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Before the death of the legendary Muhammad Ali—a Muslim–I said a prayer for him–that God the Father might draw him to Jesus the Christ—and I said so on Social Media. I expected one of my few Muslim friends to take offense to this, but it is many professed Christians who seem have more of a problem with my prayer.

I wonder what Bible they’re reading—a rhetorical musing because I know that reading and comprehending are two separate concepts.

Now let’s get this straight; I have no idea whether God answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to my prayer and I’m okay with not knowing. What gets me is how many Christians are saying that no deathbed conversions exist. I mean, how would anyone know one way or the other? And some are ridiculing the notion that we Christians should pray for the conversion of Ali’s Muslim family!

And then there’s that whole chronicle about the thief on the cross—the one who, through an act of faith, got a last minute get-out-of-Hell free card—a death “bed” conversion. When I mentioned it, someone actually told me that this was a one-time event—that it would never happen again!

Seriously, why believe in a god who can’t see what’s in your heart, who doesn’t know your heart infinitely better than you know it yourself, and who can’t have mercy on even the worst of us in seconds?

Why believe in a God who can’t make a day last longer than the standard 24 hours?

Why believe in a God who can’t take a murderer of Christians and turn him into Christ’s most convincing earthly apologist?

I’m unfamiliar with this deity in which many Christians say they believe—this god whose name is not El Shaddai.

I’m also unfamiliar with a deity who does not want us to pray for living unbelievers—like most of Ali’s family and a few members of my own.

I’m told that God is not willing that any should perish and that followers of Christ can move mountains with faith-fueled prayer, but some of my naysayers seem to be ignoring those words.

Whoever this limited deity is in whom some Christians say they believe, I don’t think he’s worth worshiping. As for Ali, he knows the truth now, and it’s likely that he’s full of regret. Not certain, but likely.

Don’t let that be your fate, Christians; the God I do know says that we will give an account for everything we say and do. I have enough stuff to account for and I’m sure that you do, too. Friendly advice: limit the list.

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Summary:  We’re Zygon, we’re proud and we’re here to stay!

Plot: The delicate treaty negotiated between the Humans and Zygons is threatened by a splinter group that is sick of pretending to be human and has launched an ambitious plan to cause every Zygon in the world to be revealed and force the issue of invasion.  Can the Doctor, Clara, Kate Stewart and the remaining Osgood (remember one of them was killed by Missy/The Master) be able to stop this and reestablish a cease fire and will they live long enough to even try?


Writing:   Peter Harness’ writing is interesting and manages to juggle many different aspects of the story in a lot of different directions.  His use of the dynamic of all the characters in pretty much solo situations Osgood Clara the Doctor and particularly Kate are excellent, you never quite know where it is going (except for the soldiers scene where we all knew where it was going).

Acting: Ingrid Oliver continues to impress as Osgood and Jemma Redgrave really holds up her end.  Capaldi does his usual good job as does Coleman.

Memorable Moments: There is no backup (that’s it btw)

Doctor Who Flashbacks: The Whole 50th anniversary is the opening, the whole “president of the world” thing

Oddities: Osgood refers to the Zygons as peaceful?  Since when?

Pet Peeves:  I’m sorry but the Zygons are a spacefaring race and they now have people in Unit.  There is absolutely no reason why they couldn’t find a more suitable planet to settle on if they didn’t like earth.  This is a gigantic plot hole that while less important in the 50th anniversary in the context of the invasion, is a real problem here.

Great Quote

The Doctor: Oh, I see you’ve accessorised it.
Osgood: Yes.
The Doctor: The old question marks.
Osgood:  You used to wear question marks. 
The Doctor: Oh, I know yes, I did. 
Osgood: They were nice.  Why don’t you wear them anymore.
The Doctor: Oh, I do.  I’ve got question mark underpants.
Osgood: Makes you wonder what the question is.

Final Verdict: 3 1/2 stars. Not bad at all

Ranking of Season: 7th of 7.  Well that’s just because it’s been a pretty good season

1st. The Girl who Died
2nd. The Witch’s Familiar
3rd. The Magician’s Apprentice
4th. The Woman who lived
5th. Before the Flood
6th. Under the Lake
7th. The Zygon Invasion

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: n/a

1st. Last Christmas
2nd. The Caretaker
3rd. The Girl who Died
4th. The Witch’s Familiar
5th. Mummy on the Orient Express
6th. Into the Dalek
7th. Dark Water
8th. Listen
9th. Flatline
10th. Robots of Sherwood

When I look at the foes of Donald Trump and the riots that our friends on the left keep holding I keep asking myself why are they doing something so stupid?

Given the nature of voter turnout the last thing they want to do is upset and energize a community to the point where they turn out in droves for Mr. Trump. The sight of people being attacked and the knowledge that our friends on the left will not only make excuses for said attacks but, when in power, command that said attackers not hindered, is a chilling warning that if the left keeps power, those who oppose them will be targeted by those in government, and those wishing to cause harm encouraged to do so without fear.

If that’s not a good reason to vote Trump I’d like to know what is. So why provide said reason?

The more I think of it the more I conclude the answer is all about the ultimate goal of creating their own “Miguel Brown” moment.

While the media does it’s best to avoid covering said riots (and Trump doesn’t help by giving them reasons to do so) if eventually an armed Trump supporter, seeing that police will not protect him or his wife, decides to protect himself by shooting and killing one of these animals (and I’m sorry if you are rioting and assaulting people you are an animal) THEN the media narrative changes.

Suddenly instead of a rioter attacking a Trump supporter it is the story of a protester being killed while exercising his first amendment right. Suddenly you will have CNNABCNBCMSNBCNBCNYTLTPBS go full Ferguson doing their best to highlight tensions in the hope of energizing a black and hispanic vote that doesn’t care for Hillary and might just notice that the Democrats they are voting for are letting their cities fall apart.

This is the election year narrative they want and they will happily sacrifice the life of some useful idiot or many useful idiots to get it.

Don’t doubt it for a second. This is what they are looking for and don’t think for a second that even video will stop them from spinning this into anything but murder. Remember the “hand up don’t shoot” lie.

Nevermind that such moves will cause violence nationwide and cost lives? What are those lives compared to enabling liberals holding power?

This is coming be prepared.