Just under a year ago, before his suspension was overturned I wrote about how Tom Brady’s suspension had a huge silver lining for the Patriots:

First of all Tom Brady is 37 years old, while he is arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history even the greatest gets old and the toll of 15 seasons of getting hit has to have a cumulative effect on a body.

Second of all the Patriots are a pragmatic bunch of folks, they understand Brady is getting older and need to start considering who might be replacing him down the line.

Third of all how do you motivate a man who is:

1. Married to a Supermodel
2. Has all the money he will ever need
3. Has all already been to six superbowls and won 4

That’s why this suspension will do wonders for everybody.

Well now Brady’s suspension has been reinstated by the US appeals court

Last year, a federal court ruled that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had not treated New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady fairly in a disciplinary investigation, overturning a four-game suspension at the start of the 2015 season. Today, the 2nd Circuit threw a flag on the lower court and Brady, overturning the ruling and reinstating the suspension:

Other than the fact that Tom Brady’s is now 38 instead of 37 every single argument I made concerning the advantages of Brady getting a 4 week rest to start the season still applies.

Add to that the fact that the only reason Brady did not reach his 7th superbowl was a missed 2 pt conversion and the questionable coaching decision not to settle for 3 points with plenty of time on the clock on several occasions you have to believe Tom will want that 5th ring even more than he did last year.

I suggest the fans of Buffalo, Houston, Arizona and Miami enjoy their 4 game Bradyless windfall (which are not btw guaranteed wins for them) because after those four games the rest of the league is going to be paying for it.

P.S.  None of this changes the fact that there is absolutely no way minor functionaries fiddled with footballs without the knowledge and or consent of their QB and if you believe they would you’ll believe anything.  Yet it is a minor thing which produces a miniscule if any advantage but you’re not telling me it didn’t happen.

By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – As Louisiana struggles to keep the lights on in the state and as legislators continue to make cuts and raise taxes as they try to balance the budget, what most Louisiana residents were upset about last week was the luxury chicken coop Governor John Bel Edwards has had built (with his own money) on the grounds of the governor’s mansion.  Inside the coop he has sixteen hens and hopes to have fresh eggs soon.

For some reason, this upsets people.  “Country comes to town,” they’re saying.

I’m no fan of John Bel Edwards, by far.  He’s an Obama Democrat through and through, but if the guy wants to put a chicken coop in the yard, who cares?

Why begrudge the guy some fresh eggs?

Maybe he’ll inspire some kids to raise chickens.

But the whole affair is making for some really bad, and sometimes funny, headlines and newswriting, and some painful metaphors:

Caught smack dab in the middle of this political game of chicken is the TOPS college scholarship program. In plain speak: Funding for one of the state’s most cared about programs — from the every day voter’s perspective — is being held hostage until one side caves.

Sad, but true.  Thousands of kids across the state, and their parents, are worried about college next fall where a couple of months ago they were depending on the TOPS scholarship program to see them through.

And while I’m certainly guilty of typos and the occasional sloppy writing, I don’t get paid by a news organization to write like this:

By the way, in addition to bringing recycling to the mansion, the Edwards have also added a chicken coup and a garden.

If the chickens are planning a revolution, perhaps Edwards needs to add a pig names Snowball to the mansion farm.

If you search Facebook for John Bel Edwards and chickens, you’ll find reams of outrage and approval.

Really, it’s just chickens, people.

Calm down.

And if you’re invited to dinner at the governor’s mansion, order the steak.DaTe


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Lately I’ve been feeling rather depressed about America.

Despite a few pools of light the more I look at where we are headed, the more I see how quickly society has caved the more I realize that America is in a serious decline that will only end when we have a demographic and social shift back to basic values and objective truth.

However as this depression about my country took hold a thought hit me from an earlier post that I had completely forgotten:

So the next time someone decides to give you a speech about the evils of “income inequality” as they text from their iPhone that gives them not only worldwide communication but access to almost the entirety of human knowledge of all time ask them the question that has never occurred to them between facebook posts:

“Income inequality compared to when?”

And that’s when it hit me.  I’m depressed because I’m comparing America to the America I knew growing up, to the America I was taught and told about by my parents and grandparents, to the America I read in innumerable history books and compared to those Americas we’re not so much dying as committing suicide as a culture and a society.

But the reality is we live in April 2016 and when I say how horrible America has become the proper question is:  Compared to Where?

Europe is a mess, unable to defend itself, economically troubled, in demographic free fall and completely unable to control its borders.

The Middle east is, well the middle east, an economic and social basket case where civil rights are a pipe dream and where a whole race of people spend their time being held back by thugs bent on slaughter and power.  There is one island of sanity, but the price of that Island is to be in perpetual warfare against millions whose primary goal is their slaughter.

Africa remains a place of great potential in many ways , but in addition to the various islamic rebel movements that continue to cause slaughter , many of the states have traded white minority rule and the discrimination that came with it for black strongman or one party  rule and with it famine and oppression and a lack of personal safety.

In South America Brazil and Venezuela are a mess, poverty remains the rule rather than the exception and socialism continues to run rampant.

In Asia both Russia & China their military power notwithstanding are both demographic and economics bubbles waiting to burst.  Japan meanwhile, while it has kept its culture intact has a population so adverse to reproducing that a lot of its brainpower has devoted its expertise into making robotic companions for people young and old to simulate what normally comes with basic humanity.  India continues to be an amazing mix of poverty and wealth,  innovation and backwardness, safety and danger while always being one crisis away from war.

Australia and New Zealand are by comparison doing much better than the rest protected like America by the surrounding seas but also infected by the same weeds that have infested the American cultural garden.

Bottom line, when I get depressed about America all I have to do is think about the rest of the world.

So the next time you, like me, go on about how America is in the hole culturally, economically, militarily and socially don’t forget to ask yourself the question:

Compared to Where?

It’s a great tribute to those who came before us that even eight years of Barack Obama and his corrupt minions has not been able to stop the United States from remaining as Lincoln put it, The Last best hope on earth.


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