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Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family fame reports that the presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has “accepted” Jesus the Christ.

I believe he really made a commitment,” said the highly influential evangelical leader. “But he’s a baby Christian. We all need to be praying for him, especially if there’s a possibility of him being the next executive officer.”

Dobson’s comments came in an interview following the “historic” meeting between Trump and about 1,000 evangelical leaders on Tuesday. Pastor Michael Anthony, president of Godfactor and founder of the National Week of Repentance, caught up with Dr. Dobson to get his thoughts on the event and Trump, whose strained relationship with evangelicals has resulted in him ramping up his Christian outreach efforts.

If this is so, then I’m happy for Donald Trump and would not presume to question whether his conversion is a true one or not. That is between him and God.

And I especially like this.

Anthony said Trump was particularly passionate about ending the ban on endorsing political candidates from the pulpit, a law introduced by Lyndon Johnson, saying, “When I get in, we’re going to change that.”

You may recall that I wrote about the Johnson Amendment of 1954 a while back. You may also recall that Trump had already claimed to be a Christian but said that he had not repented. Presumably, now he has corrected that error.

Who do I have a problem with then? It’s these pastors and their language— the language of adherence to man-made so-called Christian traditions, rather than adherence to the Word of God as is.

First of all, one does not “accept” Christ, nor can any person lead another to Christ. One can only present another with the Gospel and that person makes his/her own choice. God the Father draws individuals to Jesus Christ—a supernatural occurrence. There is no other way.

And this conversation between Dobson and Anthony made me twitch.

“I think that he’s open,” he  continued. “He doesn’t know our language. … We had 40 Christians together with him, he used the word hell four or five times. He doesn’t know our language—he really doesn’t. He refers a lot to ‘religion’ and not much to ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ in Christ.” [From Dobson.]

“I’m sure Saul when he became Paul didn’t know much of the language either,” said Anthony.

The word ‘Hell’ is not in the vocabulary of these Christians? Okay, then.

And Paul didn’t know their language? Whose language are they referring to?

Paul was the author of much of the “language” which this pastor claims to use. Additionally, Paul was a Pharisee–mentored by the great Jewish teacher Gamaliel, a Pharisee doctor of Jewish Law—and knew scripture backward, forward and sideways. That scripture? It was the Torah or what we now refer to as the Old Testament. It was the Torah which Jesus quoted from and which Paul and the rest of the Apostles used when spreading the Good News.

One wonders if Pastor Anthony knows that when Paul was out spreading the Good News that the Gospels, Epistles and the Revelation hadn’t been written yet; or that the New Testament is partly composed of Paul’s letters.

The upshot is that these shepherds may be leading their flock astray, and that flock includes Donald Trump.

I’m am skeptical of what these men say and of where their focus lies. They presume to tell Donald Trump about Jesus but I wonder if they know Him themselves.

I wondering if these alleged men of God have lost their proper focal point–assuming they ever knew what it was supposed to be. I think they’re looking to use their role in Trump’s conversion as a means of holding some sort of sway over him–especially if he should become president.

Good luck with that.

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