Hornblower bowed, but as the Colonel remained unbending he stiffened to attention. He could recognize that type of man at once—the servant of a tyrant, and in close personal association with him, modeling his conduct not on the tyrant’s but on what he fancied should be the correct behaviour of a tyrant, far out-Heroding Herod.

C.S. Forester Flying Colors 1938

I mentioned this morning that it’s hard to comment on news stories on April 1st because you can’t tell what’s real an what’s not.

Hot Air apparently had the same problem.

I owe the MRC an apology for doubting them.

What is the story that the MRC reported that Hot Air couldn’t believe from the MRC? This:

The White House briefly pulled video of a press event on terrorism with Pres. Obama, and when it reappeared on the WhiteHouse.gov website and YouTube, the audio of Hollande’s translator goes silent, beginning with the words “Islamist terrorism,” then begins again at the end of his sentence.

Even the audio of Hollande saying the words “Islamist terrorism” in French have, apparently, been edited from the video.

It’s even worse than it sounds:

You know what the worst part is? Hollande didn’t say “Islamic terrorism,” which is the supposedly objectionable term. He said “Islamist terrorism.” “Islamist” was, I thought, a term that came into use precisely because it gave the speaker an efficient way to distinguish between “moderate Muslims” and the more jihad-minded. “Islamic” describes all things Muslim; “Islamist” describes a supremacist view in which Islam is the highest authority of the state. Many critics of Islam would dispute that there’s a meaningful distinction between those two, but Obama and Hollande certainly wouldn’t. ISIS may not be Islamic to Obama but it’s certainly Islamist. Point being, Hollande chose his words carefully here according to the White House transcript so as not to conflate the average Muslim with the jihadis he’s discussing — and the White House still censored him.

This is not just a function of Obama, it’s a function of the functionaries under him:

it is the work of those people on a lower level that contribute the most real world damage to Americans.

When President Obama is replaced in November it will be good for the country but just as good if not better will the symbolic cleaning of the Augean stables that the sweeping his radical cronies from DC will be.

As Glenn Reynolds Ed Driscoll put it:


I disagree, Barack Obama has been a joke since day 1 and frankly if I was Basil Fawlty I’d be insulted by the comparison.

Update: That was Ed Driscoll at Instapundit, not Glenn Reynolds

Update 2: Jim Treacher hits the ultimate Irony:

This is not okay. This is underhanded and cowardly. It’s positively Orwellian. Good lord, our government has lost its way so completely that I’m being forced to defend the President of France.

That’s pretty bad.


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One of the many reasons I don’t believe in reincarnation is that I’m aware that our ancestors, for the most part, lived hardscrabble lives for the length of their lean existences, and died young and hungry with no teeth left, and I would rather not.

In our time, human ingenuity (encouraged by capitalism, free enterprise, and property rights) has the incentives to produce advancements in science and technology – including agricultural science – to the point that we get headlines like this: The World May Have Too Much Food (I suspected that was starting to be the case when people starting throwing money away at corn biofuels, but I digress).

The Bloomberg article says that the rate of obesity worldwide is rising,

If the current trend continues, about one-fifth of adults will be obese by 2025.

Because (emphasis added)

Behind the global spike is greater access to cheap food as incomes have risen. “It’s been very easy, as countries get out of poverty, to eat a lot,

Heck, yes! Food pleases the senses, nourishing the body, mind and spirit.

“and to eat a lot of unhealthy calories,” said Majid Ezzati, the study’s senior author and chair of global environmental health at Imperial College London. The price of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are often “noticeably more than highly processed carbohydrates,” he said.

Well, knock me over with a bagel. If income rises, doesn’t that mean you also have better access to higher-priced fruits, vegetables, and whole grains?

The study states that

The world population’s average weight has increased by about 3.3 pounds (1.5 kilograms) per decade since 1975, the researchers estimate

The article shows no information on whether the average height has increased in developing countries to match the increase in weight, as it happens to the descendants of people who grew up under near-famine conditions – the children tower over the parents. Additionally, the trend, which started sometime around the middle of the nineteenth century (coinciding with the industrial revolution – when incomes rose) was for humans to get taller. My sister and I are nearly half a foot taller than our mom, and our sons are 5″ taller than us, and none of us grew up undernourished.

The article bases its premise on BMI statistics.

Body mass index numbers are meaningless when it comes to very athletic people. High-performing athletes, particularly weight lifters and body builders, have very little fat but they may show very high BMIs because muscle mass is heavier than fat. Even very fit non-athletes may show BMIs of 21+, while they look so lean you feel like mixing them a nice milkshake.

So, wait for it, what does the article advocate? More government intervention!

No government has found a way to stop rising obesity, though some are trying. Mexico, with almost two-thirds of its population overweight or obese, enacted a national tax on sugary beverages in 2014, the first large country to do so.

The Bloomberg article forgets to mention that it is called the Bloomberg tax because Michael Bloomberg’s foundation

has given $10 million over three years to finance anti-obesity advertising campaigns and research at Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health

It does not mention government subsidies of the sugar industry, either.

However, as Steven Green points out (emphasis added),

But most interesting is the story’s assertion that “The world may have too much food” and the implication that it’s better to be poor and starving than middle class and overweight.


Eat well, live happy.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog. She keeps her BMI at 20 by not eating starchy foods.

It’s April Fools Day so one must be careful about what one links and believes so rather than something newsey I thought let’s go with comedy

Let’s Start with Monty Python

And a commercial break with Leslie Nielsen pitching Red Rock Cider

And follow up with some three stooges from the late Curley Post stroke era

Let’s go to film with the soothsayer scene from a Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum

and lets finish with Sheldon in the ball pit:

Life is short, laugh a little.