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This repost isn’t apropos of anything in the news at present, but reading it brings back some memories of those in the mainstream media and even some bloggers who thought that happy, nice talk toward Islamists would sooth their murderous intent and that tough talk would inflame them.  Ah, the Good Old Days!

Originally posted at my old blog on July 25, 2005.

Let me see.

Talking about conditions under which WMD might be used is out; talking about using WMD in the event that one or more is used on us is definitely out. And talking about potential targets of WMD in the event that one or more is used on us is mega-out and bigoted to boot.

So why don’t we just dismantle them all right now?

And if a dirty bomb is smuggled over one of our borders by Islamists and is detonated, subjecting hundreds of thousands to millions of Americans to one of the most horrible deaths imaginable, along with rendering an area of our country uninhabitable for X-amount of centuries/millennia, I’ll urge whatever government officials that are left to think hard and long before making the Islamists and their co-religionists angry/even angrier—assuming that the target city isn’t LA.

After all, I and my fellow citizens would still have something left to lose. Possibly.

No, I’m not serious.

I don’t want us to have to use any type of WMD on anyone. Twenty [2016: thirty now] plus years ago when I used to load nuclear missiles onto fighter-bomber aircraft in the Air Force, I used to hope the same thing. But I still went to work everyday and I still reenlisted several times; and even though I was no longer a weapons loader, I was still most keenly aware of the ultimate expression of military might of our Armed Forces. And though I questioned my role in those forces at one time way back then, I had that question answered by a set of terrorists, no less: one day it might be necessary.

I didn’t want to bring this particular part of my background up again. It’s too much like playing the “chickenhawk” card, as Froggy said in the comments to this post. However, when I read some of the posts and columns which excoriate anyone who even considers naming a possible WMD target of the US in the wake of a WMD attack on us and I notice the dripping condescension from many of the various “arguments” against, I am reminded that (some) civilians forget the arsenal of death on which this country is sitting and what it is for: deterrence, either before or after. The purpose of the arsenal is for making an enemy think twice about attacking us either the first or the second time. Anything other purpose is secondary–if it exists at all–such as whether a nuking will make a given group hate us more or not.

Otherwise, why bother to maintain it?

To have someone say ‘don’t talk about it’ and tell me that I am ‘irresponsible’ for doing so makes me wonder what planet they’ve been living on. Then I remember that I am the one who has spent most of my adult life on “another planet,” a planet on which anyone with functioning cognition knows what our military’s purpose is and what it is capable of, security clearance or no.

I think that the nutcases who would detonate a WMD on our soil should be reminded, not told, but reminded of what we have waiting for any enemy that would obliterate an American city. We can keep arguing about whether certain targets are strategic or not, but since this enemy isn’t organized in the nation-state government structure [2016: yet], that question is far from answered. And to assume that it’s never talked about in “polite” company outside of secure information access facilities is, as I said before, naïve.

Let’s hope, however, for enemy’s sake–and ours–that the question at hand is never answered.

Tom Tancredo was right.

UPDATE: Maybe this post is apropos of today’s news. The results of being nice…what difference a decade makes, not to mention a president.  (ht: Instapundit)

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The Church does often set herself against the fashion of this world that passes away; and she has experience enough to know how very rapidly it does pass away

C.K. Chesterton

Yesterday I noted Stacy McCain’s piece on the ELCA and Augsburg College and stated that this is the logical conclusion from the Protestant reformation which has produced many denominations that no matter what you believe you’ll find a denomination that will affirm you.

It’s a lot like the global warming stuff, once you build a model based on error derivative models will get worse and worse till you’re predicting that the only safe place to build is a mountain range.

Stacy took note of this and followed up with a report at the sad state at Notre Dame which like Ireland has become a lot less Catholic

The rhetoric of “Beloved Friends and Allies” cannot disguise what actually happened, i.e., Notre Dame’s abject surrender to the totalitarian demands of an anti-Christian movement which is ruthlessly determined to destroy the Church, insofar as it cannot control the Church. When you see what “The Radical Theology of Feminism” has done to the liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), don’t you realize that if the Church refuses to cling to truth, and instead becomes “conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2), eventually there will be no Church at all? My Catholic friend Pete Da Tech Guy had a big “I told you so” at the expense of the Lutherans, but what does Notre Dame’s surrender portend?

Alas the record of Notre Dame is well known to longtime readers of this blog, starting with the Obama invite

I think the problem now is the sin of pride. Any retreat would be an embarrassment for Fr. Jenkins and that embarrassment trumps theology. Peters an expert of Canon Law has a solution:

Seriously, what I wonder is, why, amid the canon lawyers Jenkins claims to have consulted, not one, it seems, pointed out the most obvious solutions to their client’s problem:

The USCCB’s statement applies only to “Catholic institutions”, right? Well, all Jenkins and the ND board need do is declare that Notre Dame is not a “Catholic institution”, and poof! all these problems disappear. Notre Dame could confer honorary doctorates in law on anybody it wants after that, even on people who have built a career out of denying unborn babies the protection of law, and nary a bishop would say a word about it.

Of course then ND just becomes a college with a declining football program.

Which led to the Bishop skipping the ND graduation and Mary Ann Glendon turning down the Laetare Medal

A commencement, however, is supposed to be a joyous day for the graduates and their families. It is not the right place, nor is a brief acceptance speech the right vehicle, for engagement with the very serious problems raised by Notre Dame’s decision—in disregard of the settled position of the U.S. bishops—to honor a prominent and uncompromising opponent of the Church’s position on issues involving fundamental principles of justice.

Finally, with recent news reports that other Catholic schools are similarly choosing to disregard the bishops’ guidelines, I am concerned that Notre Dame’s example could have an unfortunate ripple effect.

It is with great sadness, therefore, that I have concluded that I cannot accept the Laetare Medal or participate in the May 17 graduation ceremony.

And alas we have reported that ND is not alone in its decent

Now this isn’t just a problem with Marquette, Other Catholic Colleges have had issues with their Catholic identities.

The Cardinal Newman Society, a Catholic higher education watchdog, reports almost daily on the worst (and occasionally the best) that Catholic institutions offer. For instance, Loyola Marymount University offers internshipswith the openly pro-choice group Feminist Majority Foundation. Gloria Steinem was hosted at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin, despite the objection of the local bishop. In a recent and highly publicized case, Marquette University is taking steps to fire a tenured professor who criticized a “graduate student instructor who told a student not to oppose same-sex marriage in her class.” Even Notre Dame has had its Catholic identity questioned—and by the Washington Post, at that.

And there is unfortunately plenty more where they came from.

To the point where I had to write my local Bishop after I toured a “Catholic” college recruiting one of my sons

We were excited when Sam was accepted at Anna Maria; even more so when they offered the largest (in dollars) scholarship of any of the nine colleges that have accepted and attempted to recruit him. We looked forward to the visit to the college and liked the prospect of a college that would expand both his faith and his educational horizons.

Then we actually visited the college.

Comparing your description of the college as a “great example of a Catholic institution…” and my experience I thought of George Weigel’s line commenting on the differing press releases concerning Speaker Pelosi visit to the Holy See: “Were Benedict XVI and Nancy Pelosi in the same meeting, or even in the same city?”

Speaker Pelosi would feel at home at Anna Maria. I’m not sure I could say the same for the Holy Father.

Which is why he went elsewhere.

So to answer Stacy and my many protestant friends who didn’t like that post of mine,  Yes we Catholic are aware of the state of Catholic education in America on the college level and have protested loudly against it.

However the big difference between this situation and the one at Augsberg is this:

The disgraceful actions of these Catholic colleges are acting contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and often against their own Bishops.

While Augsburg college’s programs are entirely consistent with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The Catholic Church continues to hold the line on Abortion, on Gay Marriage, on Contraception and more.  Remember it was less than a century ago when you couldn’t find a protestant denomination in America that supported any of these. As long as the Vatican continues to hold to the faith fed by the Eucharist the body and blood of Christ and informed via faith and Tradition traced in a direct unbroken line from St. Peter to Francis. As Christ himself put it:

And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.

Matthew 16:18

If the gates of Hell can’t stand against the Church how much less will any amount of colleges more worried about the world than their faith, stand against it in the long run?

Closing thought.  Let me remind you dear reader that when the Satanists came to Harvard it was Catholics who fought back and who showed up to march in procession in liberal Cambridge

and put on the pressure which led the Satanists to move off campus, produced prayer and reparation across the country and around the world, while at the same time the Chapel at St. Paul’s was filled to the brim with people worshiping in Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration is a practice I would recommend to every Christian I know.

Update: Added the excellent Chesterton quote at the top

It Ain’t over until it’s over

Yogi Berra

Of all the stories about Jackie Robinson that you might hear, the one that has stuck with me the most involves a moment of defeat.  A moment where he seemingly had no recourse but to accept defeat.

It was 3:58 PM on Oct 3rd 1951 and Bobby Thompson had just hit his “shot heard round the world” the Giants fans were going wild and as he circled the bases the Dodger players had all left the field, all that is but one.

In the Book:  Rickey and Robinson author Harvey Frommer describes the scene:

Now thousands were climbing out onto the field.  “Holy hell broke loose all over,” recalls former Giant Wes Westrum.  Only Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn defenders in the field remained at his position.  Hands on his hips, a scowl on his face,

In his own book The Man in the Crowd A fan’s notes on Four Generation of New York baseball Stanley Cohen recalls watching the game on TV with a friend who was confused by Robinson’s action.

“What’s he doing there?”  my friend wondered

“I think”, I said, “he’s making sure Thompson touches all the bases.”

He was right Frommer again:

He waited and watched to make sure that Thomson, trotting out the home run, touched every base.  “That was so characteristic of Jack,” observes Rachel Robinson.

Robinson knew that under the rules of baseball if Thompson missed a base he could be called out, he knew that it didn’t matter if the ball had cleared the fence, until that plate was touched the run hadn’t scored and the Dodgers didn’t lose and if he left the field before touching that plate the game remained tied and his Dodgers still has a chance.

And that brings us to today in Wisconsin and Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is getting angry about the delegate counts now saying that having to get to the delegate count that everybody knew was necessary from day 1 is unfair.

It’s an amazing argument.  It’s an argument he didn’t make when he announced in June.  It’s an argument that he didn’t make in January or February.  Only now with the realities of math against him are we hearing how unfair it is.

One might say it’s analogous to a 17 man field running a marathon and the leader at the 22 mile mark saying he should get credit for finishing the race.

Now I’ll concede that the GOP establishment doesn’t like Trump. I share Donald Trump supporter’s disdain and distrust for the GOP establishment. Trump supports are probably right that they will use dirty tricks and shady deals to try to keep from the nomination.

But expecting that he earn the 1237 delegates before the convention to clinch the nomination or persuade that number to support him after he gets there isn’t one of them.

1237 is not dirty tricks.  That’s just Jackie making sure all the bases are touched before walking off the field.


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