Jack Tripper:  Sir excuse me I have to get in there, that man is a psycho.
Matre di: Ridiculous, That man is doctor Miller, the Psychiatrist.
Jack Tripper:  Oh come ON, Who are you going to believe, him or me? Anyone can tell you they’re a psychiatrist I just did.

Three’s Company Two flew over the cuckoo’s nest 1981

The story that Facebook has been playing games to suppress news stories favorable to conservatives while promoting liberal ones should surprise nobody who is paying attention.

However reading this via Glenn from the NYT, that surprised me:

Even if you believe that Facebook isn’t monkeying with the trending list or actively trying to swing the vote, the reports serve as timely reminders of the ever-increasing potential dangers of Facebook’s hold on the news. . . .

The question isn’t whether Facebook has outsize power to shape the world — of course it does, and of course you should worry about that power. If it wanted to, Facebook could try to sway elections, favor certain policies, or just make you feel a certain way about the world, as it once proved it could do in an experiment devised to measure how emotions spread online.

I’m sorry but does nobody get the irony of the NYT warning about Facebook trying to sway elections and favoring certain politics by manipulating people?

I’m half surprised that the piece didn’t end with, “Hey that’s our racket!”

Tuesday I wrote that the traits of a British sailor exhibited the traits described in the song “A British Tar” from HMS Pinafore would cause our special snowflakes to be triggered.

Given what we have seen from the Obama Navy I’ve been thinking of how these lyrics would change to fit the current PC/SJW version of our armed forces. I think that the song President Obama and his administration would kindly compose for our sailors to sing would go  something like this:

♫  A US tar is a timid soul,
As caged as a canary bird,
His lethargic wrist should be ready to acquiesce
To our new inclusive word.  ♫

♫  His nose should drip
and his lip should frown,
His cheeks should droop
and his pride breakdown,
His bosom should sigh
and his heart should slow,
And his knees be ever ready
to submit to foes.  ♫

♫  His nose should drip
and his lip should frown,
His cheeks should droop
and his pride breakdown,
His bosom should sigh
and his heart should slow,
And his knees be ever ready
to submit to foes.  ♫

♫  His eyes should dim with a quenched fire,
His brow with resignation wrung;
He ever should bow down
to our scolding from above,
And the tang of a pc tongue. ♫

♫  His foot should shake, and his throat should gulp,
His hands should quake, and his face should sulk;
His eyes show fear, and his breast be mewed,
And submits freely to a passive attitude. ♫

♫ His foot should shake, and his throat should gulp,
His hands should quake, and his face should sulk;
His eyes show fear, and his breast be mewed,
And submits freely to a passive attitude.
passive attitude
passive attitude
passive attitude. ♫

As I wrote this parody two really sad things hit me:

I’m pretty sure this perfectly encapsulate what the Iranians think about the Obama navy right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already singing it.

Given the PC risk/reward structure of our current armed forces a US sailor who would and should object to such a song would  hesitate to object if this was sung in his presence by an Iranian for fear of disciplinary action from above.

On the other hand if any of the US navy vets I knew from World War were present with this song sung without objection said sailor would undoubtedly first deck the singer who dared insult the navy by such as song, then deck the US sailor who allowed the insult without reaction, even it cost him his navy pension.

And if Hillary Clinton is sworn in come January 2017 he would.

Sheldon: Biologically speaking, Howard is perfectly justified in seeking out the optimum mate for the propagation of his genetic line.

Howard: Thank you, Sheldon.

Sheldon: Now, whether that propagation is in the interest of humanity is, of course, an entirely different question.

The Big Bang Theory The Vengeance Formulation 2009

His goal had nothing to do the reporters or networks covering him.  He wasn’t playing the game by the rules they expected, he made his own rules and made them play along. He accomplished exactly what he wanted to do in the way he wanted to do it.

In other words he punked the MSM and punked them good and just like Bart in Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles, he’s laughing at them.

DaTechGuy:  Donald Trump’s Announcement Speech: Mission Accomplished

This has been a bad week for the narrative of the MSM

This week Quinnipiac University has made the startling discovery that the MSM’s insistence that a Trump Clinton race is a foregone conclusion might just be a tad flawed:

Quinnipiac University released three new surveys Tuesday that showed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee virtually tied with Clinton in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, three states viewed as crucial in racking up the number of electoral-college votes needed to secure the presidency.

According to Quinnipiac, the former secretary of state led Trump by just a single point in Florida and Pennsylvania. And the university’s poll of likely Ohio voters found Trump leading in Ohio, 43% to 39%.

It’s worth noting that this is taking place after the media has spent the last year not only laughing at the candidacy of Donald Trump while declaring him racist, sexist and completely unacceptable, but telling us on a regular basis that he is doomed in a general election matchup with Hillary Clinton.

To say this has democrats scared to death is an understatement and the focus group (via Glenn) data isn’t looking good either:

Trump has a very simple economic message: The elites have screwed you with trade deals that have sucked jobs out of the country. He’d bring them roaring back by kicking the asses of other countries, international bureaucrats and elites, CEOs who ship jobs overseas, and immigrants who are eating out of American workers’ lunch buckets.

If this focus grouping is right, the challenge for Democrats, in addition to cranking up core Dem groups, will be to persuade swing voters not just that Trump is wholly unfit for the job, but that he’s also running a massive economic con.

And some are really scared:

No Democrat has ever run against a candidate like Trump. He overturns every settled ideological and temperamental expectation of normal politics. He will go after you with a ferocity we’ve never seen before, and the assault will be unremitting — yes, on the stump, in TV and radio ads, and in the debates, but also in 24/7 cable news coverage and an endless stream of infectiously quotable tweets, half of them capped by what’s become this election cycle’s all-purpose three-letter dismissal: Sad!

And if that isn’t enough, the MSM Narrative that Hillary Clinton has the nomination sewed up keeps running into Bernie Sanders continuing to score inconvenient wins by (in this case by 15 pts).

Bernie Sanders won the West Virginia Democratic primary on Tuesday over Hillary Clinton.

The Vermont senator’s victory bolsters his decision to stay in the race even though the delegate math is heavily in Clinton’s favor. Sanders won Indiana last week and could win several other states slated to vote this month.

“West Virginia is a working-class state, and like many other states in this country — including Oregon — working people are hurting. And what the people of West Virginia said tonight, and I believe the people of Oregon and Kentucky will say next week, is that we need an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent,” Sanders told a supporters at a rally in Oregon Tuesday evening. That state votes next Tuesday.

It’s worth noting that the NPR when talking about the math doesn’t bring up the fact that Hillary Can’t clinch the nomination before the convention without superdelegates who can change their votes on a whim.

It doesn’t help the “presumptive nominee” narrative that while Bernie was winning a state that Hillary took by a wide margin in 2008 the other “presumptive nominee” Trump was winning Nebraska, a state he was expected to lose a week ago.

Of course that didn’t stop CNN from the moment the state was called for Sanders immediately spinning on air that Sanders team has actually given up and is only playing out the primaries for show.

What does all this mean, just this.

If swing state polling keeps showing Donald Trump capable of beating Hillary and Bernie Sanders keeps winning primaries I suspect a lot of superdelegates are going to find themselves thinking they might be better off with the candidate who polls better than Clinton vs Trump.

Be afraid Hillary, be very afraid.


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