We’ve written about the issues of Hollywood pedophilia quite a bit around here

Now Elijah Wood has spoken up and here is the coverage we are seeing


Remember Wood was the star of arguably one of the most popular film franchises of the last 20 years and the press this is getting is practically zero.

I wonder if they can interview him for a sequel to this movie

Given where our national debate is these days I suspect pretty soon he will be called a bigot for even objecting to this stuff?

If Wood was talking about the Catholic Church instead of Hollywood would there be any other story in media?

KANSAS CITY, MO —  We are on the road and so the weekly Report from Louisiana is this week, Report from Somewhere in the Midwest.   It does one good to get out of customary surroundings from time to time and see things.

My spouse does the driving and I peer out the windows at old buildings, cows, dried up little towns, and all too often construction cones.  This is always more interesting if you’re off the interstate but ours is a quick trip home to see family before a calendar full of obligations back home kick in in a couple of weeks, so we are travelling crowded interstate this trip.

Can we just talk for a moment about how many people are texting and driving 75 mph through the heartland?  As a passenger, I have the luxury of being able to look at other drivers, which I especially make a point to do if they are driving unusually slow in a 75 mph zone or weaving all over the lane.  More often than not, there’s a cell phone involved.

The statistics are frightening.  According to the National Safety Council, in 2013 a minimum of 341,000 crashes involved texting and driving.  That’s 26% of crashes due to texting.  Thirty-three percent of drivers surveyed admitting to texting and driving often.

I’m not talking about while sitting at a red light, mind you.  I was hurtling down the interstate all day long today passing one car after another with cell phone aloft as the driver was either reading or typing a text.

Please stop.

As families head out in their SUVs and head to grandmas, the beach, the mountains, wherever, please keep your cell phone stowed away until you get to a rest stop.

I firmly believe that penalties for drivers who cause an accident (if they survive) due to texting and driving should face the same penalties as drunk drivers.  They are both incredibly dangerous.  The general public widely supports stiffer penalties  yet so far nothing much as been done on that front (with the exception of Alaska who reduced penalties).

Perhaps we could just govern ourselves on this one, eh?


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

This post is going to sound a tad unusual.

As you might have noted from a previous post this year, the Holy Father has for the year of Mercy (which runs from Dec. 8, 2015, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception to Nov. 20, 2016) declared several available indulgences (under normal conditions) including one for going through any of the designated Holy Doors at multiple locations around the world.

It so happens that one of said doors is in my city so this year I have been taking advantage of this situation to the point where I have literally gone though every dead relative and friend or parents of friends that I can remember to obtain, by the grace of God, indulgences for them. Given I come from Sicilian parents born in the 1920’s that’s no easy feat but as I regularly go to daily mass and weekly confession obtaining daily indulgences has been less complicated than for most.

With over 150 days to go in the Holy Year I thought about going through the rotor for them all again (after all any attachment to sin turns a Plenary indulgence into a partial one so it’s can’t hurt to do it again) but I thought I’d do something different.

I am literally opening up the floor to readers. Do you have a dead relative or friend that you would like me to pray for and by the grace of God obtain an indulgence for? Simply leave their name in comments and I will make it a point to do so during this year of mercy.

I’m limiting the number to the first 100 names simply because I can’t guarantee that I will be in a position to go through the holy doors every day as I’ll be traveling a few times during this period and don’t know if there will be another Holy Door available nearby. Furthermore as one must be in a state of grace to earn an indulgence I can’t guarantee that I won’t succumb to temptation and thus lose days before obtaining sacramental confession and I don’t want to be in a position that I can’t do something I’ve promised.

Don’t worry BTW if you are not Catholic or your departed loved one was not, the existence of Purgatory is not dependent on either your or their beliefs in its existence. Furthermore if a person I’m praying for is either already in heaven (thus not needing the indulgence) or already in Hell (thus unable to benefit from it) said indulgence will go to the deposit of faith which will be used to good effect.

Finally if you want notification of when said indulgence was earned leave that information in your comment.

So start sending me the names and I’ll get praying and get though those doors for them.

And remember check with your local diocese, it’s very probable that such a door exists in your area as well, take advantage of it while you can as the next scheduled holy year doesn’t come until 2025.

FYI if you want to know the conditions to earn an indulgence the details are below the fold

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