Living by Faith

by baldilocks

So I’m done talking about the untimely death of one Prince Rogers Nelson (music link; acoustic);

Done talking about the Left-manufactured controversy regarding gender and bathrooms;

Done talking about the ascension of the Harriet Tubman image to the 20-dollar Federal Reserve Note;

Done talking about the on-going hoax being perpetrated by Donald Trump…

…well at least for today.

I just want to think about stuff like this:

Fairy tale endings really do exist.

Evelyn and Rocky were homeless for three years before being discovered living in a tent in the woods by a Floridian police officer.

Since marriage licenses in Florida cost almost a hundred dollars, the couple had been unable to arrange for an official wedding for years.

Sympathetic to the couple who was down on their luck, the officer placed them on a waiting list for permanent housing–and raised $20,000 for a donated dream wedding.

Complete with wedding photographer, flowers, lights, rings, and video, the results were a sight to “have and to hold.”

On my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I often post positive stories—not because I’m a goody-two-shoes, but

The Happy Couple: Photo by Carrie Wildes Photography
The Happy Couple; Photo by Carrie Wildes Photography

for humanitarian reasons, nonetheless. Since reading them makes me feel less misanthropic, I figure that these will have the same effect on others.

This one did bring up a political angle, along with a personal angle in my mind; I had recently been involved in a Twitter discussion about federal and state governments’ mostly dubious role in the sanctioning of marriage…and most know that I was homeless for the better part of last year.

Mostly, however, I find it uplifting that two people still want to promise to spend the rest of their lives with each other under such circumstances. God bless these fine people.

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