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Originally posted February 5, 2004, as one can tell by the names and positions of the principle players. Since I often repost my older work, but don’t keep track of it, I’m always a bit concerned that a post may be a repeat of a repeat. If this one is, please forgive me, but know this: I don’t repost my old posts at random. There is always a contemporaneous point to be gleaned. And, sometimes, I’ll let the reader glean it for self.


It’s fascinating how the human mind works; how we’re able to block out memories that are too painful. I submit that this ability is a defense against insanity, with which some are more blessed than others.

I think also that some are too “blessed” with this ability. Often, this defense mechanism is so strong, that not only are some able to block out harm inflicted upon them, but harm that they have inflicted upon others.

Sometimes this neat trick of blocking unpleasant facts/occurrences is so strong, that some can’t even remember events that conflict with their view of how the world works. If they think all blacks are inferior, they won’t recall meeting the black physicist; if they think all rich people steal from the poor, they won’t remember reading about any self-made millionaires that had a “dream:” a product or a service for which millions of people shelled out money through their own free will.

Amazing, this ability.

A friend who thinks that any occurrence that might work in a given Republican’s favor is some sort of conspiracy, postulated that the [2004] ricin special delivery to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s (R-TN) office was a plot hatched by the RNC. When I pointed out that the previous senate majority leader, Tom Daschle (D-SD) had also been the recipient of a similar terrorist—yes, terrorist—attack (anthrax) in the immediate wake of 9/11, she, somehow, didn’t remember that.

This good and warm-hearted lady didn’t even remember that three people died as a result of the anthrax attack. Is she a monster? Definitely not. Does she care about terrorists attacking fellow citizens of our country? Most definitely yes. Did she simply forget about it? No. Does she have a poor memory? No.

There was no “oh, yeah, that’s right” moment. The Daschle-postal worker anthrax attack simply no longer existed in her memory. No Democrat senate majority leader had been attacked exactly like the Republican one. The memory was blocked because it conflicted with the Big Concept: the Evil Republicans have their hand in everything.

Observing this phenomenon (yet again) reinforced a lesson I’ve tried (and sometimes failed) to keep at the forefront of my own mind when dealing with otherwise fine and intelligent human beings that irrationally—as opposed to rationally—disagree with an opinion of mine.

No matter how valid the reasoning nor how provable the item stated as fact, some people simply will not believe what’s right in front of their eyes if it conflicts with their cherished belief(s). Some will hold onto the block for dear life and attack you as if you’ve struck one of their children; for all intents and purposes, you have.

I’ll keep ‘talking’ about my own opinions, but if another’s reason isn’t more valid than mine, I’m not going to beat my head against a brick wall about it; not anymore. If the reasoning is more valid than mine, however, rest assured: I’ll re-think my position.

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Apparently, college rape epidemic not withstanding to Democrats When it comes to the War on Women Chalk is much more dangerous that a Drunken Frat guy at a party.

What else can we conclude from this story:

Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich today told a female college student concerned about “sexual violence, harassment and rape” that she should not “go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”

The first-year student asked Kasich at a town hall in Watertown, New York, what he would “do in office as president to help me feel safer and more secure regarding sexual violence, harassment, and rape?”

Kasich, the governor of Ohio, spoke about empowering victims by ensuring access to confidential reporting and rape kits. “You ought to absolutely know that if something happens to you along the lines of sexual harassment or whatever,” he said.

His suggestion to avoid drunken college parties has produced this from Democrats

Democrats pounced on Kasich’s response. “Republican presidential candidates like John Kasich and Donald Trump are insulting women everyday [sic] on the campaign trail by blaming victims of sexual and domestic violence,” a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, Christina Freundlich, said in a statement.

Meanwhile Chalk is still banned at DePaul and our friends on the left are down with it.

So to sum up:

For our friends on the left, writing “trump 2016” in chalk on the sidewalk creates such an unsafe environment that it must be stopped at all costs (thus making Milo’s Yiannopoulos Emory chalking a story) , BUT a presidential candidate advising a young women concerned about her safety on campus that avoiding drunken parties is a good idea is an act so outrageous that it’s worth frienzied media coveraged by ABC, the Guardian,Slate, Politico, CNN and a bunch of leftiest bloggers.

After all how can we even think about worrying about drunken parties when there are still people with chalk walking free on any campus?

If you want to know why some of us thought the culture war was worth fighting, this is it.

Closing Thought If Animal House took place in 2016 instead of 1962 right now Otter and company would be checking the facebook profiles of all the leftists outraged over Kasich to find out if any of them have daughters at or near Faber college for their party email blast…

…and Dean Wormer would plotting to confiscate their chalk.


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Who could have seen this coming:

Last week American Apparel, the biggest clothing maker in Los Angeles, said it might outsource the making of some garments to another manufacturer in the U.S., and wiped out about 500 local jobs. The company still employs about 4,000 workers in Southern California.

and it’s not just the big manufacturers who are getting hit

Felix Seo has been making clothes for wholesale in downtown for 30 years. His company, Joompy, used to count giant retailers like Forever 21 among its clients. But as prices have gone up in recent years, he said, those fast-fashion peddlers are no longer giving him orders.

“I used to pay $5 to get this sewn, and now it costs $6.50,” Seo said, holding up a patterned dress. “But my customer doesn’t want to pay that, so I can’t sell it anymore.”

To survive, Seo, 59, said Joompy may have to start importing goods instead of producing them locally. “It will be impossible to make clothes in Los Angeles,” he said.

The Unions of course are saying it’s all greed

“It’s always, ‘Oh woe is me, If I pay minimum wage at this rate I can’t turn a profit,'” said Nativo Lopez, a senior adviser with Hermandad Mexicana, which is helping American Apparel workers unionize.

Of course that would be more believable if the Unions didn’t get exemptions from the minimum wage:

Martinez, a 53-year-old bellhop, has hauled tourists’ luggage across the flagstone plaza of the Sheraton Universal in Studio City for two decades. He said he was excited after the council’s vote to raise the minimum hourly wage at large hotels to $15.37, which he expected to boost his paycheck by 71%.

He soon found out he wouldn’t be getting a raise after all. Under an obscure provision of the city’s wage hike, unionized hotels were granted an exemption allowing them to pay their employees less. The result is that Martinez, who pays $56.50 every month for membership in the hotel workers union Unite Here, now makes less than those doing the same job in non-union workplaces.

“That’s what really makes me mad,” Martinez said. “I just wanted to be treated equal. Don’t exempt us, because we’re the ones paying union dues.”

I’m old enough to remember when Unions didn’t fight for the right to treat their members as 2nd class citizens.

But either way the working poor in LA are discovering that the real minimum wage is always zero.

I wonder if anyone will mention this to Hillary or Bernie?


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