools Day so one must be careful about what one links and believes so rather than something newsey I thought let's go with comedy Let's Start with Monty Python And a commercial break with Leslie Nielsen pitching Red Rock Cider And follow up with some three stooges from the late Curley Post stroke … Continue reading Comedy Tonight!