The first of a long series of posts highlighting parts of Amoris Laetitia that are getting little or no attention

Can you say RESPECT

17. Parents have a serious responsibility for this work of education, as the Biblical sages often remind us (cf. Prov 3:11-12; 6:20-22; 13:1; 22:15; 23:13-14; 29:17). Children, for their part, are called to accept and practice the commandment: “Honour your father and your mother” (Ex 20:12). Here the verb “to honour” has to do with the fulfilment of family and social commitments; these are not to be disregarded under the pretence of religious motives (cf. Mk 7:11-13). “Whoever honours his father atones for sins, and whoever glorifies his mother is like one who lays up treasure” (Sir 3:3-4).

In an age where we are taught that the Child is the superior of the parent the idea that not only is it up to the partent to educate the kid (can you say home schooling?) But the idea that it is incumbant on children to repect their parents rather than question them is positively radical.

And we see yet another chapter of God’s not dead.

22. In this brief review, we can see that the word of God is not a series of abstract ideas but rather a source of comfort and companionship for every family that experiences difficulties or suffering. For it shows them the goal of their journey, when God “will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more” (Rev 21:4).

Is this pope suggesting to the world that God and scripture is reality rather than a bunch of ideas that are NBD, what will the press say?

Even worse is the suggestion that every family has issues, even the holy family.

30. Every family should look to the icon of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Its daily life had its share of burdens and even nightmares, as when they met with Herod’s implacable violence. This last was an experience that, sad to say, continues to afflict the many refugee families who in our day feel rejected and helpless. Like the Magi, our families are invited to contemplate the Child and his Mother, to bow down and worship him (cf. Mt 2:11). Like Mary, they are asked to face their family’s challenges with courage and serenity, in good times and bad, and to keep in their heart the great things which God has done (cf. Lk 2:19, 51). The treasury of Mary’s heart also contains the experiences of every family, which she cherishes. For this reason, she can help us understand the meaning of these experiences and to hear the message God wishes to communicate through the life of our families.

You mean we’re supposed to trust in God and deal with real life instead of blaming others and consider ourself victims? Ridliclious, why our whole modern culture is based on it!

In this seemingly eternal primary “season” – if you can call a season something that lasts for nearly two years – the political observer tires, groaning from sheer exhaustion.

At  least I do.

So it’s refreshing to come across fellow conservatives who are both interesting and entertaining.

I met Evan Sayet at CPAC years ago. Sharp and seriously funny, he is the author of KinderGarden Of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks (which made it to Amazon Number One in paperback, Commentary and Opinion), with a video version on YouTube. Evan tours the country and announces his schedule at his website and his Facebook page. Friends that went to his show laughed hard.

I haven’t met Andrew Klavan in person, but he’s podcasting daily at The Daily Wire. The audio podcasts are free, but you can also subscribe to the video podcasts. A podcast doesn’t go by without a good laugh from his material. My favorite joke so far was when Ted Cruz was endorsed by Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney,

The endorsements arrived on Cruz’s doorstep in the dead of night, wrapped in plain brown paper, and bearing a note that read, “Watch your step, you lousy Cuban, or John McCain will endorse you next.”

Klavan didn’t podcast for a week while the sound studio was remodeled, but now he’s back and even funnier.

In more serious yet interesting ways, Ed Morrissey, a friend who has been a big supporter of my blog for years, is on book tour for Going Red. He’s been on the radio and TV talk shows – today in NYC.

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It’s a long primary season, but we can enjoy it by promoting the culture that fosters conservatism.

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Mr. Rickey, I thought when I signed the contract I signed for one thing. There is a ‘W’ column, and there is an ‘L’ column. I thought it was my obligation and duty to put as many as I could under that ‘W’ column.

Leo Durocher Nice Guys finish last.

This year MLB made two rule changes/clarifications involving plays at 2nd base, one favoring offense and one favoring defense.

For the offense the rule clarification states that the fielder making a play at 2nd on a double play has to touch the base having control of the ball for the force out, in the past being close was generally enough for the umpire to call the runner out on a force.

For the defense the ability to “take out” a 2nd baseman or shortstop has been greatly limited. If the runner shows any sign of deviating from a direct path to 2nd base to interfere with the pivot throw to first, or raises an arm or leg to o so, he will be cited for interference and the batter called out.

Now there are many who don’t like these rule changes as they are affecting baseball customs that have been in place for years however no matter how much one might object to these changes, a MLB manager who wants to win is no more likely to tell his players to ignore these rule changes than an AL manager is to decide to allow his pitchers to bat because he dislikes the DH.

And that brings us to Donald Trump and Colorado.

When Donald Trump’s people say that the Colorado primary system was changed to favor the establishment he is likely correct as the GOP was trying to protect a potential frontrunner like Jeb Bush from an insurgent like a Ted Cruz and like those baseball fans they have every right to say they don’t like this new system.

However this doesn’t change the fact that these changes were made back in August of 2015 and at the time the changes were made neither Donald Trump campaign nor any other said a word.

In fact they didn’t say a word all of 2015 as I tweeted

However while every campaign didn’t say a word about the changes only one of the three remaining candidates decided to incorporate the rule changes in their Colorado campaign.

That man was Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump may not like the new rules, Donald Trump might object to the new rules, but if he wants to blame someone for not winning any delegates in Colorado this year, he should look in the mirror.